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Mortgage the house! Audi announces U.S. RS 4 pricing {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 14th 2006 12:51AM "35. Hmmm, for 10 grand more I get...

2 More doors
A world renown V8 (with 87 more HP)
A legendary AWD system
An award winning interior

oh, and I wouldn't have to feel like a douche' bag driving around town in a Beemer.

Yes, Please."

10 grand more? If you're referring to the current M3, you need to add another 10 to that figure: the M3 starts at $49k. Even with decent options, an M3 will still arrive for $15k less than that RS4. And don't forget that every Audi dealership between California and New York will be asking for a significant premium on that car.

And the fact that BMW just won CotY with the new 3-Series means the new M3 will definitely give this car a run for it's money, and I'd be willing to bet that even the new M3 will end up being at least $10 grand less than the RS4.

A world renowned V8? How about a world renowned inline 6? I guess you forgot about the awards the M3's S54 has won.

About the only amazing part about this car is the fact that it has 420hp paired with an AWD system.

It's also nice to listen to you talk about "feeling like a douchebag" for driving a BMW, but it points to your excessive "fanboy" attitude towards Audi. It's one thing to love Audi and enjoy the cars they make... It's another thing to make idiotic statements like this. Brian, please make a reasonable argument and don't insult other brands... It makes everyone take your statements with a grain (or pound, in this case) of salt.