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Breakfast Topic: Great big pointy teefs {WoW}

Apr 24th 2010 8:32AM Dark Ranger! You like Sylvanas and the other rangers in UC.

Guildwatch: The dreaded 0% wipe {WoW}

Mar 18th 2009 3:43AM My raid group (joint raid between two guilds) experienced that 0% wipe in 25 Naxx on Thaddius. It sucked!

"Welcome to the endgame... noob." {WoW}

Jul 16th 2006 11:05PM I was lucky. I play an undead mage in Bronzebeard (PvE server) and I was able get some experience with the end game instances as early as lvl 55. Before I got into a pretty MC raiding guild I did absolutely all my dungeons in PUGS. As early as lvl 55 I was able to experience my first 10 man raid when I was invited to a PUG to 10 man dead stratholme (back when we still could). I experienced 15 manning UBRS for the first time at lvl 56. this got me an early start into experiencing these dungeons. When I hit 60 I had a lot of experience under my belt. I guess the people in my server are more patient when it comes to these things.

Breakfast Topic: First loves {WoW}

Apr 12th 2006 9:19AM My first character was a *drum roll* Night Elf rogue. Then I rerolled the next day to be an undead rogue. Then I deleted that when I got it to lvl 10 cuz i found out rogues weren't for me. Undead mage ftw!