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Why we should expect an expansion announcement at Blizzcon {WoW}

Apr 11th 2009 5:31PM "We've had a lot of hints and solid information ready to back up a Q4 2009 expansion release".

Either that's a typo, or you're high as a kite. Allow me to explain:

The Burning Crusade was announced in October 2005, completely independent of any specific Blizzard conference event. It was then released in January 2007 - a whole 15 months later.

Wrath of the Lich King was announced in August 2007, and released in November 2008 - 15 months later.

The 3.1 content patch has been in development in some form or another for nearly 5 months. Blizzard has intimated that it's basically been started 'from scratch' and so has required the full resources of artists and content creators as well as developers - artists and content creators who might otherwise be working on this mythical next expansion. And yet you somehow think that within the next 8 months they'll be able to complete two more content patches AND a major expansion release?

Don't get me wrong; I think that based on the previous schedule of releases, it's quite possible that Blizzard will announce the next expansion at Blizzcon this year. But to hope for it to arrive this year isn't just wishful thinking, but ignorant of the kind of effort that goes into these releases.

Ulduar items and why they look the same {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2009 5:08PM I actually posted a thread about this on the EU PTR forum, so I'm glad it has (in some way) been addressed, although I'm not happy with the outcome. In actual fact, the main reason behind the thread I posted ( was to do with the *lack* of match for Death Knight tanks, since there are no tanking boots with the T8 DK skin being added in 3.1. Instead, we will have a very significant *absence* of consistency, and will have to wear boots that match the warrior T8 gear.

If that wasn't bad enough, there will be paladins and warriors out there who could — in theory — dress up entirely as if they were Death Knights, thanks to a full complement of DPS plate gear that resembles the T8 Death Knight set.

I understand the rationale behind wanting gear that was visually consistent, but by comparing the situation to that within Burning Crusade, Crygil is missing the point; people didn't hate how they looked at L70, they hated how they looked whilst levelling up, having just discarded their L60 epics. In any event, many other potential solutions have been offered. During the beta I suggested that they simply give all items an additional layer of appearance based on the class/spec wearing the gear; say, shiny white/silver for holy paladins, and dark/black for Death Knights. That way the primary (colour palette) differences could be smoothed out — after that the rest is only noticeable when really zoomed in close.

Finally, this article is incorrect to state that there is a precedent for this; the only items from within Tier gear in TBC that were shared were between gladiator PvP gear and the various different class spec versions of the Tier gear. Certainly under no previous circumstances has Class A been able to wear a signature item such as shoulders or helm that resembles tier gear of a similar ilvl belonging to Class B. Given how much emphasis people place on these items (Blizzard has acknowledged as much, in justifying the higher rating arena requirements for PvP shoulders), it feels like a bit of a smack in the face.

Apple replacing frayed MagSafe power cables {}

Aug 20th 2008 2:02PM Hang on, 'doing the right thing'? Isn't the whole point of this magsafe adaptor that it prevents your laptop going with the cable when you trip over it; in essence, a hard yank from a place other than the white connector? If it can't hold up to being pulled out normally from the cable, then that doesn't bode well for its actual raison d'etre.

WoW Moviewatch: Another WotLK video {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 7:30PM Holy crap. That was rather awesome.

Inscription to allow enchanters to sell on the AH {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 8:41AM But you represent the minority, considering the focus of this game. The game should never offer an unfair advantage to people who spend hours at a time logged in, sitting around in cities spamming trade, since only a minority of players are able to do that.

As for the scrolls being sold at a loss; that's unlikely to happen with in-demand enchants. Those used for levelling are likely to be sold at a loss (but then these tend to be given away for free anyway) but (for example) something like Mongoose (or equivalent) could easily command a decent markup, as it'll likely be in relatively high demand. Look at the market for cut epic gems, for instance: people are still prepared to pay a 100g+ premium for buying a pre-cut gem on my server, despite there being (cheaper) uncut gems and jewelcrafters readily available.

Inscription to allow enchanters to sell on the AH {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 4:02AM That sounds to me like a bad idea. The rare enchants are precisely the ones you'll want to avoid having to repeatedly ask for on the Trade channels; it's no different to saying you want to buy a rare item. Being able to look on the AH for said rare items is how you get around the difficulty in being online at the same time as the seller.

Inscription to allow enchanters to sell on the AH {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 3:57AM Actually this is a great idea. If some (but not all) of the materials for enchanting were bind on pickup then Enchanters would have actual value. As an earlier poster wrote (and I do this myself too) most people simply gather the materials themselves and then look for an enchanter. Why? Because the markup that Enchanters charge is simply so high, and there is an easy alternative (providing the materials + tip).

If there is no alternative to this (i.e. the Enchanter isn't just acting as a conduit for turning the customer's materials into an enchant) then the Enchanter's involvement is rewarded.

This has been a grievance of mine with all crafting tradeskills for a long time; there's simply too little opportunity to make money from them, as very few in-demand recipes have low supply, and most recipes produce undesirable items. Making Primal Nether and Nether Vortex non-BoP might have opened up a whole slew of new possibilities for more casual players, but it also removed the guarantee to make a profit from some crafting tradeskills.

I'd like to see every tradeskill utilise BoP materials that only that profession can gather/create (or perhaps, only the linked profession; e.g. Mining -> Blacksmithing), of varying levels of rarity, such that all crafting recipes have some integral value: your playing time.

Mozilla Sunbird 0.8 for Mac OS X {}

Jul 7th 2008 5:28AM Interface-wise, Sunbird has been like this forever, both on OS X and Windows. Don't assume it'll improve any time soon.

Quite how anybody could hate iCal and find this easier to understand or in any way better is beyond me. Once there is proper Exchange integration in 10.6, even Entourage's days will be numbered.

Bornakk doesn't outright deny the July 3rd rumor {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2008 7:35PM I'd be very surprised if this was true; the build on show at WWI was very rough around the edges. It's a long way off being ready for a beta. Stormwind Harbour doesn't even have any collision detection, for starters. Ride off the edge and you'll find you can't ride back up the steps...!

More signs of cold on official sites {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2008 11:23AM Right. That's fair enough, but it doesn't explain why it should be a teaser. A teaser suggests something previously unannounced (otherwise everyone's going to be pretty disappointed when the teaser turns out to be something you already knew about).

I could be wrong; it might not be Diablo 3. But I am willing to put money down that it's not WotLK, and is in fact something entirely new. WWI is the perfect venue for such an announcement (remember how they unveiled Starcraft II?) and hints elsewhere suggest a new product announcement (Xfire's website briefly contained a message saying they'd be there with the new announcement, before it was pulled).