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Nihilum Arena wins CGS Championship {WoW}

Jul 20th 2008 4:30PM I don’t think the issue is with how the people on this team are physically built.

The humorous point is that the writers on this site, perhaps unknowingly, built up this guild so much over the past year only to find out that they’re young enough to be their kids.

It’s like WoWInsider is the 18 year adoring someone over AIM only to find out that that someone is the 12 year old everyone else in the school picks on.

I think there should be some embarrassment on the part of the writers for kissing the asses of a group of high school kids.

And, for the record, I realize that not everyone in the guild is a teeny-bopper. Just the faces now attached to the name.

And btw, Zach, I get you responding to the people on here attacking the players because of how they look; however, don’t criticize anyone for reading a WoW blog in their spare time. After all, you write for the damn thing. It makes you a hypocrite and self-loathing at that.

Besides, without the readers, where would any of you be? Would Schramm have ever made it into a television interview? Respect your audience.

You’re a decent writer, but insult your audience and watch us all give you the finger back, bub.

Blizzard artists join Laguna art school faculty {WoW}

May 25th 2008 6:35AM did u evr go to school? (See: I'm an under the bridge troll)

WoW Insider Show live tomorrow (with guest Veronica Belmont) {WoW}

May 24th 2008 8:39PM Hm.. I find it interesting that you replaced the original picture with a more flatterible one. Appealing to the teen libido to increase ratings... interesting. It might work but Hugh Hefner you are not.

Personally, I think it's a statement to your opinion of your readers. Basement dwelling single's podcast excitement hour! Tune in soon!

Reminder: The Wrath Alpha is not open to the public {WoW}

May 24th 2008 8:32PM Correction! It's! Just don't open it while playing WoW. You're liable to get whiplash from your ban.

Hey, since we now know Blizz monitors this site... let's ask ourselves... and Joystiq, you conglomerate peoples you, why is it wowinsider is not a recognized fansite?

Rehash other people's content much?

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Are we barbarians? {WoW}

May 24th 2008 8:27PM Tamral, where are thee?

The only person to make a WoW blogger like Rossi legimately be proven witless?

I like Rossi, but hell, it's good to see the drama brought with informational reinforcement.

Tear em down! Or did they ban you?

Rossi, nothing personal. You should be site lead. Drama is fun while at work.

Reminder: The Wrath Alpha is not open to the public {WoW}

May 24th 2008 8:23PM They assume we are the least common denominator because, let's face it, 10 million people and how many can be astronauts?

Besides, Alex has proven that he believes he's better than the rest of us before.

He has this job in between raids, and we haven't seen him on Meet the Bloggers, because what is there to meet we haven't already met?

I'll read you stuff, Alex. I'll read it because it's that or read something from that has been reiterated a hundred times. Frankly, amusing myself by watching you stroke some invisible epeen is non-erotic and amusing at the same time.

We laugh at you because all of us have known someone like you at some point in our lives. The school band nerd graduates and becomes the self-popular game freak. Yay.

That's a little mean, I'm sorry.

Blizzard artists join Laguna art school faculty {WoW}

May 24th 2008 8:17PM Yeah, it's nice to have big industry people to help out and give
people something to aspire to. Let's be honest though, most people
don't know who the hell Blizzard is, let alone want to work for them.

We WoW players are the minority looked down upon by the majority of
people, even other gamers. And you know what? Other than Blizzard
Fanboi's, most people think we're sucking at the biggest teet around
for liking the stylized graphics in wow. After all, WoW offers
NOTHING other games, even if spread out, do not and do better.

Hell... I like WoW. It's simple and it would run well even on my
older, and now replaced, laptop. That's what makes WoW big. They
sacrifice. They give up quality for playability. I don't know if this
is a bad thing exactly but MMO's strive for immersion.

Any game with a half assed story and better graphics puts wow to
shame. Wow's "kill 10 boars and return to me" mentality is seriously
lame and *will* be a detriment at some point. It's not Blizzard's
fault that most of their other rival games have fucked up in some big
way, but it *will* be their fault that they eventually bite the dust.
Their drug dealer customer support plan will come to bite them

And, for all who feel the need to respond with some cliche response
for Blizzard, understand this: they took what others did, improved
upon it, and got complacent in their position on top. It *will* screw
them. I like their game but it's a pain in the ass in a lot of ways.
If you say otherwise you either a) are a DPS spoiled newbie; or, b)
are an apologist. Assholes throughout time have had apologists. The
quality of any centralized figure means absolutely nothing if they
are widely enough known.

