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Officers' Quarters: When members vanish {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 3:08PM In my experience, it's always better to leave everything on the table when you gquit. Watching people disappear from a guild for no reason at all, or with a cop-out response like "I need a change of scenery," is frustrating and opens the door to misinterpretation and drama, moreso than if somebody plays it straight and says "I want to progress in raiding" or "I don't like how the GM handled situation X."

Maybe it's less polite and/or politik, but it leaves no room for the drama queens in a guild (who, IMO, are the real reason that gquits can be dicey situations) to misconstrue, interpret, and hyperbolize a divergence of interests into a world-ending drama bomb.

A guide to instances {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 2:40PM "inc" is what we always used in FPS games when somebody was incoming to capture the flag, thus "inc scout bridge" in Team Fortress, or even "inc druid tunnel" in WSG. I'd be willing to bet who uses what depends on their gaming background.

Do summoning stones need neutral guards? {WoW}

Dec 26th 2007 2:55PM I play on an RP-PvP server, and while, yes, it's a PITA when some especially contentious Horde guild or three have partial raids parked outside of Kara, you learn how to deal with it. Rezzing in a good place, waiting for a distraction, etc... When it's players of equivalent levels, it's at least manageable.

The wanton ganking of lowbies is another story. When my alt spends half of his time in Stranglethorn Vale corpserunning after some 70 huntard/rogue/pally with nothing better to do (go outside, for Chrissake! The sun misses you) randomly one-shots him, they're just plain griefing.

Breakfast Topic: Best wipe ever {WoW}

Dec 20th 2007 8:43AM We had that exact bug a few weeks ago; we were recovering from a wipe of Shade of Aran when suddenly a horde of spell shades descended on the group in the room right before Shade. We wiped again, needless to say. My favorite wipe ever, though, was right before the final boss in Gnomeragan, with those awful Gnomish Alarm Bots. Invariably my group would be slow on taking one down, and the spawned group would pull other groups, which would pull other groups, and so on... in a few seconds every trash mob between us and the final boss was attacking us. We called it the getting hit by the "Gnome Train."

We don't need your officer chat, we don't need your guild control {WoW}

Nov 17th 2007 1:56AM I've not seen it done in WoW, but one of the most stable, successful, and long-lasting FPS clans I've ever encountered used a similar system. We had one guy who was nominally "in charge," but we elected that person every six months, and all major decision were put to a vote. It wouldn't have worked, though, if we had recruited traditionally. Instead of going on skills or ability, recruited based on personality and behavior (if you couldn't stand being the butt of a joke now and again in this group, you were pretty much doomed to hate it) and let everybody in the clan vote on new applicants. Before long there were 80 or 90 of us, we all had fun, and what-do-you-know we were also a top-ten competitor in our game. It's been five or six years since the thing was founded, and the game we played died out a couple of years ago, but we all still chat and hang out on the old website. We call it Viral Banzai; you just can't get that kind of esprit-de-corps out of your system. (Team Banzai was the name of the clan... kudos if you catch the reference.)

I don't see why the same thing couldn't work in WoW... if you were cautious about who you recruited. Hierarchical systems do a good job of keeping useful jackasses in line and harnessing their skills without letting them run amok, but if you recruited a group of laid-back players with a sense of humor and no big egos, and provided enough interaction (whether in-game or via forums) to keep people of different levels or interests from getting overly cliquey, people could mesh enough to keep the guild going without a formal rank system.

Mage buffs on the horizon {WoW}

Nov 7th 2007 9:26PM Oh boy! Can I start calling it Skillblock now?

Women in raids {WoW}

Oct 30th 2007 1:46AM I've been surprised at how many women I've encountered in raiding guilds during my time playing WoW. This is a game that has its roots in a culture dominated by romantically-frustrated ubergeeks, and for a long time the operating principle for relationships, if you didn't want to get burned, was that "there are no girls on the Internet." A lot of these aforementioned romantically-challenged males are suddenly encountering not just girls, but girls who share common geeky interests, and the wheels of fantasy start churning. Before too long, they've convinced themselves that it's a match made in heaven, and it's there for the taking, and so of course any signals from the woman he's set on will get misconstrued and over-emphasized. Especially for testosterone-drenched teenage guys, it's a recipe for disaster.

Now I'm not saying "no gurlz allowed!1" Heck, my current GM is a woman, and before that I followed somebody who could best be called a "guild mom" through the breakup of one raiding guild and a merger into another. I am just of the opinion that a lot of guys, before they hit 20 or so, just aren't mature enough and/or far enough past puberty, to think rationally about their relationships with female guildies. I know I sure as heck wouldn't have been. So there needs to be a lot of caution on all sides, guys, girls, and guild leadership, on how people interact with guildmates of the opposite sex (how a statement could be misread, not reading too heavily into things), and who joins the guild (can a prospective member handle raiding with women, or could the existing members handle the same if it's a woman wanting to join? If not, they shouldn't be recruited).

When did you first understand your role? {WoW}

Oct 4th 2007 11:27PM I leveled basically from 1-60 and almost into early endgame content with a group of RL friends. We just happened to hit on a pretty good mix for dungeon runs, and just kind of operated organically. I knew that as a mage I could put major hurt on things, but the nuances of the class, the importance of mana efficiency, threat management, etc. never really were impressed on me until we hooked up with a raiding guild and suddenly we couldn't just anticipate what the rest of the group would do.

Every now and again we'll get together for a few 5-mans and rock out. it's so much fun because we can basically just roll through without strategizing communicating much, or even thinking terribly hard. Everybody just knows what to do. I think SM was where things started to coalesce into more concrete roles, but even up into BRD if our warrior was in over his head, I could mage-tank a couple mobs off him and then iceblock once I was really in trouble, and our priest wouldn't bat an eyelid about it. He'd just throw a couple heals my way and keep going.

The flipside, of course, is that raids don't work that way. All of a sudden specs, casting rotations, and threat generation mattered in very specific ways that they never had before. Since it was still about pumping out as much damage as possible, I adjusted fairly well, but it took some getting used to to have to monitor all those things instead of just rolling with it.

Another man dies after three day gaming binge {WoW}

Sep 18th 2007 3:18PM I've heard stories of the same thing happening to architecture students who stayed up in studio... but in those cases they usually went for a week or more with out sleep before kicking the bucket. The guy probably had at least some contributing health issue. That said, the gene pool is better for the loss, no doubt...

Breakfast Topic: Best way out of a bad group {WoW}

Sep 15th 2007 2:11PM If it's a really God-awful group, I'll stick around until I see a couple other people start to get demoralized and then suggest that we call it. You'd be surprised how often that works. Doesn't get you out of a bad party RIGHT! NOW! but doesn't step on any toes either.

Oftentimes, though, it's pretty easy to tell who's holding the group back, and a few tells to the party leader can get them replaced so the party can move forward.