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A parent's guide to World of Warcraft for kids {WoW}

Jun 4th 2013 12:59AM Our children are 13 and 11. We've been playing WoW as a couple for 6 years. The kids have always been fascinated with the game. We have recently allowed them to start playing, because we feel they are at an age where they can begin to handle all aspects to a point. In our house, the routine is, come home from school. Have a snack. Do their chores. Do their homework. Once homework is done, and checked, they each can have an hour of their choice, XBox or WoW. They aren't allowed any interactions on XBox except with their grandfather (who got them MineCraft and a headset to talk to them since he lives so far away). I just don't feel I have enough parental control or guidance on it - I work from home, so I'm usually in another room in my office. On WoW, currently, they're not allowed any interactions except with us. We created a guild for just our family. All their characters MUST be in it. They aren't allowed to group, except with us. One of us is on when they are on, although we only play with them if they want us too (I can do it myself mom, geez). Granted - we don't get to be in a larger guild, but we're OK with that for now, while they're learning. We keep an eye on what they're doing. Always. In fact, their computer is next to mine on purpose. For now, it works. As they get older we'll need to adjust. We have no problems with taking away screen time as a consequence. Because I won't let them have cell phones, or social media (because I'm a cruel, cruel mother), this is another avenue to help teach them about appropriate online "anonymous" interactions, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I might be a little over-protective, and there are some back issues with both of them that I won't share here that make it necessary to be so. Or some might find me too lax for allowing them to play at all. I figure... I'm doing my best.

Win more TCG loot with WoW Insider {WoW}

May 5th 2009 10:26AM YAY! I recently saw one of those tigers... And coveted.

Breakfast Topic: Love is in the Air! {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 9:21AM It sounds silly typing it out, but it was great when it happened. My husband and I were having our 9th anniversary (we're coming up on our 11th, so we've been with the guild a while.) There was a babysitting snafu for celebrating when my mom went into the hospital. So... I arranged, with the guild's help, a wedding in game. We did it without my husband's knowledge. Guildies went and got formal clothes for themselves, a tux for my husband, a ring, a wedding dress, flowers, and lots of in game alcohol. We told him we were going to raid southshore, and then all met along the river there. He was surprised. The guildleaders - a married couple - wrote in game vows for us as a surprise. And then there was drinking and naked dancing. While it may seem silly, it was a fun way to celebrate our marriage when we couldn't go out, and something very kind our guildies did for us. By the way, I'm Cary on the Gnomeregan server, and my guild is Knights of the Shadow, formerly known as Fallen.

Resurrection etiquette {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 6:35PM I am not a healer - I'm a Mage. Off topic - I have to say, I spend money too on the run. I have my own buffs w/ reagents, elixers, pots, and spell food I buy too for every run. Healers aren't the only ones. But in terms of your actual topic, it drives me INSANE when we wipe and everyone runs except for one you-know-what. I can name two from my guild who do it every time. In my opinion, it's not your job to rez me, I consider it a perk, and worthy of thanking you, when you do it. But, I raid with my husband, a priest, and it doesn't seem to bother him in the least when the unthinking person just sits there waiting for them to show us and rez them. The only time is if we're raiding, and it seems a good time for a breather, and I'll run to the restroom. But that's because my husband will always rez me 'cause he luvs me. But I always ask first, and when I get back to the computer, I start running if I see that they haven't rezzed me yet. I cannot believe that it bothers me, and not my husband.

Forum post of the day: What do you do with 12k gold? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2007 6:44PM One of my guildies favorite passtimes is to go to other servers, start a new character, and go to about 20 and race herself to see how much gold she can make. She then goes around the noob zones handing it out to people, and then deletes the character.