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Breakfast Topic: What brings people back to WoW? {WoW}

May 16th 2011 9:44PM I started playing WOW before Burning Crusade. My older son had begun to play and my younger son wanted to, as well. Being the good mom that I am, I thought it wise to check out this game before turning my "little one" loose with it. Well, I got hooked and for years, enjoyed playing WOW with my boys. Time rolled on and my older son went to college, got a job and his own apt. and he just didn't have time to play. But my youngest and I continued to enjoy WOW. Until, this year. I'm a theatre director and an acting coach. My schedule at the end of 2010 became unusually full and I was away quite a bit. Sadly, while I had no time to play, my youngest quickly mastered the Cata stuff, then totally lost interest in the game altogether. While I was pining for my Nelf Hunter, he was playing.....I'm almost embarrassed to say this....Runescape. Well, now I finally have some time to play again, and it's really nice to be back. But somehow, it's not the same without the boys.

Breakfast Topic: Does gender influence class choice? {WoW}

Aug 29th 2010 4:28PM My main is the first character I created back in the vanilla days. She's a Nelf Huntress. She represents my overarching WoW experience; a positive one. I enjoy animals, so the pet thing makes playing a huntress a natural choice. I'm also not overly competitive or aggressive; so fighting from a distance while my wonderful furry protector runs ahead of me is appealing. Now that I've reached 80 (my play time is unfortunately limited) I'm eager to increase my skill level. I hope to become a valuable member to whatever group I may play in.
My second favorite character is my Human Priestess. My goal with her is to reach 80, specing Holy all the way. I bloody love to heal. And buff people. Typical Sanguine here, high in Mercy and Grace. And yes, she has lots of pets.
I also have a Human Mage; she's fun...and Frost. I enjoy her and my Priestess because they're casters...again, no in-your-face melee.
I've got a stable of other alts who have never captured my interest enough to be developed beyond about 40....but maybe one day.
The only group I simply cannot play is Horde. I've tried, but I can't make it fit, no matter what.
I'm feminine, I'm Southern, I'm intelligent, I work in the Arts, I'm blissfully married to a wonderful man, and I'm 55 years old.

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Aug 25th 2010 12:38PM @ Gallifrei
...the word is CORRECTLY spelt,...

Shouldn't that be "spelled"? I'm not a lawyer or even a teacher, but I am a writer and though your word is creative and even perhaps almost accurate phonetically, I'm pretty sure it's erroneous.

Breakfast Topic: Is WoW worth it when it's a full-time job? {WoW}

Jul 19th 2010 1:05PM "In the end, it's all just pixels" I bloody love that! Gotta' be a blog or a guild or something. Seriously, I love it!

Breakfast Topic: The one missing item in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jul 11th 2010 12:09AM I've said it before, but I wish we could have a bubble wand. Could be just a toy or could be an fun AOE, like the Piccolo.

Basically, it would just have a trail of floating bubbles that flow from it as you move. Or fill an area with bubbles that float then pop, making a festive sound that buffs everyone with extra happiness.

Unless you use it against a targeted enemy, when then it would burn their eyes with soap as the bubbles popped! Stacking the effect and rendering your enemy blind for 2 secs followed by hazy sight due to watery eyes!

Or a ribbon wand that trails pretty colored ribbons behind as you move. Just for fun, this one.

Breakfast Topic: The one missing item in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jul 10th 2010 11:51PM How about a weighty fruitcake...made only around Feast of Winter's Veil....with assorted fruits and of course, an adult beverage ingredient...which can be hurled at another player, stunning and intoxicating them upon impact...rendering them unable to move in a straight line?

Could be a quest line of gathering, then cooking, then an achievement for hurling and hitting a list of race/classe combos. Just a thought....

Breakfast Topic: La la la I'm not listening {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2010 10:03AM Dumbledore...WHAT?!?! Well, long as nothing happens to Dobby.

Breakfast Topic: Did you accomplish your Love is in the Air goals? {WoW}

Feb 21st 2010 11:34AM Got my pet. And a purple dress. And several of the lower level achievements. For a sub-50 Priestess, I'm a happy girl. Never could figure out that 10 rockets in 20 seconds thing though. I guess I throw like a....yeah. LOVED the changes, especially the Love Boats. Standing ovation for attention to the details. Bravo, Blizzard.

Breakfast Topic: Breaking the bank {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 10:46PM Love the nostalgia. I remember doing that quest and finally defeating ol' rattletrap Mor'Ladim. Your comments made me wish I'd saved the souvenirs, too.

Breakfast Topic: Breaking the bank {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 9:44AM Just yesterday I was playing my Priestess, an alt who has been severely neglected, and thought I'd better check on her "bank alt". His name is Pocketts. He was given a guild some time ago with a gbank and a couple of pages of food, drinks and recipes. (The guild was planning to do a restaurant, I think.) Then later, a high level Priestess who was quitting the game gave my Priestess PILES of high level armour, herbs, weapons, etc. (idk...I guess I just live right.) So I revisit all this yesterday and realize it's time to declutter, but HOW? Do I dump it all on the AH? Do I hold onto certain items? And if so, which ones? See, pack rat mentality! Anyone have a guild they want to get rid of?