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The Colosseum: Salinelol, shadow priest of Illidan {WoW}

Apr 28th 2010 12:55AM You don't win by making it hard to win. You win by applying your strengths to your opponents weaknesses, and by keeping them from doing the same to you.

EVERY team above 2200 is going to be an OP comp. Even the ones that appear to be "off mainstream" are there because somebody has figured out how their advantages can be maximized to the point of OPness.

This guy has beaten every team imaginable including all the other Shadowshatter teams on Rampage. That is an achievement that can't be ignored. He did that by ruthlessly pursuing every possible advantage: PVE gear, Teammates, Spec, and the ego crushing necessity of admitting failure in order to improve.

If you aren't doing that then you aren't playing to win.
If you aren't playing to win, then why are you playing at all?

Read this and get better.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Impact on PvP, part 4 {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 12:48AM And by the way, the healing changes are going to suck. Healing BGs is already horrible, and resilience not reducing crit chance is just going to make spike damage obscene.

Healing will be harder? It's already ridiculous.

Yeah and the Shaman changes? I'm going Elemental instead of Resto in Cataclysm. "KILL THE HEALER" is about as much as an average BG player can understand, but doesn't really have the coordination to pull off. That will be different in Cataclysm with whole teams coordinating to get kills. That, plus lack of real line of sight obstacles in BGs means good positioning is mostly useless. If you get focused, and have no mitigation, you will die. Resto Shaman has the least mitigation of any healer...

BRB. Rerolling Druid.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Impact on PvP, part 4 {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 12:37AM I'm afraid you are being optimistic about rated battlegrounds providing a niche for the "off spec" player. There is always an optimal composition and an optimal spec for battlegrounds as well as arena groups. The Arenajunkies will figure out what that is, and we will see cookie cutter WSG groups within 6 weeks of Cataclysms release. If you plan to be in one of those groups, and you will NEED to be in order to get the gear, you will conform.

In fact you will probably be under even more pressure to conform because you will have to queue with more people. The premade leaders will have at least as much selection pressure as they do now, and more people to answer to.

Masthead Studios discusses Earthrise economy {Massively}

Jan 20th 2010 1:04AM Time is money. Right? As long as my time per hour at my job provides an amount of currency greater than that hour spent within game there will be a gap that the market will move to fill. By creating artificial barriers to that market, you don't decrease that market, you simply increase the profit of those who manage to get a product to that market.

I hope that they have the sense to take the EVE solution.

Korea rules that virtual currencies can be exchanged for real money {Massively}

Jan 15th 2010 12:58AM This is actually pretty awesome. People still seem to have the idea that there is a difference between "real money" and "virtual" money when in fact the only difference between them is what market they are allowed to operate in.

ALL money is virtual, and only has relative value. The second somebody with more time than money offered to sell gold for dollars "in game" currency effectively became "real world" currency.

World of Warcraft gold is probably worth more than whatever the Hatians pass off as currency. It's probably worth more than a lot of countries official currency. The South Koreans are just the first people to acknowledge this fact.

One Shots: Necrosteampunkanomicon {Massively}

Jan 1st 2010 3:06AM The game is "wowlike" in pretty much the best way possible. It takes the art style, the controls, and the factions. After that it pretty much throws it all out the window for something that feels very different. I've played a couple of classes so far, and each of them feels very different than anything I've played in any other game. This one has real potential.

Aion 1.5.1 patch additions receive an overwhelming "Meh" {Massively}

Nov 10th 2009 12:37AM There are so many differences between the way games are played over in the Asia markets and the NA/EU ones that exporting a game like this becomes almost impossible without massive alteration in the mechanics themselves.

Example: In most Asian countries game time is bought by the minute. This gives developers a strong incentive to make players spend a lot of time playing. Thus the grind.

The grind isn't fun, so they have to find a way to automate it. So they add in a macro system that requires no user intervention once a macro is activated. These macros only work if you add in things like auto-range closing and auto-facing.

Add all that in, and it becomes absurdly easy to bot. I'm no programmer and I could probably write a bot for Aion.

Asians also don't seem to be under the delusion that there is a difference between "real" currency and game currency. Honestly... is there any difference between building a cabinet and power leveling a toon for sale? I suspect that WOW Gold is probably more valuable that some third world "real" currency.

I used to kind of scoff when people said things like "just another Korean grinder" but becoming more familiar with Aion has made me see what they mean. I'm going to continue to play Aion because I kind of enjoy this style game, and it turns out I'm good at it. However, I can see how frustrating it could be for somebody used to a more linear style of gameplay.

Priest Q&A Released {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 12:09AM The problem with Dispersion (at least in PVP) is that people are using it wrong, and the silence duration is uncontrolled. The second problem can be fixed using the following macro

#showtooltip Dispersion
/cancelaura Dispersion
/cast Dispersion

First button push casts, second removes.

The first problem is harder, probably because the automatic assumption is that its our "oh shit" button, when its really not. The best uses I've found for it are as counters to things we can't do anything about. IE: Kidney Shot, AntiMagic Shield, BladeStorm, Deep Freeze. Use it as a counter to a cooldown, and you will be in much better shape than if you wait till you are nearly dead, because every Shadow Priest knows by now that it isn't going to save you.

Blizzard to focus on battlegrounds more {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 1:27AM Quite frankly, I think that PVE as a whole, should take a back shelf to PVP.

3 paragraphs of selfish reason, selfish justification, rationalization, ultimately indicating that I prefer PVP.

Blizzard to focus on battlegrounds more {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 12:54AM Sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet, but well done.