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The "punctuated equilibrium" of WoW content {WoW}

Sep 13th 2007 2:45PM Now I'm not one to normally pile on WoW. I started with it during the beta, but I'm really having a hard time holding on until WotLK. Why?

I can't raid.

I do PvP in both BGs and Arenas, I have my epic flying mounts (Netherdrake, etc) and all that I really have left to do that I can do on my time is grind rep.

That's about it.

Sure, Wrath will introduce new items, zones, levels, but ultimately its going to end up being just a reskin of old ideas: level to 80, start quests to get new-uber gear and then go grind/pvp/raid.

Heck, even if I could raid, I'd have a hard time staying. I've done it. But raiding and doing the same thing three to five nights a week... what exactly is the draw here?

That's what WoW needs to look at. I think the first MMO to figure out how to fix the "stagnation" is the one which will dethrone WoW.