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Faction Changes Q&A {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 10:59AM After about 5 years of playing an alliance priest, I think I'd know how much time was going to waste when things were bad enough for me to switch factions. Achievements, titles, vintage gear, mounts, gold, heirloom items, raiding gear - none of it is reflected when you reroll to the opposite faction. It's all from bare-bones scratch.

The choice isn't an easy one, but people play for fun and go where they have to, even if they lose the years spent in their old mains. This implementation would give me assurance that my priest is not just some trophy case to be used to chatting with Alliance pvpers, but that it might be able to be used among the new faction friends you've made.

I would shell out good money to get all that back on my currently adopted faction. (Lok'tar Ogar!)

BlizzCon Day 2 WoW Lore and Quests panel liveblog {WoW}

Sep 10th 2007 3:58AM For the Demon Hunter comment, it could be easily accompanied by Priest of the Moon and Blademaster, etc hero classes. But looks like Blizz wants to introduce them in turn in context.

Titans, vikings and old gods, oh my...