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The Queue: For the troubled tooth, for the troubled tooth {WoW}

Dec 31st 2010 8:12PM Unless things have changed very recently I'm not sure what the issue is. I also live in the UK and ordered and received The Shattering from Amazon UK without a problem. It's excellent by the way.

Elemental invasion phase three is active {WoW}

Nov 13th 2010 4:10AM Worth highlighting what Zarhym (a blue, if you didn't know) said last night on the official forum:

"The time between the start of stage 2 and stage 3 was shorter. I can tell you the current plan is to make the time between stage 3 and 4 even shorter. ;)"

For the record, it was 4 days between stages 2 and 3. So stage 4 to hit at the latest by Monday?

Cataclysm digital upgrade now available for pre-order {WoW}

Oct 28th 2010 4:05PM Loving the fact that the UK (and Ireland) are getting Cataclysm A WHOLE DAY before the rest of the world. Well, 59 minutes before the rest of Europe anyway. 6th December here we come!

The Queue: Pop {WoW}

Oct 11th 2010 8:29AM No. We know raids will be announced in due course. I mean something totally out of the blue - something related to C'Thun in Silithus maybe or something small that hints at the next expansion? Or does everything have to be so finely and carefully tested in advance that nothing is ever a surprise anymore? [I do realise that I could have avoided the Cataclysm spoilers if I'd wanted to].

The Queue: Pop {WoW}

Oct 11th 2010 4:17AM What I'd like to know is, in WOW Insider's expert opinion, do we know everything there is to know about Cataclysm or are Blizzard going to pull a complete surprise out of the bag either at BlizzCon or in the game itself - even at this late stage?

What do you expect from a WoW movie? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 3:10PM If it is set one year before WoW we're really looking at the story surrounding Admiral Proudmore, Jaina, the founding of Theramore, Thrall, Cairne Bloodhoof, Rokhan and mainly Rexxar. Interesting to see if they also include Chen Stormstout the Pandaren Brewmaster. The story is neatly summarised at

Not sure who the kick-ass human will be though (unless it's Jaina).

Sam Raimi to direct WoW movie {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 7:17AM A relative newb asks: what specific events would we expect to see around one year before the start of WoW?

Breakfast Topic: The long run {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 10:45AM Not a run as such but try falling off the edge of Teldrassil near the Oracle Glade when you're a ghost and having to swim all the way around the bloody island to get to Rut'Theran Village then across the island by land in order to resurrect. Not recommended. At all.

Upper Deck introduces Traitor cards for the WoW TCG {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 10:13AM Seems to me that this traitor concept in the TCG just might be a precursor to its introduction in World of Warcraft as part of the WotLK expansion. Blizzard have already mentioned that we will all be interacting with Arthas in Northrend much more than we did with Illidan in TBC. But just imagine characters being given the option of signing on with the Lich King and working against their own faction...

Amazon still has Burning Crusade CE in stock {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 5:16AM Probably a stupid question but is the BC expansion a prerequisite for the WotLK one? Just been thinking about Mike's comment about people who have skipped BC so far wanting WotLK because it's "much more integral to the Warcraft that everyone knows and loves". Is it possible that certain people may ignore BC completely and just go for Wrath of the Lich King?