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Preparing for season six tomorrow is "still the plan" {WoW}

Apr 20th 2009 10:24PM So you are saying that arenas gives welfare epics or that you want it to be easy to pad points? Because it seems you are disappointed that it will be harder. In addition sure at the beginning people who have great skills will steamroll those who are inexperienced but after on it gets tougher and tougher and I think that is one of the main points people play arenas you know...because it can be oh I don't know...somewhat of a challenge?

She said yes, and I thank the Tuskarr {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 12:28AM Congrats

Arcane Brilliance: The wonders of Frostfire {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 8:33PM What do you want a cookie? Sheesh, when will this end, honestly when will it???

WoW Insider's top ten stories of all-time {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 3:29PM Congrats, I think your accomplishment speaks for itself. For me, your site has become the 1st site I go to for news and articles on WoW and I think the Wow Insider Show is the best WoW podcast. Here's to many more years of continued success, keep up the good work :).

The New York Times logs back in to World of Warcraft {Massively}

Dec 6th 2008 1:27PM Just because you don't like a game doesn't make everyone who plays it dumb. Not sure why you have such a hatred against WoW. Oh and I've cleared the end game content and I have work and school at the same time; I guess I must be really 'dedicating my whole life to it' 8-).

Rumor: Warhammer Online to open official forums in 2009 {Massively}

Dec 6th 2008 2:44AM I guess it was only time. I do hope that they have more success in preventing it from becoming a place where people QQ, say the game will fail and other negative comments. For me, I only use the official forums in Wow for any announcements from Blizz and my dose of daily drama :P. Otherwise when I am looking for info related to the gameplay which is really the only time I head over to forums that discuss WoW I'll head over to non official sites. I expect the same to come true for WAR players. Sadly it always turns out that the fan sites have a more mature and constructive forum than the dev's.

Turpster at the Worldwide Invitational - Day 0 {WoW}

Jun 28th 2008 1:44AM ahahahaha

Two new keylogging worms to watch out for {WoW}

Jun 26th 2008 8:40PM Another way to disable Autoplay is if someone has TweakUI from Windows for XP. It's on Microsoft's site and there are a bunch of other nifty tools there for XP users which are all free.

Rob Pardo talks about free WoW, Starcraft, Activision {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 9:38PM This is one of the main reasons why Jeff Strain led ex Blizzard employees who didn't like the subscription plan and formed ArenaNet. Really fI don't see the difference, I mean GW came out with an expansion every 6 months at $60 and plus tax I was basically paying the same amount as a WoW subscription.

TurpsterVision : Oh and one more Ding! {Massively}

Jun 24th 2008 6:05PM Man Turpster I think this is the best ding idea yet. It was a pain to get on I think many others also weren't able to create a trial account :(. I must admit Cult of Duncor is a hilarious name. Grats on the ding.