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Five apps to show off (justify!) my iPad 2 {}

Apr 7th 2011 11:33AM Unfortunately, I don't think this list really convinces anyone. It claims to be a justification for an iPad 2 purchase, but there's really only 1 item on here that requires the iPad 2 (iMovie). Everything else (excepting possibly the games) runs great on the 1st-gen iPad with little or no noticeable difference.

Is the AirPort Extreme worth the price? {}

Apr 4th 2011 10:59AM While my experience with my AEX has been generally positive, a few months ago it developed a strange issue where I cannot update the settings on it. It runs fine, but if I try to change *any*setting on it with the Airport Utility, it will reboot and then become completely unresponsive. The only way to restore service is to unplug, wait 10 seconds, and plug it in again, which brings the Airport back to a working but pre-change state. Would not be an issue, but I use MAC address filtering to allow network access, and we've added a few devices. Headed to the Genius Bar this evening to see if they can resolve it, as nothing else has worked.

The speed drops when extending the network with an Airport Express are disappointing, but not Apple's fault. Otherwise, the AEX has been wonderful.

Millenial Media: Apple still top manufacturer, devs heading to Android in 2011 {}

Dec 14th 2010 4:23PM Err...Why are the data for iOS devices broken into subcategories (iPad, iPhone, etc) while the data for all other devices treated as a single unit? Should be consistently one way or the other.

Google's Andy Rubin says iTunes is "not the right experience" {}

Dec 7th 2010 12:34PM I predict that Google will screw this up

iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad arrives today at 10 AM PST {}

Nov 22nd 2010 10:26AM While the folders and multitasking are welcome features, and I can fix the AirPrint issues with Printopia, I had really hoped that AirPlay would finally let me stream my iTunes purchased movies from my movie server Mini to my kids' iPads easily. Right now I go through a convoluted process of de-DRMing and then serving video out through the developer version of Wowza with a PHP script front-end. And the de-DRM software usually lags a few months behind my most recent purchases.

Is there some feature I'm missing somewhere? This seems like a simple issue to solve, one that AirPlay was more or less designed for, and completely legal on top of everything else.

Mobiola WebCamera: a first look at an iPhone-based webcam app {}

Nov 13th 2010 11:52PM One of the reviews, titled "For Travellers" reads "When you on a trip, it's so great to have it, you can have a webcam anywhere. Works flawlessly after installing drivers to computer". I'm a little confused - thought this required a WiFi connection to a computer running the client. I suppose it's *possible* to make this work on a trip with an aircard of some sort, or does this in fact support sending video over 3G to a "home" computer?

Can you trust a Steve Jobs email? "Nope." {}

Oct 21st 2010 10:33PM Geez - it's really surprising that the CEO of one of the most successful American companies won't divulge core strategic plans to any random assclown on the internet who sends him an email. Shocking.

Does Apple want to buy Facebook? {}

Oct 19th 2010 9:56AM This makes *way* more sense than Facebook.

Is Apple actually the number one computer maker in the US? {}

Oct 18th 2010 9:48PM This thread proves little other than many folks are incredibly constrained in their thinking. Frankly, I think that an iPad is a clearer definition of "personal computer" than anything to date. The idea that a product has to fit a set of arbitrary (and frankly outdated) requirements is just plain silly - I love the guy who claimed that an iPad isn't a personal computer because he can't attach a mouse to a touch-input device.

I suppose that a computer with a pure speech interface wouldn't be a personal computer either? Or a device based on the "Sixth Sense" interface that MIT researchers recently showed at TED? What I find particularly funny about this is that the iPad, speech-based computers and Sixth Sense products are clearly computers, and they are intensely personal by their very nature.

Is Apple actually the number one computer maker in the US? {}

Oct 18th 2010 3:07PM Sounds like a strange criteria. "That's not really a car because you have to drive a car to buy it". Seems to me that if one thing can replace another thing, you probably should consider counting them together.