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Rumor: The9 loses WoW license in China to Netease {WoW}

Apr 17th 2009 12:04AM Again, i bring here some news.

The Administrator of the biggest chinese WoW fan forums have given us the prove. The NetEase will take WoW service in the future. However the future is not so clear.

The current wow chinese verison is done by team from the9. And i could say they did a great job. In fact the Administrator above himself is the localize mananger. This man, aka "Ediart" ,was the farther and baby sitter of Chinese WoW. The site of NGA.CN ( National Geographic Azeroth) is his personal forum and an holy ground to Chinese wowers.What he told us is like:

1 The9's team already did all the localize job, including translation, graphic change ,alpha and beta test,and the whole WotLK contents .
2 Patch 3.1 contents and Ulduar is ready for chinese and currently under phase between alpha and beta testing.
3 The HQ of Blizzard sold out what The9's team done to NetEase which from a lawyer's POV is suitable.
4 ALL of his teamates was pissed off by HQ of Blizzard.

"Ediart" said he is really pissed off. As far i know, he is currently employed by the9 as one leadership of chinese wow service. His fate and what wow will go , is untold.

Background: "Ediart"is the man who bring wow to china and watch it grown from a baby. He can be compared to Lord British in UO. His hard work is proven to be like art. What he did to china Mainland verison is so great that it made the Taiwan's verison like a piece of Joke.

Last: The Chinese WoWers is facing their darkest hour. It could be an End or a new beginning. Though I know most people here may not care those play wow in other side of earth, i wish you know there is peoplel who truly love and care this game. thx.

Rumor: The9 loses WoW license in China to Netease {WoW}

Apr 16th 2009 6:14AM OK i will show you here what is a chinese wower PoV about this news:
The service of the9 in the past years was no good at all. Players experiensed horrible game lagging, hacking, BG and Arena cheating Blah blah blah. But the real problem is not that. The biggest point in our chinese wower commonly is that NetEase is a company full of crap. Yes, the MMOs Netease hold is even worse than the9.

First Netease do nothing after they cheated the service from the pervious company in China. No server, No game, that is all. The Pervious company (Aomei Soft.) brought chinese players from SC to War3 ,nearly everything. NerEase just kick Aomeisoft out and do nothing from then on. Yeah, Just Nothing.

Second. NetEase is a company with heavily relationship of the Beijing Gov. Their plan is somehow murder WOW with newspaper, shiping delay( that's why WotLK sill not in China mainland) and swept the mmo market with their own crap game.(crap beyond your imagination, gentelmen, NetEase sell game gold in their own games LoL).

After hearing the news, my guide mates are all joking each other with:
Maybe we need to pay 1 dollar for each time entering Zones. Maybe we need to buy game gold to repair. and May we see epic weapon selling on NetEase's homepages. ---And all these are what Netease doing with their own games.

Sad, Blizzard is again being cheated by Netease for the second time.
the 9 maybe not a good partner, but NetEase would be worse. I will bring you here what chinese wower's thoughts laterly.

Blood Sport: Yup, still broken {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 10:11PM To Boom:

It seems the upgrades from S2 items to S3 is quite small: about 20 Spell damage on each piece. But consider each player have about 8-10 items slots, the total difference was HUGE. Especially in 5v5 fightings, the total gear difference of 5 people is considerbable important.

20 spell damage or 5 Int seems useless at first grace, but compare the item level in equal PVE raids,it means a different form end- game gears to beginner-raid gears. The caster weapon from High King Maugar is just "20 spell damage and 1% spell hit" less than the one from Archmonide.

Mourning for China {WoW}

May 20th 2008 1:19AM I am a WoW player in China, Shanghai.

nearly 35,000 people lost their lives in this earth quake. The offical news has risen the degree to 8.0 earthquake. I would like to tell you people here that a 7.8 earthquake happened in Tangshan city , China east, Killed about 240,000 people just because it happened in a midnight of year 1976.

Many children in school died becuase the earthquake happened at 14:38pm when most midshcool children was on class. And the date is May/12th just a month later about june 7/8/9th which is the line of final exam. So most children is in the heat of class reading when the earthquake happened.

Surpirsingly, no ppl in my wow guild was been hurted. 3 of my guild mates join the team to rescue people. Most of the guild have already delayed or totally stopped their raid and game playing. All of my guild mates support the 3 days of wow shutting-down.

Breakfast Topic: Should all classes get to tank, heal, and dps? {WoW}

Oct 15th 2007 3:52AM
to those who said "can you say any class do as much damage as rogues, wear plate, and heal"

i will figure to them shadow priest, F-druid, DPS shaman , any kind of them do as much as rogues, have more damage reduce than rogues, and can heal.

Breakfast Topic: Should all classes get to tank, heal, and dps? {WoW}

Oct 15th 2007 3:36AM
As a pally player for near 3 years myself, I encountered nearly every corner of paladin game playing.

From end game raiding elite guide to well-grouped top PVP teams, now I can not figure out why blizzard leave such clearly class flaw running here and there. So here is the reason why myself felt very sad for patch 2.3.

1 Tweaking will not fix the crack caused by base line design.

The perfect example of that is the current Ret and Protect Talents.

