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Spiritual Guidance: A priest's guide to tanks {WoW}

May 24th 2010 5:38AM We need more people like you and fewer like the one my poor level 74 druid got thrown into Azjol-Nerub with.
He was specced 0/1/62 (but avoiding Unholy's first tier tanking talent), wearing some items of item level 70 (hello death knight starting zone belt) and several spell power plate items. I actually managed to keep him up for a while through the ungodly amounts of damage he was taking from the mini-Watcher pulls, but would promptly pull aggro with swiftmend crits, leading to ugliness.

I mean, I know it's just leveling and people are learning and AN isn't exactly srs bsns, but give me a break :/ I have a 72 DK tank myself and find tanking to be an unparalleled experience of frenzied, panicked button mashing, but at least I know what I'm doing in theory.

The Queue: Bind on my goblin {WoW}

May 21st 2010 8:56AM If they do wipe the quest logs, I'm going to be grumpy. On my current main (my priest), it won't make a difference, but on my druid (my BC main), I'm still on the General Drakkisath step of the Onyxia chain (which I'm going to complete Soon™), and, more importantly, still have the quest to kill Illidan Stormrage (the end of the Hand of A'dal chain). I raided with her in BC and did all of that quest chain the "proper" way, just had to quit before getting to Illidan, so having that quest in my log is a) a nostalgic souvenir and b) a testament to the fact that I refuse to devalue it by completing it with a group for whom the content is obsolete. It's going to stay there FOREVER. If they take it away, they can brace themselves for a serious dose of whining and moaning.

The OverAchiever: Pure win {WoW}

May 21st 2010 7:22AM By class I meant race. Doh.

The OverAchiever: Pure win {WoW}

May 21st 2010 7:21AM I object to the barbershop. I do use it, but I would never change draenei horns or night elf tattoos, they're an integral part of the character. That's how the character looks. If I don't like it, I delete her and start over. The only non-hair attribute I am OK with changing ex post facto is blood elf earrings. Because, well, duh, they're earrings. Not sure why I need to go to a barber shop to wear my other earrings, but there ya go.
I also refuse to change hair color; even though this is something that can easily be changed at a whim in the real world. Because of the lack of customization options, and the associated color of the face marks for night elves, hair color also becomes an integral part of how that character looks.

The only thing I _am_ cool with changing is the hair style itself, but never from short to long and never to something that is available at character creation for that class.

In other words, I've used it to change my NE priest's long hair worn down to a long braid and back, and my blood elf's earrings, and that's all I'll ever do with it.

The OverAchiever: Pure win {WoW}

May 21st 2010 7:14AM Very recently got this one (also with Malygos being the last thing missing) when Malygos was the weekly.
Took a few attempts but with the gear levels nowadays it really should boil down to getting the drakes coordinated in phase 3.

The OverAchiever: Pure win {WoW}

May 21st 2010 7:10AM I won a battered hilt on my priest but settled for selling it and reading what the quest would look like on wowwiki >.> as cool as it looks, and as much as I would've liked to take a look at the Sunwell (probably not going to be able to see the raid, people think they can lolpugzerg it nowadays... and take level 70-75 characters in greens along), there was no way I was giving up over 10k gold for it. I hate farming, I prefer instances over questing, having to not worry about money for awhile and get all my chars on that server dual spec if I want it > Quel'Delar. Especially since it's just like in real life; the rich get richer. Now I can buy expensive items that are offered below market price, resell 'em, and stay rich.

The Queue: High above the mucky-muck {WoW}

May 18th 2010 1:35PM Oh, the Scourge question I was trying to reply to but being too slow does raise another issue though: why would the Scourge run rampant if left without the Lich King's influence? Last time that almost happened, we got the Forsaken. They suck, but they're not running rampant. Then again, suddenly having a truckload more of them would be bad news. Thanks for taking one for the team, new LK.

The Queue: High above the mucky-muck {WoW}

May 18th 2010 1:33PM ^The Scourge was created by the Burning Legion, to do their dirty work for them if you will. If Knaak (sigh) is to be believed, demonic necromancers started messing around with raising the dead already during the War of the Ancients, but they definitely got into it big-time this time around. I'm a little hazy on why they created the original Lich King (Ner'zhul) other than to punish him and inflict eternal suffering on him, but the plague of undeath which created the masses of lowly Scourge is definitely part of their plan. Arthas fusing with Ner'zhul wasn't.

The question _I_ can't wrap my head around is what will happen to the character progression based lore in Cataclysm. We already have issues that have been mentioned with the blood elf lore (as newbies they find out in Silvermoon that he's a filthy traitor, then later they go to Outland to join Kael and find mana paradise, before finding out again that he's a traitor). Won't this happen to everyone in Cataclysm if we go to the Plaguelands at level 50 (they are healed because Arthas is dead), then go to Northrend at 70 (Arthas is alive, and EVERYWHERE), before Arthas goes back to being dead for post-80 Azeroth. (Also, how the heck will a level 80 deadmines fit into things? Will it just be for the lolz like level 80 Onyxia? And will the lowbies get a replacement?)

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

May 18th 2010 6:38AM Quack.

WoW Rookie: Grouping 101 {WoW}

May 14th 2010 11:21AM That last part. I leveled up my druid and kept a set "with intellect on it" for healing, but the concept of caster DPS gear as opposed to healing gear didn't reveal itself to me until my guild reached Leotheras in SSC and suggested healers equip some of said caster DPS gear to ensure they would be able to take down their demons.

For that reason, I quested and soloed as feral until that point (or as cat even when resto specced), because the times I tried moonkin spec I did absolutely awful damage... in my "intellect" gear. (This was before the spell power change obviously).