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Breakfast Topic: How old is your character? {WoW}

Jun 13th 2009 2:20PM My female Tauren Druid has been around since before the gates of AQ were opened, when old-world Naxx and ZG were beginning to be 'farmed', and the best Druid talent ever was the resto-exclusive top talent 'Innervate'.
I RP her to be the equivalent of a mid-20s' human, so according to the WoW-Wiki RP rules, she'd be a bit older, maybe in her later-30s'.

~There's just no Human Rangers or Halfling Monks in WoW, more's the pity.~
I couldn't agree more with the poster. Lack of class options per race truly sucks. As far as class balance goes, how can having, well, a Human Hunter unbalance the game, when superior 'flavour' classes like explosive DPS Pallies running around or Death Knights available to all races are zipping around, causing havoc in the game.
There is no 'class balance'. People play what class they want, which is a pity, especially when the race they want to play can't be the class they want to play. Troll Warlocks? If Warlocks are corrupted Shamans and Mages, and all other Mage-allowed races can play as one, why can't Trolls? Human Shaman/Druid? Long-term allies living now in Stormwind are available to train their close friends, the Humans, some exotic beliefs. The Shaman trainer in Stormwind, the Draeni by the water in the moat, states that she came to train their spiritual ways, but nobody wants to listen. /wave! My Human wants to learn!

New Druid form art in patch 3.2 {WoW}

May 26th 2009 5:06PM ~This was meant to be a reply on a comment, regarding an opinion that allowing more race-class combinations will 'water down' the game. Sorry it popped up here!~

New Druid form art in patch 3.2 {WoW}

May 26th 2009 5:04PM What's so special about playing Warriors, when 9 out of 10 races can play as one?
What's so special about being a Paladin ALliance-side when three races can choose to play it?
More options doesn't water down the game or cheapen the class, it broadens the game.
The Warrior class is available to almost every race. Yet, people still play that class, using their preferred race combination.
Limiting exclusive classes to one or two races doesn't make the game better. Especially when these 'exclusive classes' are less powerful than other class options in the game. It isn't about power though, it's about FUN.
Imagine if they took away the Warrior class from Night Elves, because Elves are meant to be more in-tune with nature and magic than anything else? Or took away Hunters from Dwarves, because Dwarves have little connection to the beasts and powers of the wild?

New Druid form art in patch 3.2 {WoW}

May 26th 2009 2:42PM Big whoop. A new form design.

How about us long-term players who've been asking for more races to play the Druid class? We all love the Elves and Tauren, sure. But what about those who wanted to play their favourite race as a Druid?
I'm sure a few allies of the Night Elves and allies of the Tauren became great friends of the Druid circles, even devoting years of questing to earn the respect from Druid factions like the Cernarion Circle.

Why can't we unlock the Druid class yet for non-Druid races?

Once again we all jump and beg, licking Blizzards' feet at the first sign of a treat. Well, this one treat is very small and unfulfilling. It's a mere visual change, and from the looks of the pictures so far, it's the exact same model, with a few markings and a few danglies attatched.
I love the tribal look, don't get me wrong, but it isn't worth getting excited about. I've been waiting for more gameplay changes and lore updates than mere cosmetic changes. If I'm going to be playing the same character over and over for years to come, why can't I have exactly the type of character I want? I want to earn and unlock a non-Druid race that has the Druid class.

I suppose we all have to wait until a future Emerald Dream patch, but until then... Until then, we all jump, and cry 'ooh' and 'aww' when Blizz updates the models on mops and brooms.
Yay Blizz. Yay. >_>

Patch 3.0.8 bug roundup {WoW}

Jan 21st 2009 5:42AM You can't loot fish while fishing!!! ~_~''

WoW Crossword: January 20th, 2009 {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 9:53AM The patch came through, but the realms are still down for maintainance.

I wonder if there's any Polearms for Resto Druids?

Oh yeah. Crosswords are fun and all, but let's try something challenging. How about a WoW Sudoku?

Reputation gains on grey mobs changed in 3.0.8 {WoW}

Jan 18th 2009 8:11PM It's a good thing/bad thing.
On one hand, many of us have earned and suffered through diminished rep gains, to basically earn legendary rep standings. Now any new guy can come in and do it.
However, for those of us who were too busy on one rep in the past to have even started on the others, it's now an opportunity to make a noteworthy effort to get them, and finish off the content in old-world and beyond.
It'd be nice for those of us with the standing for certain reps already, pre-patch, to get some sort of feat or ackknowledgement for it. Like those who worked hard in the past on Timbermaw or Brood of Nozdormu. It's one thing for everyone to get that rep now, and it's another to say: I had it back then, back when it took balls and effort to get it.

Death Knight gets Thunderfury {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2009 5:05PM Blizz won't 'bend the lore' to make anything like the Ashbringer attainable.

They also said that Shamans were Horde specific, that Paladins were Alliance only. They said that Druids could only be found in Azeroth (no Broken Draenie or Blood Elf dungeon boss Druids), and that Alliance and Horde could never share a neutral town (though now-a-days we can, and although the language barrier still exists, you can 'Inspect' the enemy players' gear).
Humans and Trolls were 'maxed out' at 6 character slots, Deathknights could never be considered a 'hero class', and mounted combat would never happen (hello vehicles!).

So, nope. Ashbringer will definately 'never' come around. I'm still waiting for my Human Druid. n_n

Teen arrested for making suicide threat to a GM {WoW}

Jan 1st 2009 4:34PM As a gamer, it's embarrassing to see or hear a comment from someone like this, stating that 'the game is all I have to live for'.
Yes, WoW is addictive and fun, and is a nice little retreat for us to get away from the 'mundane' world at times, but letting your life decay around you to the point where this is the only source of happiness in your life... That's extremely sad.
Life may not always be glamourous or happy, but there are many reasons to live. Maybe not a singular, easily-indentifiable 'purpose' or reason to be happy, but found throughout the millions of 'little things' that keep us going.
I hope this kid learns that not only did he risk upsetting the lives of a real-life GM, but that he was using a form of internet bullying or intimidation to 'get what he wanted'. May his punishment serve him well and last as an example for others foolish enough to follow his mistakes.

Forum post of the day: You stay classy {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 2:35PM I still just want Blizzard to unlock forbidden race/class combinations, such as Gnome Healers and Orc Mages and such.
I'm hoping that whenever we get the Emerald Dream expansion that a form of Druid or similar hero class opens up to all races.

As for class balance, it kind of is balancing itself out right now in regards to Death Knights. There's now three plate wearing classes that all want the dps/tank sets. I now regularily hear people in recruitment channels requesting mail/leather wearing dps, so players themselves are creating restrictions to make their own in-game balance.