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Ubisoft hopes to negate the need for DRM with support and content {Joystiq}

Mar 26th 2012 2:48AM That's the smartest proclamation I've heard from Ubisoft in a long time.

Shiny Mass Effect 3 website launches 5 feature videos {Joystiq}

Feb 10th 2012 2:56AM @pluupy
It's not so much that Mass Effect used the Dragon Age system, which is actually a classic style DnD based affair, but that Dragon Age 2 were streamlined to a certain degree, to match Mass Effects formula. As for you playing Mass Effect, I would say yes, with no hesitation - it redefines the grandiose space opera story type, all done in a beautiful 80's scifi visual style. Many people will tell you to skip Mass Effect 1, but I don't think that is very smart. It may not have been as polished and thrilling as 2, but it was still a top-tier game, and had a lot of depth which was lost in 2. Also, after playing 2 and maybe even 3 later this month, you are guaranteed to want to go back and check out 1 anyway, so why not get the story chapters in the correct order from the get-go...? If you have a gaming PC, then I would recommend playing Mass Effect 1 on that, since it was the superior version. The only drawback is that you won't be able to transfer your save to anything but the PC versions of 2 and 3.

Skyrim 1.4 detailed, PC 'Creation Kit' for mods coming soon {Joystiq}

Jan 20th 2012 5:44PM I have no problem accepting bugs that have to do with Skyrim's sheer complexity, such as minor bugs in quests and NPC behaviour, etc., but things like mouse support in menu's on the PC version being overtly broken and sound output being way too low, well... When obvious and annoying things like that are not immediately fixed, then it reeks of either slack, or simply poor prioritization. Damn fine game, but man... The failure to address immediately apparent issues within a reasonable timeframe seems to be a Bethesda thing, and reminds me a lot of Fallout 3.

Silent Hill: Downpour brings the old back to the new {Joystiq}

Jan 9th 2012 7:06PM @nightripper
Well, I basically agree with you, but I have to add, that the ingame assets of Uncharted are not actually any higher quality than the stuff in Downpour - it's just that Uncharted has a very colourful artstyle, and for some indiscernible reason, people always associate that with graphical quality.

Silent Hill: Downpour brings the old back to the new {Joystiq}

Jan 9th 2012 7:03PM @eat it Derp. Just because the shots are low-res, doesn't mean they are PSP quality on an HD monitor... And look at the model and material quality, way higher than anything you can pull off on a PSP.

Vita sales drop again in third week {Joystiq}

Jan 7th 2012 2:43AM @stiqlol You are giving the iPad way too much credit. The only reason that some games on that platform look decent (Infinity Blade, fx), is because they are designed to take place in extremely small and limited environments. In my opinion, it's not a gaming platform, and I know I'm going to take some flak for that, but honestly it's more like a laptop with a half decent GPU, that can run some casual games. The Vita is designed with gaming as priority one, and it shows in every area of the design. As for the low sales numbers in Japan, there is only one reason for that: NO NEW MONSTER HUNTER YET.

Prope reimagines three little piggybanks in FlickPig for iOS {Joystiq}

Dec 9th 2011 11:23AM It should just be like Windows games and applications - release a list of system requirements. If the game requires, say, an 800 MHz processor, it's your own bloody fault if you buy it for one which is slower than that. Most people know the basic specs of their phone, such as core count, speed and RAM. And if you don't, a quick trip to the internet will solve that.

Prope reimagines three little piggybanks in FlickPig for iOS {Joystiq}

Dec 9th 2011 11:18AM You get an F for your essay.

See me after class.

Render me like one of your French girls: The Titanic in CryEngine 3 {Joystiq}

Nov 27th 2011 7:20PM Hmmm, they need some more litter objects around the rooms, and a few wrinkles in the carpet. Everything look waaaay too pristine, and it makes the environment feel fake. That's the problem with creating 3D environments that are meant to capture the look of something brand new and shiny. It's much harder to get rid of the "fakeness" of the graphics, than if you were modeling and lighting, say, a ruin or a condemned building. Pretty and perfect is easier to do fast, but gritty is easier to do well.

Report: Ridge Racer Vita includes only three courses and five cars {Joystiq}

Nov 24th 2011 6:32PM In my opinion, Ridge Racer is sort of a joke. It's only suited for a short romp at the arcade. The only one I've really enjoyed in that series was 4, which had a much larger amount of tracks and cars, great graphics for the time and some really cool cartoon style story sequences between races.