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The healer shortage and how to fix it {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 7:32PM Age of Conan got 2 things right:

1. Amazing Graphics
2. Healers heal via DPSing

If healers could proc heals (much like a SP can, but more powerful) with their DPS, the incentive would be there to stick with a healing class. AoC still had direct heals, but the all the healing classes had HoTs and AoE heals. The AoE heals were mostly generated by a healer dpsing targets.

Lets face it. Instancing today is boring as hell. Its all an AoE zergfest. Why not just promote it more and give all hybrid healing classes more dps abilities that generate group/raid heals?

I have mostly been a shaman. I have healed MC, ZG, BWL, AQ, KZ, SSC as a shaman or druid. What always sucked was dailies or any time of grinding pre-dailies. Sure it was improved somewhat, but it still takes a long time to kill mobs. Will dual-spec help out with that? Maybe.

I just don't understand why hybrid classes simply can't be hybrid classes without the need to implement dual specs. I know its possible, but I fear the stigma of OP will prevent it.

OH...I always thought the next Hero class was going to be a Shadow Hunter...

Slorkuz tells you how to win Arathi Basin {WoW}

Oct 30th 2008 6:36PM sure its a good plan, but u still need 14 other in the bg to follow...unless you run a premade. 4-3-3-3-2 is how all the premades I was in grinding for high warlord, and it was quite effective. that just doesn't happen in a pug.

what you need to win in a pug is a good dedicated healer. im an enhance shaman and i used to go in with a holy priest or paladin. we'd win 95% of our games with me being at the top with most damage and him being at top healing. add a warrior to the mix, and its just that much better...

if you can accomplish the full on push and hold the opposing team at their spawn, its game over.

Resurrection etiquette {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 10:08PM that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. i bet you would make an old woman walk to pick up the fuel while you stayed on the bus and played your psp

Resurrection etiquette {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 6:54PM running back after a wipe saves EVERYONE time. First you wait for the rezzer to walk back. Then you wait for him to get to everyone's bodies. Then you wait for him to hopefully regain the rest of his mana. Then everyone rezzes with little health/mana. Then you wait for everyone to regen health/mana. Then you go for your next pull.

If everyone runs back, you'll typically all be at 75% health/mana. Then you wait a few seconds and drink/eat and voila, you are ready to go.

Other things that irk me with PUGS: mages refusing to summon food/water, warlocks refusing to SS rezzer and/or summon healthstones, players wait for a summon instead of heading to instance (this one really sucks if you are the only one at the summoning stone) and the complete ignorance of what threat is...

New items for old Honor {WoW}

Sep 24th 2008 2:46PM why the hell add more gear? its all going to be useless in a few levels anyway. hell, greens from northrend will be better for grinding than the pvp gear.

i'd rather see some fluff that will be useful/fun at level 80. a mount, tabard, battle standards, etc.

The allegedly incontestable momentum of World of Warcraft {Massively}

Sep 22nd 2008 1:46PM yeah....i said that about age of conan too...

fact of the matter is, you aren't going to get people to leave wow unless Blizzard does something really stupid. something like changing the combat to be more like a first person shooter ring a bell?

I never thought I'd leave SWG, but Sony just kept making it worse and worse. A new game simply isn't going to get people to leave WoW en masse, regardless of the purported new features. Blizzard will have to make a good number of people want to leave. That simply isn't going to happen. Blizzard caters to all whether you are a solo/casual, rp-er, a die-hard PvPer or a raider. Sure you might lose one aspect of those people to another game, but you aren't going to drive a big majority of the rest to it.

People are going to leave WoW for Warhammer (like they did AoC), thats a definite. Come Thanksgiving or maybe even a little later, a big majority will find themselves back into WoW.

