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Breakfast Topic: Moments of regret {WoW}

Jun 28th 2006 8:32AM one of my disenchant regret was when after several solo HT runs with my lock (bannish/enslave combo powa) I was on disenchant spree and I realise 2 days after when facing magmadar on a guild raid that I accidentaly disenchant all my Fire Resist Set!

But what I regret the most, The action I will regret all my (warlock) life was when I turn in the warlock temple quest and I choose the Soul Harvester for the look instead of taking the Abyss Shard. Now I have the staff of dominance, but there is no replacement for the abyss shard... take it, all of you, lock reading me.. take it! There is much death where I think I could have avoided with that trinket :(

Girls = Way Cooler than WoW {WoW}

Jun 8th 2006 11:40AM I've posted feedback on the neewspaper article, but there seem to be some kind of moderator so here it is:

I think YOUR problem is no one has discover YOU... this is just a selfish complaint...

let the boys do whatever they want to do..

Now, it is true that some people get dependant on MMORPG, but the game is not to blame... the fact they are spending so much time in their closed room is not the cause but the consequence. It reveal a deeper problem. And saying stupid things like 'Get a life' or 'go date a girl' will not change anything, that's not the kind of help they need.. What are you thinking about??? that they will say: "OMFG, there is a real life beyond my door, why O why no one ever told me that before??? thank you so much Monika, you changed my life!"

I hope that you do not study psychology because you're pretty bad at it :D

Breakfast Topic: Game to Movie {WoW}

May 10th 2006 10:15AM Two possibilities:
-The movie will not respect Warcraft Universe, It will just be another orc vs elves vs the return of the two king tower of the fellowship (wink inside :))
-The movie will respect the Warcraft Universe, so non-gamers will not understand the heck of what is going on under their eyes... A full SFX nefarian down for us, but just a dragon kill for them..

It depends on which the movies' target is, but IMHO, world of warcraft would better fit a series (like we see lot of fan art comic around the web) than a movie

Quest Spotlight: The Green Hills of Tedium...or, Stranglethorn {WoW}

Apr 25th 2006 12:09PM I think its the dumbest way to do the quest...
my girlfriend try this way and I kept telling her she was going the really hard way...
Have you ever tried to drive with no wheel? or try to jump off a cliff thinking you will fly and.. damn, you forgot your wings at home ;)
For sure, this quest can be a bit disturbing for the nOOb getting to stranglethorn... but when you know how to do the quest the easy way, this is one of the best XP you can get...
first, you have to known what to do... there are five quest to do here. the first tell you to return the complete book, the four other to return each of the four chapter.. you must take the first one to be able to take the others,... you have to take each at leat once (even if you abandonned it after) to see which page are needed to end the quest...
when this is done, make up some free space on you bags (and I mean it.. at least 20 slots) because your not gonna farm the page.. you gonna do anny of the stranglethorn quest and gather all the pages by the way!
the pages drop from any humanoid of the region. so while you will be doing all the quest that require killing trolls, killing bucaneers, killing venture Co goblins, you WILL get a lots of pages... more than you need...
all you have to do is watch the /1 chat for the people willing to trade because you will get page twice or more.. its a very simple quest if you pay attention...
or you can buy some if you don't have page to trade..
on my server pages sells around 10-15 silver each... that's quite cheap in my opinion for the huge XP boost at the end...
finally, on my guild, there is one mule dedicated to this page so If a player of the guild need one, we can always look for it in the bank of the mule :)

always do this quest... that's my advice

WoW on the Mac Safe From Windows {WoW}

Apr 12th 2006 9:13AM Deek, Thank you for all this precious information... this always makes me wonder about the lone-button-mice issue, and you just put an end to it.. thank you...

maybe I can buy a mac now :D