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You can have a shark as a pet: ArenaNet unveils the Guild Wars 2 ranger {Massively}

Jul 15th 2010 12:43AM why are they talking to themselves??!

To live and die in Tyria -- death, healing, and combat in Guild Wars 2 {Massively}

Jul 9th 2010 9:57AM @ Tempes Magus

"Death penalties suck and are pointless especially if you have to resurrect at a set point well away from where you were or where you were headed."
Pointless? If everyone continually lived then there would be no point to the game. Both in PVP or PVE, you die, you will be punished. It is about skill and learning.

"FPS games are perfectly enjoyable with just a very short wait for respawn and maybe a run back. Only the mmo industry has ever felt the need to punish people for dying."
Two totally different genres. And of course FPS games punish you, as much but just in a different way. Take CS, you die, not only does your team lose a chance to win (since losing you is a disadvantage) but also the fact that you are forced to stop playing. You are out of the game. AND you will be surprised, overall you'll be waiting in a FPS game more then a MMORPG. In that sense, MMORPGs are more effective death pen, they keep you playing while FPS don't.

All games have death pens. Moronic to think MMORPGs are different in that sense. No, MMORPG just have unique ways for death pens because of the genre it is. Either way, Demon's Souls was the best RPG last year (yes, it was better then *yawn* DA:O) and had a huge death pen.

When you have casuals like Keen debating death pens, then you know that MMORPGs if anything should make the tougher (yet different). Of course that is not to say that I think it should be easy to die, quite the opposite, a heavy death pen should only be included if it is clear that a player got outclassed (hence messed up, and be punished).

Anti-Aliased: Don't worry, it gets better in time pt. 2 {Massively}

Jun 25th 2010 9:52AM Apples and Oranges.

WoW is a game that was establised at a point where it was norm to do what is now considered boring. And what was boring now was still fresh and new for most. Not to say they are doing anything wrong with revamping old zones, but much of the revamping for me if it is ANYTHING like wotlk quests then it is even more theme-parked and restrictive. Forcing you to go in a direction instead of letting the player discover their own way (hence removing depth). I personally see everything that is now artifical in the game, hence why I stopped playing. The world stopped being alive, and instead is set on a timer to when Blizzard wants everything to go for (without anything hidden from the player, because we cannot waste quests for depth!).
WoW is dead in a sense, this 'brand new game' already exists. Still makes billions (and they cannot even give Arthas a proper CGI goodbye, the cost cutting is amazing), so in that sense it is very alive. In a way I respect them just like I respect Bobby Kotick for forcing IW in making MW2 which itself made millions/billions. Doesn't mean I respect their current game philosophy through, I don't think it will (and shouldn't) work long term.

Anyway, I am still open to the idea that WoW could become 'good' again. But I doubt it will ever be what Vanilla was in terms of its whole connecting landscapes, depth while still being accessible (was a casual in vanilla), and just pure fun that wasn't restricted to being shoved into a specific direction.

Aussies denied APB {Massively}

Jun 13th 2010 1:22AM As an Australian I'm actually glade that they are not doing it if they don't have servers.

Games like Aion are still sold here yet are pretty much unplayable competitively (not that you'd want to play Aion in a serious sense, but you get the idea). That game was created FOR South Korea which has the best internet in the world because they are all Asian stuck within the same small area and NOT for countries that are literally on the other side of the world from each other.

At least these guys aren't trying to sell a product that becomes useless for Australians like NCSoft.

Sony Online Entertainment announces winner of G.I.R.L. contest {Massively}

Jun 9th 2010 5:48AM So...

Girls are free to enter every other contest, yet they also have stuff like this?

If Sony and other idiot companies want to make ground even in gaming then this is the opposite of help, since this encourages difference between men and women. Moronic logic is moronic. Of course this is Sony we are talking about here, its not like the company has many girl gamers interested in them in the first place. The simple fact that I am making more money then the entire company (and I don't even work) is proof of this (by several billion I might add).

Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer answers more questions about dynamic events {Massively}

May 21st 2010 7:33AM Storyline don't work in MMORPGs. Why do these silly developers keep trying? It is not in the nature of the genre, it ceases to be a MMORPG otherwise. It becomes a glorified single player experience.

Developer: Okay! This is exciting! You can do things that affect the game!
Player: Really?! So players are actually considered in a game that was made for them?! Can I really change the story?
Developer: Well... Not the story... We decide that... Because game developers are on par with novalists and film writers/directors in terms of storytelling!
Player: Really? I didn't know that... I thought games were different then set storylines from film or books... Well, at least I have real motive to stop these monsters, they could really do some damage outside of the story!
Developer: Oh no, the monsters just become a minor annoyance, they cannot get out of hand. If they do too much, they will hurt the other players and it will just become annoying!
Player: So a game cannot be created where the player can enjoy the game even though their alliance are losing in a situation... Nor can you create a system where the monster could become a major enemy and the game could change itself based on that fact?
Developer: No way! We're too busy coming up with a storyline! We might even get a motion picture deal through this! Anyway, inventing new creative mechanics is WAY WAY WAY beyond us! INCOMING, here comes our epic single player experience! Oh wait... at least in single player games you can affect the story, oh well! Our story is going to be EPIC!!!11

Aion's 1.9 patch to right XP wrongs {Massively}

May 20th 2010 8:31PM *woooosh*

that went right over your head there blake

Aion's 1.9 patch to right XP wrongs {Massively}

May 20th 2010 3:05AM From what I know of the game, it needs double xp weekends ALL THE TIME.

They obviously did the double xp weekends for a REASON in the first place... because they knew the grind was horrible, so why not make it permanent?


RuneScape introduces largest update in game's history {Massively}

Apr 20th 2010 4:20AM Four years ago? See how subjective 'prime' is? I'd say its prime was around six years old. Robe + Rune Sword and Helmet FTW. Too bad they closed down the wilderness, that was the thing that first got me hooked on PVP. But haven't played full-loot in a game since then sadly.

But the game hasn't really been great at any time, even six or seven years ago something like UO or Everquest was still far better.

A roundup of World of Warcraft's major class changes {Massively}

Apr 11th 2010 3:00AM wouldn't mind info on the this issue/topic (original WoW team), do you have any links or anything that discuss this? Heard about it before so wouldn't mind looking into it