Player vs. Everything: Age of Conan closed beta impressions {Massively}

May 5th 2008 12:23PM I have a dual core 2.66 processor w/ 2GB memory and an 8500GT card (w/ 512MB on board). I was seeing 22-29FPS with my latest video settings (all low, no shadows, etc). Players in global were claiming to be getting 60FPS with similar rigs - yet their video cards were the 8800's.

I'm running XP and not Vista.

My initial load into Age of Conan resulted in BSOD on the nvidia display adapter. I AM running the latest drivers.

Reboot, things are choppy at 1680x1050 full screen mode. Switch to windowed mode, same resolution. Still choppy. Switch to 1024x968...much better. At least on Friday night it was. There were a few crashes. I noticed its a real bad thing to Alt+tab during loading screens.

Saturday - i all but gave up playing Age of Conan. I couldnt create new toons, I log in and couldn't move 2 ft while I was getting 2FPS in night time mode!

Sunday - they patched some things up and it ran a bit smoother. Still got some crashes, but wasn't too bad. But now...I get these huge polygonal effects on screen that effectively reduce my FPS to nothing when looking in certain directions. I also recalled to the Inn...and ended up under water. Somehow I was able to maneuver myself through the landscape and make it back to tortage. it was an interesting journey. it was either that or wait 30 minutes to recall again, and I really didn't feel like logging out to a AgeOfConan.exe crash to login to make a new toon that crashes before the boat/choose your character cinematic came up.

I really hope they patch it to the beta levels that were touted as being really stable for the remainder of the open beta. If the final game comes out like this and I can't play it due to constant crashes, I will be quite upset and just continue on WoW and give up on AoC forever.

Age of Conan beta guide: An early game audio/video tour {Massively}

May 5th 2008 12:05PM I wasn't overly impressed with the game, but I think the major attributes of my enjoyment of the game relied heavily on the constant crashing.

This is the oddest open beta ever. You have to "pay" for it. There is a limit on number of players. They are using an outdated client.

From my understanding the old client was used because they wanted a stress test on the servers. Stress test? Limiting the playing field and getting constant crashes with an old build hardly constitutes a stress test.

Of the time I did play, I did get a chance to try out at least one of each base class types. I played Dark Templar, Assasin, Ranger, Bear Shaman, Tempest of Set and Herald of Xotli. Since first looking at the different classes, I was drawn to the bear shaman. Now after playing a few classes to the minimal level of 13 - I'm not so sure anymore. I really loved the Dark Templar and Ranger classes. Herald of Xotli only reached 5 before my client crashed last night and I decided to go to bed. So I can't really say much about that particular class yet.

I have a feeling leveling as a healing class is going to be quite difficult. Even as a healer with access to a lot of offensive spells and abilities, the bear shaman hasn't been what I have expected. This is the only class so far I have had a hard time getting through the volcano with. I could handle 1 vs 2 mobs half the time, but I quite often seemed to get a 3rd mob in the mix which made it impossible. If only I had a ranged pull...

I have already preordered and purchased a 3 month subscription. I'll give it a shot. The game definetly has potential to be a fun and amazing game. What toon I get to 80 first...I'm not so sure anymore

Breakfast Topic: Should Blizzard allow race changes? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2008 9:55AM I'm all for the race change, not so sure about a gender change.

I love all of the comments "you made a choice, stick with it" Names are a person's choice and yet its now allowed to change. The realm you chose was a choice and you can now transfer realms.

There are many underlying reasons why it should and shouldn't be allowed. If it were, I would level up to 70/80 as a human and then change to a gnome or dwarf. Why? Increased rep! wait till I get exalted or close to it with the major factions available and then poof I'm a gnome.

My Tauren shaman is the real toon I want to change the race on. Is it for the orc racials? Probably...especially since I am enhancement. However, its more so I can travel freely in the undercity - my favorite city. There was a time (before BC) where I could roam freely mounted up in the undercity. Now its near impossible due to some odd new restrictions they put up. If I want to leave UC via the elevator? I best be sure to dismount or fall to my death.