The ret talent tree key point is missing. What it is for? PVP? raid DPS? 5-man-group CC and DPS? I can not answer. In any group-play situation, Holy will do the same(if not better). Anyone could see what Spirest and FDruid can do by now, they fit the slots when the situation needed.( CC/group buff/DPS as Spirest, tank/DPS as FDruid) What is the good a Ret pally can do for you? again, I can not answer.

The protect talent. I call it " put 50 points in a tree to get the same effect any warrior can do"
With along the 2.3 changes, even more points is socketed up. the whole tree forced me to build a tank pally with very few options. Rather than let people try different builds, the Protect tree itself
give a do-or-die only way for me to run. With only 10 points left to get Defelction in Ret tree, I really doubt this talent can even be call a "tree".

2 Item pitfall being left too long and still untouched.

"The reason warriors are beating them with ease is because it is 400+ resilience vs 0 resilience. "
--By Ming, the rogue player, for Ret pally.

If anyone of blizzard bother to take a look at Ret pally who actually can get a DPS solt in raiding,they will see all of them wearing a laughable mixxing gear set "ninja" from warrior,hunter,shaman.

The reason is simple: spell damage ret gear can not offer more than 700 DPS. So to fight way out, ret pally create an pure AP/crit/hit set. This just points out how wrong it is for ret spells and talent tree relying on spelldamage .

And for protection pallys: " Plz wearing those MP5/Intellect protect gear to get the heroic protect
gear, Because we are too busy on tweaking those level 15-45 item drops. Anyway, we will not change them because you get these gear even you know their stats point is wasted"

3 Keep ignoring information given by players

Plenty of the problems already be reported and discussed on the offical forums. Advise and suggestion given by some top-ranked pally player in the past 10 months. And now pally get about 6 talents tweaked and all the base problem untouched.

4 "The last feather aggro the pally group." The new items added by 2.3.
the arena liberam that affect holy shield.
the T5 4-5 pieces changes.
these changes make everyone who play a paladin really doubt: did the item designer really play the game?

When i am reading the patch notes of 2.3 . a sound i am hearing " Pallys, Your fate is sealed, LoL "
So Blizzard dev-team left me pretty no choice, but considering most party of them are really sucked and doing an uproar to them.

Heroic badges in Kara and Zul'Aman {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2007 4:15AM The really problem is how the current Heroics are shitty drop and designed.

Nearly all of them need 3 CC class + 1 healer.

which means 1 tank 1 healer 3 mages will be the easiest way to farm most of them.

What comes to hybird class which lack of CC skill? LOL and Reroll Noobs?

i always doubt the reason of putting so much useless item drops in heroics and CC spell requirement while most raid means a gear check for healing.

Who the hell design these pointless heroics?

PS3大作:Gran Turismo 5 Prologue测试版,好贵啊! {Autoblog Simplified Chinese}

Sep 24th 2007 12:14AM 楼主大概没玩过GT系列

Prologue 指的是序章, 就是 GT 序章版。

序章版的内容和完全版 是 完全不同的! 序章版内提供的内容,完全版中不再提供。

序章版 通常可能含有以下内容:


各层次车辆的代表作,比如 从大众系抽几辆,日系抽几辆,美系抽几辆,拉力系抽一辆,GT系抽一辆。












与其说是序章版,不如说是 正式版放不下了先出来看看风头顺路骗钱顺便测试引擎与用户满意度不行可以延期万年跳票保证品质再不行可以换平台到XB反正销量决定一切版。

The Light and How to Swing It: Must-have and must-miss talents {WoW}

Sep 14th 2007 4:04AM Holy:

Blessed Life is about 5% total melee/range/spell damage reduce in long runs. Will be a life-saver in Both PVE and PVP.

Aura Mastery: very important for raiding. 1200 armor or 70 spell resist for tanks is about half effect of the time-limited potions. Extremly important when bosses have AOE spells.

Improved seal of rightousness: Joke talent. each point for about 6-10 holy spell imcrease. with 5 points it works for about 60 spell damage. and SoR can not crit on normal hit.

Weapon Expertise: totaly useless.

Shield mastery: 3 points for 35 shield absorb. Not blocking rate increase. No blocking chance increase.

Redoubt and reckoning: if you want to tank, you will max parrying/avoiding/resist which makes these two talents happens less in total number.

Improve Ret aura: totaly useless. unuseable for prot-pally and useless to Ret pally since they will use sancity. Only good for AOE farmer.

Pursuit of Justice: joke. go Boots enchant and forget it.

crusader-strike: very low damage. high mana cost. brain-out cooldown which means if you missed one hit and all judgement effects besides your own is lost. Judgement last only 20 seconds and if you got miss/dodge/parry, you can not swing another strike to keep effects on.

Why do fist weapons get so little love? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2007 2:51AM Back to Pre-TBC, Bliz answered why there is few fist weapon for any class.

For game design issue, Fist weapon required two totally different graphic appearances for any dual-weapon class.

It's something like this:

IF equipped on main-hand
Then Show

however, this did not fit the normal item based coding. there is not enough "room" for these codes to correctly run into game.

That's the reason why there is no "one-handed" fist weapon.

ALso, off-hand-only fist weapon may casue some serious problem to item drop value. cause some player thought it is not rewarded as they receive only a bouns weapon.

Hopely there are more fist items coming.