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Risen is mad as hell, and they aren't going to take it anymore {WoW}

Mar 9th 2008 6:41PM Our guild is exactly at the same point as Malls'. 6/6 SSC 3/4 TK. We just downed Vashj last week. Our goal is to down Kael'thas before the patch. Why? To say we did it. I am glad attunements drop. It means we can get subs more easily. But I still want to down Kael'thas. To have done the encounter at progression level. To say it isn't worth downing Kael'thas because the badge loot next patch will be better, well that truly misses the point of attempting these encounters to begin with.

Spiritual Guidance: The shadow diaries {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 7:06AM I've been leveling my own shadow priest for a short while. He's 69 now and getting ready to taste endgame. I would say that if you're going to hit discipline before filling out shadow, go for martyrdom and leave it at that until you're pretty much done with shadow. I recommend against 5 points in shadow weaving, as well. 3 points is enough to get a decent return. Any fight that last long enough for the extra shadow damage to matter will get the 5 stack eventually. I would never get full Imp Mindblast, either. That puts it out of sync with GCD and mindflay timers and will be a waste of at least a point or more depending on latency/reflexes.

Is Druid insta-shifting overpowered? {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2007 5:49PM The complaint this warrior frets about is ultimately unjustified as the only real difference that the UI changes actually make is the reduce the impact of latency upon switching forms. As such, druids were already, technically, able to do this. Dropping out of Form wasn't subject to GCD and druids were historically supposed to be difficult to kite (or it wouldn't have been a mechanic of form switching to begin with).

I hate rogues! No, rogues are awesome! {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 1:28AM @9 I find extreme irony in the fact that unable to use the skills available to the class one decides instead to stack the advantage by pure gear imbalance and this somehow makes one more manly to be a coward through uber weapons and armor as opposed to being clever with one's abilities.

Around Azeroth: That's no moon... {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2007 11:47AM There can be several reasons why Azeroth can be seen from Shadowmoon Valley. One: that the destruction of Draenor send shards of it around Azeroth. Two: that being hurled into the nether that it apparently now exists in puts it at a nexus that now observes several regions of space that are bound up closely in the nether but not in actual space (like a 5th dimension sort of dealy). Three: there now actually exists a vast unnoticed portal above black temple that links to a region in space around Azeroth allowing one to see through this portal and back to Azeroth itself.

Glove enchants for the discerning Druid {WoW}

Sep 30th 2007 1:31AM @3 Because of the way the damage curve is for cats and the point allocation between strength and agility on druid pieces. You are almost always better off enchanting and socketing for agility over strength. +15 is for cat as well at bear. +15 strength is a easy to get alternative until you get the agility one.

Getting the most threat out of your Druid {WoW}

Sep 8th 2007 6:12PM I'm not normally one to down a topic. But this seemed like such a waste. I was hopeful this would be about how to maximize overtime threat generation in various encounters. But a max threat pull? How useful is that? If you're DPS has the patience for you to set that all up, they've the patience to lead you rip into them the normal way.

Pulling a group of mobs isn't about max threat, it is about enough threat on the right mobs and avoiding CCers. Toss a hurricane, or dot'm with moonfire for offtanked mobs. But Figuring out how to maximize every inch of threat is a concern primarily for boss fights.