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[1.Local]: The 3 Bears -- too easy, too hard or just right? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 2:17AM The stun mechanic was removed from the D&D glyph a patch or two, ago. So no, DKs no longer have a stun.

Ghostcrawler: "We still are not convinced that Warrior tanks are operating at some huge deficit" {WoW}

Feb 20th 2009 4:48AM Gratz, Bliz. You finally killed the warrior class. GG idiots.

My Buggy Valentine: Problems with Love is in the Air {WoW}

Feb 15th 2009 4:15PM No. It is, without a doubt, a fiasco. Making the gifts BoP, when they weren't last year, is terrible. You can't trade away those picnic baskets anymore. I've gotten three in one night... and no rose petals or candy bags. Whatever, Bliz.

Officers' Quarters: Dressed down {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2009 7:01PM Let him and his "friends and family members" go. He's obviously full of himself and doesn't know how to be a team player. We all pay to play this game and have fun with it, but there's a line drawn when your fun affects someone else's. Life's to short to deal with idiots. Let them go and move on, find someone who is mature enough to work well in a group environment. For every good player there's another who is able to replace them... AND they'll have a better attitude. Biggest mistake you can make is to not do anything and just "let it go" rather than calling the idiots to the carpet. He showed his true colors when he left.

Breakfast Topic: Is 68 too low for Northrend? {WoW}

Jan 28th 2009 5:30AM "Nothing levels better than a AoE prot pally, nothing kills mobs faster (notice I said MOBS, not mob)."

Except a well-played Unholy DK.

Breakfast Topic: Is 68 too low for Northrend? {WoW}

Jan 28th 2009 5:28AM Northrend at 68 is cake with a DK. Heck, Outland at 58 with a DK was cake, too. I've done it twice now.

Wait, I mean... er... it sucks. For DK's especially. Yeah. *dodges the nerf bat*

Here's another vote, though, for hitting Borean Tundra first, then going to Howling Fjord when you've gotten the quest achievement for the Tundra. THEN go to Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Zul Drak... and you should be 80 when you get to the last few quests in ZD... or you'll get it after the first few quests in the Basin. Then the rest of Northrend is sweet, sweet gold... and don't pass up the dailies, either. They award xp every day.

Figureprints lottery is over {WoW}

Jan 17th 2009 2:33PM Don't waste your money on these. Not only do they not look as nice "in person" as they do on the website... they look downright horrible and cheap. My lottery number came up in August or September and I ordered one. When it arrived, I couldn't believe how cheap looking it was. The colors blurred into one another and it just didn't look like a $130 item. Oh, yeah, mine arrived in a bazillion pieces as well.

Seriously, there's better stuff to spend your money on. Figureprints is junk. Only positive thing I can say is that when I sent them six photos of the dome with the shattered figure inside showing the unbroken seal, they gave me a refund without any further questions.

Breakfast Topic: Identity Crisis {WoW}

Jan 12th 2009 8:04PM I've got news for you.

Not every hunter is a huntard and not every DK is a lazy good for nothing.

I've got more news for you: even if I wasn't playing a DK, I wouldn't be playing a healer. It's like comparing apples and... basketballs. You have more of a leg to stand on if you start talking about Ret Paladins, because that's a class that can heal and a lot of Rets choose not to.

In all honesty, I'd be a lot more worried about all these DKs that suddenly want to tank. I thought the tank balance in BC was fine, really. We had to turn tanks away because we really didn't need any more. And now it's starting to look like every other person who makes a DK wants to tank.

I hope they realize that most of them will never be as good as a prot warrior. But, it can still be fun. Good luck to those that weren't tanks before and now all of a sudden want to be. Try taking 5 tanks into an instance and see how far you get.

Breakfast Topic: Identity Crisis {WoW}

Jan 12th 2009 2:39PM Dumped my BC MT Warrior for a DK. For some reason, not all related to the game itself, I'm sure, taking my Warrior to Northrend just didn't do it for me. I got to play with some of the new Prot talents, and I tanked the first instance there in the Fjord. Well, since we were ridiculously overgeared for it at 70, I guess tanking isn't the best word. But questing was just painful for some reason. It wasn't HARD at all, it just... it was meh. And the xp didn't seem to roll in like I was expecting. Yes, I realize this is all just perceptions...

Anyway, a ridiculous amount of guild drama later, I resolved to stop feeling guilty for wanting to switch classes (not roles) and decided to let the drama queens be drama queens and act like idiots. I picked up my DK and haven't looked back since. And now I'm having more fun than I ever had herding cats. I remembered what the game was supposed to be about... fun.

Although with the upcoming nerf to the Death and Decay inscription, I almost feel like the kid with the new toy at Christmas when the batteries run out after a few days of constant play... but it's still better than all the baggage that comes with my warrior.

Lichborne: One more round of Death Knight changes in 3.0.8 {WoW}

Jan 11th 2009 3:35PM I can live with all the adjustments... but I'm really REALLY irritated about the glyph nerf. Instead of removing the fear portion all together, why not tweak it to just not work on other players if that's the problem? I am so immeasurably TIRED of Bliz nerfing good PVE stuff just because a minority of players (PvP) whine. Seriously. It's a great PvE mechanic for tanking... and now that's gone, too.... 2H nerfs, cc nerf... what's next? Buffing Ret again so we have even fewer healers to go around?