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WoW Rookie: Effective movement and camera use {WoW}

Feb 25th 2010 2:43PM I've always played with the camera out at max distance, actions bound to keys on my Nostromo pad, and with a programmable mouse for movement and targeting hotkeys.

WoW might not be a twitch game for everyone, but embracing your inner twitch gamer gives you a distinct advantage killing everyone else who isn't. :)

Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 4th 2008 8:16PM So far it seems that the new recruits taking advantage of this are mainly family members and friends who aren't likely to be all that hardcore to begin with. At the very least they have people willing to help them along and learn to play.

On the other hand most of the people seem to be like me: playing two classes that they already know and doing it to get to 70 quickly on a new server or new faction.

EA: You don't need $1 billion to compete with WoW {WoW}

Aug 29th 2008 2:59PM Mark Jacobs has issued press releases with a forked tongue for years now. Anyone who thinks that Warhammer will come close to making a dent in WoW's market share has obviously never dealt with Mythic's unique brand of game design and customer service.

The former has basically been "let's rip off Warcraft and ignore what made our games good" since they saw the writing on the wall for Dark Age of Camelot back in '03-'04, and the latter is bound to be more craptacular now that EA has acquired them. Their merger is the equivalent of creating a customer service black hole that no unsuspecting gamer will be able to escape from.

WoW, Casually: WWI news for casuals {WoW}

Jul 6th 2008 1:13PM We were just having a "spirited discussion" about this in guild chat last night. My friends and I are all in a weird nether region where we spend enough time in the game to not be considered casual, but we don't really dedicate ourselves to working our real life schedule around WoW content so that we can see the high end stuff. We're interested in seeing some of these dungeons just to say we were there and got the story, but aren't interested in the PvE grind to get there.

So making things more friendly to casual players can only be a good thing in my opinion. I know that there are teeming masses of self-described hardcore players gnashing their teeth at this news and screaming that the game is being dumbed down, but there are still going to be rewards for the people who dedicate themselves to the very top end of the game.

Since the game came out a lot of the high end content has felt more like a time sink than something fun, and that turned my group off of the game pre-BC. WoW is a much better place to hang out now that they've fine-tuned some things to make end game more a matter of interest and skill than being able to sink 50 hours a week into the game.

The Weekly Webcomic Wrapup Reviewer's Guide {Joystiq}

Sep 8th 2007 5:44PM I think that after his last extended absence he realized that he could go to posting one comic every six months and still get all the ad and merchandising revenue. Wouldn't be the first time an artist decided to coast on their past success.