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Kalgan offers a possible WoTLK sneak peek for Warlocks {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 1:18PM "Im not here to QQ about warlocks but, i really do not see the need for ANOTHER escape mechanism. Is 3 different fear spells really not enough??"

What you have to remember is that they have ONE instant defensive spell.. on a cooldown. Two minutes is a LONG time to have no way to get stuff off you. Also, Rogues and Warriors have ways to become immune to Fear, and fear itself is a 1.5 second cast. I've had a Rogue stop me from casting fear for 30 seconds. He had terrible gear, but it didn't matter, I couldn't actually hurt him.

What warlocks want is an escape spell, not a damage spell. Until you've played both a Mage and a Warlock at 70, it's really hard to understand how different the two classes work. Warlocks basically sit there and take it, hoping their opponents die before they do, whereas mages can frost nova, frost armour proc, blink, frostbolt slow (and freeze, if frost specced), cone of cold slow, 41 point fire spell stun, etc. Mages simply have far more options to choose from.

PTR Notes: Miscellaneous changes {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 12:55PM What the hell are these 'another' Warlock buff comments? What was the last one? Not nerfing lifetap? The Deathcoil buff.. some time ago?

Warlocks get nerfs pretty much every patch - they're often small, but they happen. How many Fear nerfs have their been, 12? So forgive me if I roll my eyes when I hear people talking about Warlocks like they're the beloved class of Blizzard.

Mage v. Warlock going to a higher level in WotLK {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 11:21AM So now Mages are countered by... no-one? Ruh roh.

Patch 2.3 and you: Professions edition {WoW}

Sep 27th 2007 5:13PM Flying Helicopters? Wow, uh, I'm out. I know it was in Warcraft 3, but man does that not clash with the rest of the world?

Town guards: Horde vs. Alliance {WoW}

Sep 16th 2007 6:33PM I remember my first few minutes in Zangarmarsh ended with me being annhilated by the guards of the Alliance town. In Ashenvale, you (as Horde) have to walk all the way around Astranaar because it's in the middle of the damn zone. There are level 24 elite Alliance riders in The Barrens, the Alliance riders near Hammerfall, etc.

Why can't the Alliance win in Battlegrounds? {WoW}

Sep 16th 2007 6:26PM I've talked about this extensively with my friends, and we've come up with the following brief theory:
The alliance, throughout the game whether it be PvE, PvP, Raids, Instances, and so on, are always in groups. Especially on PvE servers, the Alliance often havd 5 players for every 1 Horde character. So when you get 10 Horde thrust together, they suddenly realise they don't have to do it all themselves. And if they do end up alone, they can often take on two people at once, because that's how they play the entire game.

I've watched, from both sides, Alliance BG games crumble because the Horde just suicide attack them to keep them off balance. The vast, vast majority of players I play against on the Alliance side will literally use the arrow keys to turn, and just expect me to stand there, and like a mob, trade blows. I don't, and they die. Flip it around, and the vast majority of Horde players are jumping, jinxing, dodging, etc.

What it comes down to is a mindset: The Alliance, due to a predominantly group-oriented PvE background, will expect things to work like instances. You pull, tank tanks, healers heal, etc. In the chaos of a Battleground, though, that all breaks down. The 'mobs' (In this case, many Horde) will kill the healer first. Then suddenly the tank has no heals, so he dies.

I tried to make it very clear, but I'll say it here just to be sure, I'm not saying that ALL Alliance players do this, or that ALL Horde do that, I'm saying that in my experience, the two sides tend to work like.. and so on.

Is "ugly" the new beautiful, and "evil" the new good? [Updated] {WoW}

Sep 16th 2007 6:13PM I don't understand how you think the Horde are evil. The Orcs, for example, were put into concentration camps by the humans. That doesn't exactly make the Humans seem 'good' to me.

