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"The Karazhan mistake" {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2007 1:56PM We are a guild with around 20 lvl 70s plus some low lvls. All friends or friends' buddies. 3/4 of the 70s can raid 2 to 3 nights a week, the rest are casual/PVP. I believe there are many guilds like us who don't blindly recruit just to make up numbers for 25 man, and Kara is a godsend cos we have a core group of raiders but really not enough to do 25 man.
I am sure many of you think Kara is pushover, but it's a real challenge to us due to our casual nature and RL committments. And we love the challenge.
By all means, have more 20-40 man raids for the more serious raiders, I just hope Blizzard can continue to put out more 10-man content for guilds like us who don't have the manpower, but want to raid.
Dev can remove 10 man raid as part of attunement imo, but I would love the raid to be as reasonably hard as possible for 10 man, so the gear is still relevant compared to 25 man.
We don't mind learning fights, jus make sure there are new fights to learn for people like us.