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WoW gamer threatens to blow up plane {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 7:14PM I'm sorry, but 20 years in jail for a stupid empty threat made by a teenager in a video game chat channel?! Are you insane? Add to that all the other comments under this post that advocate (half-jokingly, I hope) that we dole out prison sentences for stupidity and whatnot, and we have a pretty sad picture of our society today.

That kid? He is a fellow American that you just advocated depriving of freedom and submitting to, essentially, torture for 20 years. According to you, he deserves to have a "semblance of a life" afterward, all for being a "stupid ass" and scaring a few people. People like you and your cavalier attitude towards stripping your own countrymen of their freedom are responsible for far more pain and suffering across this Nation than any terrorist could ever dream of.

You know what you do to people that yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater? You bar them from theater. You make them repay the damage caused by the ensuing panic. And if irreparable damage was done to people, you charge them with associated crimes. Only in the face of actual charges for actual damages do you deny them the right to a First Amendment defense and, by extension, their otherwise inalienable right to freedom.

Coming back to the story at hand, what exactly would you charge this kid with? Who suffered harm here? Was there panic in the streets? Were planes grounded across Indiana? Did somebody jump out of a window in panic? No. A few people got wary and Blizzard called the cops. From the sound of it, the subsequent investigation will likely show that he is not a terrorist. At that point, a slap on the wrist and a public humiliation is in order, after which you set him loose to go on with his life. Not a "semblance of a life", but a normal productive life that's actually beneficial to society.

The ethics of a botched deal, redux {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 1:06PM What a load of crap. This is less about ethics and more about peer pressure.

1. A member gets in a massively overblown tiff with a non-member about a trivial moral issue.
2. The member post about his petty problem on a blog. Everybody gets a shot at the warm fuzzy feeling of having vented their own frustration about how life just isn't fair.
3. The member's guildies kick the newcomer. Everybody gets a warm fuzzy feeling of solidarity.
4. The member comes back and posts about it on the blog (yes, again, dear god). Everybody gets a shot at the warm fuzzy feeling of having their own frustration about how life just isn't fair externally validated.
5. I puke at the sight of this rampant circle jerk.

The ethics of a botched deal {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 12:10PM @hold up

When I pay a crafter his "tip", what is it that I'm paying *for* exactly? The service of pressing a button, I hear everyone say. The reason I pay at all (rather than, say, press the button myself) is because the crafter went to some length to gain the ability to craft that item, therefore that service is a somewhat rare commodity, therefore it costs money to get someone to perform it. If the service is performed, the fee is warranted.

In this case, the customer looked up the exact item he wanted. He gathered the materials and consigned a crafter to put them together, paying him a fee to do so. The crafter did exactly what he was paid to do, i.e. take time off whatever else he was doing, port to Org and press a button for the guy. Since the item turned out to be soulbound and the customer could not retrieve it, the only thing he was entitled to was the vendor price / shard off the item. From the story it sounds like he really didn't care to be petty and simply moved on.

Now sure, you can blame the crafter for not being charitable enough to give some of the money back as a some sort of consolation. You can certainly label him a bad sport and call him out for Schadenfreude. But in no way, shape or form is the crafter guilty of any professional misconduct.

And thus your whole analogy is flawed. This is more like you paying me to paint your house hot pink. You pick out and buy the paint, I provide time and skill (for which I am paid), the deed is done. If you then come back and say "oh crap, hot pink is hideous", what do you expect me to do? Refund the paint? I didn't pay for it, you provided the materials. Refund the labor costs? No, the time and effort has already been spent. At the end of the day, you have an ugly pink house, I have a paycheck and a funny story to tell my buddies over beers, and it's nobody's fault but your own.

So yes, this is a life lesson. It just seems that the customer in the story learned it a long time ago, took it in stride, and moved on, while the people here still cling to childish ideas of what constitutes "fair".

Ghostcrawler: Wrath's difficulty is where we want it {WoW}

Nov 30th 2008 12:31AM @Driphter

I understand what you mean about music and film; though I place most of the blame on the undiscriminating youth demographic that so happens to be the biggest casual spenders. And perhaps I can see your point, that in your view WoW is becoming the Christmas comedy of video games: something that everybody will go see anyway (some begrudgingly so) even though each year's pick seems more dumbed down than the one before it.

However, I disagree with that perception. It's not that Blizzard is trying to make all of the game available to everyone... it's that they are trying to make the dividing line not be lore-centric or location-centric. Before now, if you didn't have the time, dedication, or people skills to run end-game raids, you missed out of massive chunks of the game... you would lose all of the Ragnaros and Black Flight chains, you would never see Illidan or Kil'Jaeden defeated. This is the equivalent of missing out on a huge chunk of War III lore because it's restricted to ladder players in the highest tier.

What I think Blizzard is going for is the setup you mentioned in your very first post: same content on different difficulties. There will be other dungeons and they will get harder, but their current goal is to make sure that most people can see all of it on Easy (i.e. 10-man or w/e) difficulty setting. Everyone else can play it on Hard if they so chose, though they will get no extra benefit out of it besides better gear. To me that seems like the only fair way to address most of the concerns of the player base.

Ghostcrawler: Wrath's difficulty is where we want it {WoW}

Nov 29th 2008 6:49PM @Driphter

Yes, I remember those games. Do you see any of them around anymore? No? That's because that particular model died for a very good reason: when I buy a game I pay for all of its content. I sounds like you need to give up the ancient stereotype of "gamer" as some unholy hybrid between a greasy kid with ungodly reflexes and a flowchart-hugging nerd.

Everybody is a "gamer" now. You, me, your neighbor and your mom that brings up Bejeweled on her phone in line at the post office. Some gamers are hardcore, some are not. As WoW has proven, the "nots" are much much more numerous and, yes, they enjoy "wasting" time on things you find unimportant.

Ghostcrawler: Wrath's difficulty is where we want it {WoW}

Nov 29th 2008 6:17PM @Driphter Interesting analogy. Now imagine for a moment that Fallout 3 or Dead Space shipped with half of the content disabled on difficulties other than "Hard". After all, people with better reflexes should deserve to see more of the game the scrubs, right? Does that strike you as solid business decision? No, even to you it probably sounds utterly ridiculous (I hope).

So how is WoW any different? People on the highest end of hardcore are few and far between and thus Blizzard throws you an occasional bone commensurate with the size of your constituency. You are just peeved that the golden days of "MMO players == hardcore nerds" approach to game design is dead and gone.

[UPDATED] The potential of Arena points for Wintergrasp {WoW}

Aug 25th 2008 3:42PM From what me hears, there be air combat in them hills. If that's the case, it'll be fun to hunt and shoot down people that are AFK on the very edge somewhere. If I be wrong, then you be right, and Blizzard should address this plight.

Breakfast Topic: Old school {WoW}

May 16th 2008 4:30PM Wall walking and mountain climbing... picking a seam in the terrain and being able to follow it if you're careful. Starting from the very simple Swamp of Sorrows -> Redridge climb and moving on to Zul Gurub (before it exited), Org/UC (non-instanced), edges of the world, Greymane Wall, etc. Such good times.

Man I was just getting really good at that stuff too when they nerfed it because Alliance and Horde were using it in AV to bypass choke points. /cry

Breakfast Topic: If you could have any spell in RL... {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 4:19PM Drain Mana, for those days when the student workers won't stop blabbing about trite bs. *zap* And suddenly they are groggy and you can actually get some work done.