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Paragon releases heroic Ragnaros 25-man kill video {WoW}

Jul 28th 2011 12:22AM Sejta (the paragon bear tank) has been their main tank since WotLK days, and was the main tank on every single major kill for the last 2 years.

Gold Capped: Firelands panic sell-off {WoW}

Jun 30th 2011 5:11PM "As crafters start getting enough Marks of the World Tree, they can start buying patterns for ilvl378 gear. "

This is not true. The patterns are for ilvl 365 gear. The 378 crafting patterns are random drops from trash in Firelands. So in theory they'll be ready much earlier.

Shifting Perspectives: Mana wars, crowd control and patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 10th 2011 9:05PM "So this isn't really a nerf. Strength pieces aren't attractive before patch 4.2, and they'll be even less attractive afterwards."

It's not a big nerf to bears. It's a decent nerf to cats. You're forgetting the str/agi buff you get; between that and the raw strength, you're looking around a 700 AP hit.

Blizzard responds to feral druid Savage Defense concerns {WoW}

Apr 6th 2011 7:38PM Yeah, this still worries me.

While SD scales with vengeance, bears already routinely hit that cap and shield tanks are already outblocking bears. Looking forward this will only be more troublesome.

That being said, there's no reasonable expectation that the above is not an actual bug. This has been an issue with SD, and further testing has shown that the damage is not being absorbed properly; if you do a perfect 'death time' test and look at the logs you end up dying sooner than you would otherwise expect, meaning that not only are the logs inaccurate, they're inaccurate AND you're actually being hit for more. Testing in that threat shows this.

Shifting Perspectives: A history of feral weapons, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 5th 2011 10:41PM Aww. What a great trip.

I didn't play in Vanilla, so my loving memories are around Earthwarden, Wildfury and the strangelstaff. Oh, those great days of putting a small agi enchant on a giant mace because Mongoose didn't work for us - and then in the next expansion wishing we couldn't put mongoose on the thing because the enchants that did exist sucked for us. Sigh.

I miss having that iconic weapon. Oathbinder is awesome and looks good, Malevolence is fine, but they're not all that druidy and I certainly didn't covet them as much as I covet my old Earthwarden.

To me this feels a lot like tanking shields, which are now very easily craftable or obtainable. And i guess they should be - but at the same time, when you get those special items they mark you as Knowing Your Stuff. Back then it was a big deal to get that special shield or that amazing WGS because holy cow, did that make a difference in tanking. If a tank had a Bulwark or a WGS, you knew you were going to be okay if you were pugging it with them. If a bear had a badge of tenacity you were going to be okay too.

I know I was hugely frustrated (I never got a pillar of ferocity because I refused to take it due to how annoyed I was at it's itemization) but it took me forever to get a WGS. It would have been really lame to essentially not be able to tank future tiers because I didn't have 5000 armor from that weapon. But I still miss those iconic items and look fondly on those people with legendaries and think of that iconic value. The closest we get nowadays are things like Deathbringer's Will.

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 11:13AM First, I think you're underestimating the effectiveness of the hybrid-spec tank. I'd be interested in where you get 20% from; Tangedyn's spreadsheet has the default bear at 29.6k DTPS, and shifting all the dodge to mastery/crit bumps it up to 31.2k DTPS, a 5%ish increase. I'll give you 10%, but 20% is pushing things.

From the gear (which won't be reforged to dodge, most like, and either won't have things like the proper metagem or won't have things like the proper enchants or won't have proper CDs from trinkets), from the spec (losing 6% spell damage is a big deal, losing 20% slows is bigger), and from having ultimately to compromise on gear choices; you wouldn't and shouldn't get the best drops, giving them to other tanks or other DPS since they do that role more of the time, so your gear will be behind. It almost certainly will be behind the MT's gear unless your guild is very, very strange in loot policy.

DTPS on Tangedyn's spreadsheet only really accounts for raw physical damage which quite frankly is the least of the concerns - and I've yet to see a sim take into account the issue with multimob tanking and savage defense and damage intake. You'll still be exceptionally low on stamina compared with other tanks. Your avoidance and mastery will be higher, but again - only physical damage, and worse it's luck based. Over time you'll take less damage but it's still not nearly as reliable.

I guess, Alaron, that if you're agreeing with me that it's not that great on progression (my guild on heroics has hit the enrage timer on virtually every heroic encounter we've had on the first tries) and it's good for farm content, then we're on the same page. I don't really see a value in taking a spec that's good for farm content.

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 11:29AM The secondary problem is that the utility of being able to tank a boss for a while while the MT takes a dirt nap is essentially akin to losing a bad DPS and also reducing your tank's effectiveness by 20% or so. Yes, you could do that - I guess that's worse than a rez, but still useful - but how valuable is that to most people?

It's also not that valuable to guilds that are doing cutting-edge content or are more progression-oriented. Okay, so 90% of the time you're subpar DPS not pulling your weight relative to the rest of the group and are a liability to bring, but 10% of the time (and that's being generous) you might be able to save the day and tank long enough for us to hit the enrage timer and kill us all.

Feral DPS is already poor relative to other classes. Doing the two-in-one spec makes it even worse and makes you even more likely to be a detriment to your group.

Now, I do agree that for those who aren't as interested in progression, it's a great thing. However, in that case it means you will never, ever be the main tank. Ever. You will always be relegated to 'dps who can tank some time'. If that's what you want, that's fine; most ferals didn't sign up to be that, the tree isn't very supportive of that, and in the end you're choosing to take the role of 'okay offtank' when bears are horrible at tanking adds and do subpar burst threat - two things that are important to offtanking most of the time.

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 11:20AM The hybrid tax is a tax on those who can do two or more of the roles in the trinity at all (healer, dps, tank) and is to differentiate between those who can and those who can't (hunter, rogue, mage, warlock).

It is not a tax on being able to do tanking and DPS with the same spec.

And it's largely not around any more anyway. In a perfect world the 4 DPS only classes are going to be tops on the meters, but in practice this doesn't happen most of the time.

The reason ferals are down on DPS has nothing to do with a hybrid tax. Other class/specs that can dps and do something else are fine or even insane, and note that moonkin are utterly wrecking.

Raid Rx: What druid and shaman cooldowns would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 2:42PM That's much like saying that a druid tank doesn't need defensive cooldowns because they have battle res. Or that a moonkin doesn't need good AoE because they can go to cat and swipe.

The utility argument is great, but it sucks when you don't need that utility or you just can't do the job other people can because you've got so many other things going on (most of which are irrelevant). Yes, resto druids have battle res, resto shamans have mana tide. Holy paladins have lay on hands, and priests have brogrip. So what? The important part here is that some healers are better than others at actually doing the role they want to do, and the reason for that is a differential in cooldowns.

We saw the same thing with tanks last expansion: if tanks don't have parity in cooldowns then the tank with the best cooldown wins. We're seeing that more and more with healers - we saw it last expansion with stacking of holy paladins because of sac and aura mastery, and we're seeing it again.

That being said, please don't change barkskin to be castable on others. Having a personal defensive CD is really nice, but more importantly barkskin on a 1-minute CD is just ridiculously powerful when applied to any arbitrary tank. Don't do it. Give them a new ability.