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What the Raid Finder's success means for the future of accessible content {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2011 6:30AM I agree that the raid finder is a great tool when it comes to raid access for the time-constrained player. But I wonder a little bit about the effects on boss/encounter mechanics and gear progression:

1) I have to admit I have a hard time imagining how Rhyolith (steering mechanic), Shannox (debuff removal), and to a lesser degree Alysrazor (flying) could have been made raid finder friendly without completely trivializing the encounter. Looking at the dragon soul bosses, they are all about add switching and positioning and are therefore made rf-friendly by lowering damage and removing abilities. So if the raid finder is here to stay, will it have a limiting effect on encounter design?

2) The raid finder currently drops gear of an ilvl halfway between firelands normal and heroic gear. If we apply this backward, a hypothetical FL raid finder would have dropped ilvl 365 gear, i.e. that would have been *too low* for someone who gears up exclusively through the raid finder to access DS in this manner. Also, if we apply this backwards once more, subtracting another full tier (19 ilvl), we see that rf for the first cata raids would have dropped ilvl 346 gear and required ilvl 334 to access - pretty much removing any motivation for gearing up through heroic dungeons.
If we abstract from this, I'm worried we end up with one of two possible set-ups: either gearing up through the raid finder only is enough to access the next tier of raids through the raid finder, removing incentive to do heroic dungeons and similar and allowing regular raiders to overgear the raid finder so massively that the encounters become trivial (which is something we can see currently already), or players will be required to run heroics (of which there need to be enough supplied then), buy valor gear or do regular raids after all, helping far less with the time-constraints those players might face.

Cataclysm Post-Mortem: Uldum, page 2 {WoW}

Dec 12th 2011 7:12PM Ok, straight and simple: I don't get the outrage expressed about the Hitler reference at all.

Lest we forget:
- before the re-working there was a quest in STV in which one killed trolls for a goblin who wanted to turn their tusks into cheap jewelry - still my number 1 barbarous quest in WoW,
- in Tanaris we killed natives whose only crime was stealing water to survive,
- we've captured trolls for headhunters in Wrath, as well tortured someone,
- and of course there's the union busting connected to the van Cleefs,

but somehow running some errands for a cartoon nazi is outrageous?

Know Your Lore: The war begins {WoW}

Dec 1st 2011 3:32AM Indeed - I was wondering myself whether "diplomacy" was supposed to be newspeak for "backstabbing". And this would be a welcome lesson, I believe: if you wanna take on the horde, stand up to them and stay your course, backstabbing will get you killed.

Is it time to kill mana? {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 10:02AM "PvP balance in a purely active resource system would need to shift toward a denial-of-resources strategy, with interrupts and stuns/snares taking on even more importance, since a character who can't get their resource gain attacks off can't gather resources."

This is a tactic that currently works well against hunters w/melee having the opportunity of moving into and back out of the deadzone. Since the deadzone will go the way of the dodo w/5.0, I guess that's one more bit of support for "mana stays". :)

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 18 {WoW}

Feb 19th 2011 5:52AM Hmm, following the discussion over at elitistjerks, the Aimed nerf might in fact have more to do with the fact that during Careful Aim Aimed Shot basically crowded out everything else and in the rest of the fight was still on par with Chimera shot - which technically [b]is[/b] the 31-point talent :)

Scattered Shots: Hunting Halfus, Valiona, and Theralion {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 9:47AM Incidentally,
"During phase 2 when you're getting knocked down, you can't actually get a shot off in between knockdowns. Your Auto Shot, however, will fire between knockdowns."
is empirically not true. I've more than once managed to get kill shots or explosive shots off by spamming the hotkey.

Scattered Shots: Hunting Halfus, Valiona, and Theralion {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 9:46AM Yep, the sentence doesn't make any sense :)

Lichborne: How to use Mind Freeze and other death knight spell interrupts {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 3:53AM I hadn't thought about this before but I was wondering: what's the point of setting up a mouse-over macro for mind freeze?

Since it works in melee-range only, you're probably staring at a cluster-frak right in front of you anyway in which case it can be rather difficult to pick out a single target w/o accidentally hitting another. And if the target is at range, you'll have to stand with it anyway and in all likelihood have only one target anyway.

Now, I understand that this doesn't hold for Strangulate (and potentially an unholy's ghoul) but for mind freeze, I am really not convinced of this solution.

Ask Mr. Robot: What gear should you get? {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 1:22AM True, I was at 7.66% after that, so within those 0.5 percentage points. But especially in terms of interrupts, disspells etc, being below the cap is very undesirable, the way I understand it, so maybe the code can be altered to enforce reaching the hit cap even if it means slightly exceeding it.

Once I go for reaching the cap by ignoring one of the reforge suggestions, I end up at 8.03%, so the excess is truly minimal.

Lichborne: How to use Mind Freeze and other death knight spell interrupts {WoW}

Feb 9th 2011 1:29AM I have a few quibbles with this post.

For one, there's a certain misrepresentation of instances:

In Blackrock Caverns, the evolved zealots' Shadow strike is a high-priority interrupt.
Taking out the self-heal of the last mobs before the endboss in Grim Batol helps.
But mainly, the formulation "You can interrupt High Priestess Azil's Force Grip, but..." is an invitation for disaster. Earthshapers can be focussed or cced (and their AOE gets nerfed) but the combination of aggro-loss and unmitigatable damage of Force Grip makes wipes a distinct possibility.

Even more important imo are the instances that have not been mentioned:

Between Lady Naz'jar's Shock Blast, Erunak's Lava Bolt, the Tempest Witches' Chain lighning, and the Spiritmenders' heals, interrupting is bread and butter in this Throne of the Tides.
Also, in Lost City of the Tol'Vir, the endboss becomes much more manageable if the caster adds are reduced to punching bags by taking away their Chain Lightning.

Finally: especially the casts like Cursed Bullet are awesome practice for raid content, when one might be tasked with dealing with Shadow Nova or Aberration releases, those twitch-reflexes will come in very handy.