I don't play alliance because, well, why the hell would I want to play as a human in an RPG when I have other choices? I play as a human in every game ever. To me, the Alliance are simply too boring. The Horde have stout green muscle-bound warriors, with slightly pig-like faces (Orcs), blue/green/etc lanky, bent-over but massively tall tusked humanoids with elongated skulls (Trolls), towering bull-men/minotaurs (Tauren), and dark and haunting skeleton/zombies with large claws and a hunched-over stance (Undead.) On the Human side, you had Humans, Short humans (Dwarves), shorter humans (gnomes), and tall, purple, elegant humanoids (Elves). There's no character, they all look like humans to some degree. The Draenei actually add some character to the Alliance, with their horse-legs, glowing blue colouring, demon-horn appendages, and so on. The blood elves, however, have essentially no character. They're angry teenagers at best, which is why they don't seem to 'fit into' the horde; their entire definition is that they're pretty. Which is precisely the problem I have with the Alliance. The Horde are based on their uniqueness and dispairity, whereas the Alliance is just that, an alliance of 'pretty' people.

Breakfast Topic: What does that mean? {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 6:30PM "It's like 7 years older than WoW and still people insist on using it in the wrong context. *Sigh*."

This reminds me of my experience with people complaining about 'camping.' I'm from ye olden Quake days, where "Camping" was being the first person to the Rocket Launcher room, and then killing anyone who tried to come on. The idea was that you literally never moved, and you were preventing others from getting to a key objective.

Now, as far as I can tell, it's holding still at all. Especially rife in FPS', but I once got called a camper for guarding the Gold Mine so.. yeah.

Also, I forget what proc stands for (I know what it means though) about every six months.

Fear and how to fix it {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 6:23PM "Take rogues:
Cheap Shot-4 seconds: Some classes have pretty decent stun resist.
Kidney Shot-6 seconds max: Uses 5 combo points and is easily trinketed out of.
Gouge-5.5 seconds with talents: Breaks on damage, almost complete useless outside of 1v1.

If anyone is getting destroyed by stunlock, they are obviously horrible. Especially the priest who complained about it in an above post."

Warlock casts fear on a Rogue-> Trinket. Warlock tries to cast fear->Kick. Warlock tries to cast fear->Gouge->Warlock tries to cast fear->CloS.

Even if a Warlock CAN fear you, the max you can be feared is what, 8 seconds? Everyone trinkets or is immune to the first one, so there goes any chance at a 10 second fear.

Also, stunlocking does work, because not everyone has 10K +health. Hell, with Demonic Embrace, the Imbued Shadoweave set, all the Veteran's gear, and non kara blues, I have 9600 health. 9600. Rogues often Ambush crit me for 5000+, so there goes half my health. Add in some kicks, gouges, kidney shots, and the Cloak of Shadows, and I get pretty much 0 casts off.

Fear and how to fix it {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 6:15PM "When fear gets nerfed from a class that has about 40 other ways to protect itself, we're the ones that take the most major nerf....not warlocks."
What are these 40 other ways? Hell, name three. Warlocks have one instant non-talented DoT, Deathcoil (on a cooldown), and fear. That's it.

The problem with Fear, especially when pertaining to Warlock, is it goes like this: 90% of the time, someone breaks/is immune/counterspells the cast/bubbles/iceblocks/trinkets/or otherwise is unaffected by the fear. The other 10%, the Warlock goes to town, and the game isn't fun for the person feared, who can do nothing.

It's really similar to being stunlocked, which isn't just done by Rogues. Hunters can conc. shot, freeze trap, (do damage), scattershot, silencing shot, drain mana shot. Not to mention Wing Clip, pet stuns, pets beating on you, etc. This is just as annoying as being feared, yet is less-often used, because far more people play the classes that stun than the classes that rely on fear.

What most Warlocks want is something other than fear. Hell, you can take fear away and give them something else. Warlocks, at current, have three survival mechanics; they can heal themselves (Affliction spec), they can fear (all specs), and they have the most health of any cloth class (most specs, primarily Demonology). There really isn't any other thing they can defend with. Fear is totally unrealiable to use as it's designed -- it either essentially guarantees you a win, or more likely, is a non-issue (anyone who has fought a Warrior, or a Rogue with stuns and CloS knows just how true this is).

So yes, remove fear, make it far less effective; just give Warlocks something else to defend with. Priests can shield themselves, stun with Mindflay, have various talents to remove/reduce spell kickback, can heal themselves quickly, etc. This isn't to say Priests are in a fine condition (Lightwell, 'lol'), but removing the only real defense a Warlock has is not the way to go.