Compare Blizz to any other popular company and give me relevant
reasons why they are better. For anything you say there is a counter
argument. Therefore, you fanboi's mean nothing and are doomed to sink
with the ship. Blizzard is not immune to failure, regardless of the
player base. This is a business and we are the sheep to their herder.
Sheep move to greener pastures. Despite playerbase, we will move on at
some point and look back at how damn shitty this game was, in part,
how great it was in others, have nostalgia, but ultimately, never be
able to regain the feeling of compassion our empassioned selves hold
for it.

Disagree if you will, all it means is that you play too much to
realize the reality of the situation. Get some fucking sunshine. Am I
wrong? If so, prove it, otherwise, suck the damn corporate tit and why
don't you bank with Wamu, M&T, or B of A while you're at it? If you do
business with any of them, you're too oblivious to talk about
anything, so STFU you corporate apologist, illegal alien supporting,

It's a known fact those companies allow illegal aliens to bank in the
US (read: all the damned protests; google). If you see Blizzard as
some godsend to gaming, you're poorly disillusioned and bound to
leave the industry. Good riddens, I say.

In short, get disillusioned or accept failure and betrayal. Blizzard is a corporate conglomarate, no different from any other company who outsources their workers to India, except they get American douchebags to do the job for them. I love this game but I'm realistic. WoW is a fad. Get it or feel lost when it's gone. They're too big to encounter a "WoW Killer" but they will fall to "wow killers." Mike Schramm, come tell me I'm wrong, because this game got you on TV. Badger, you too because this site recognized you for one errant post and now you're entitled to be an authority on *everything* they post. To hell you at least you disillusioned two. Badger has more skill than most writers you have, especially fucking Moo... dumbass, irresponsible, neglectful much? Hire badger so we can at least criticize someone who knows not to post bukkake BS on a fucking kids site.

To everyone else, as I'm sure some will see this last paragraph, see this for what is is. The college kids are lucky but I'm sure Blizz feels real nice know people like the bloggers on this site will support, or at least publicize, everything they do because they indirectly pay their bills. Recently, they've shown themselves to be lackies to Blizzard's whim. And why? Because, hell, AOL the corporate conglomarate and all the blogger's boss says so. Independent jounalism my ass. I read because Meta-gaming is entertaining while at work but, fellow meta-gamers, don't be disillusioned to think that anything you read on here is anything less than self-serving rabble.

For reference, see "The Care and Feeding of Warriors" several colums ago. Rossi has the most talent out of anyone they have writing on here and he got completely wiped across the floor by commentor Tamral. Rossi, why not make a post to prove him wrong or concede your own error? You're an entertaining writer but is there not responsibility on your part to serve the loyal reader?

Read this and reply, if you think you can prove me wrong. Read half and go to hell, because you're the common reader and worthy of neglect. /spit.

Forum menus tweaked, cleaner and easier to browse {WoW}

May 15th 2008 2:55PM The forums were changed a couple weeks ago. You've linked to them many times since.

This just goes to show that you're behind the times when you do your own reporting. Check out LJ, maybe they have something you all can rehash.

BTW Mike, they should replace you with Rossi. He can write interesting articles on fairly boring topics. Yours are short, generally irrelevant, little blurbs that mostly inform the readers on nothing.

WoW Moviewatch: Kake Buk Island, Episode 1 {WoW}

May 10th 2008 4:42PM Yes Moo, I pointed it out. However, as the author, it’s your job to think of the audience you’re broadcasting (writing) to. You post something with such a heavy innuendo without any forethought to people MAYBE running with it. It was irresponsible. I trolled. Yep, but you know what? You were asking for it. Next time you post, maybe you’ll do your job and think ahead, eh? I’m not responsible for anything here. You are.

WoW Moviewatch: Kake Buk Island, Episode 1 {WoW}

May 10th 2008 12:10PM Do you realize how much of an innuendo that title is? Kake Buk? Switch the words around then put them together to make one. Now type that word into google's image search. Fun stuff, eh? :-P

I bet Soosdon snickered.