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SWTOR Overview part 2 {Massively}

Oct 28th 2008 3:18AM I just hope that Bioware keeps the hardcore fans in mind. I understand that they need to make money and as such they need to make a game that is playable by people who have never seen/read starwars. However if they veer too far from that course they will lose a lot of the hardcore fans (including myself)

Who else wants a movie or a game based in the New Jedi Order era? Yuuzhan Vong ftw! I am personally getting really, really, really sick of this prequel, clone wars bull. Watching the movies and reading the novels, I always looked at the clone wars as one of the darkest times since the sith wars, and lucas absolutely disappointed me with the prequel films

SWTOR Overview part 2 {Massively}

Oct 28th 2008 3:13AM I loved GW. I played it for two years until my guild fell apart and I switched to WoW. The big, big difference I felt in WoW over GW was the story lines. In GW everything is instanced and you are almost forced at times to pay attention with what's going on in the game, where WoW I felt the story had taken a back seat to leveling/gearing up.

I'm a massive, massive fan of the Star Wars universe (though mostly the post-movies storylines over the pre-movies) and being such a huge fan, the story element and sticking to cannon will be a huge factor in whether I play this game at all, let alone subscribe for any length of time. I loved KotOR, they stuck to cannon really well and didn't overplay the jedi thing. This is a huge concern for a lot of people, however if they stick to cannon it wont be a problem. Every says "there were a TON of jedi in the old republic, so if anyone wants to be a jedi they can" but really, there weren't a lot of jedi, just more than they were post-vader. There were maybe 10-15 thousand jedi in the entire galaxy during the old republic regime, which may sound like a lot, but in reality, there are trillions, and trillions of people in the galaxy, the jedi are around .0001% of that. I don't think any players shoudl be jedi (however much everyone, including myself, wants it) they should be more like a faction that we do quests for, help out, etc...

WoW Mom! An interview with the newest newbie on the block {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 9:20AM Wow, I wish my mom would play WoW. Having said that, I think that getting family members involved in WoW is a great idea. I can see it being a problem in a hardcore raiding guild, but to just have fun and spend time with family you may or may not see on a regular basis is great. I've tried on multiple occassions to get both my mom and my sister to play video games with me, neither are very interested (though I did recently get them into Guitar Hero).

As for advice, I'm a relative noob to World of Warcraft too, having got the game for christmas, and all I can say is be patient. I came from playing other MMOs where I was end game and well geared, and then coming in fresh to a game where the majority of the player population has been endgame for over a year or possibly multiple years is tough. I have almost 250 hours on my first character and I'm level 53. It'll just take you a long time to get to endgame. But don't forget to read the quests as you get them, Blizzard did an amazing job of including lots of lore and comedy into the quests, and thats one of the main reasons I've enjoyed leveling in a new MMO that I am sadly very behind in.

Breakfast Topic: Instance for sale {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 12:07PM I played GW for a couple of years before I came to WoW. And the advantage of an entirely instanced game was that Mercenaries and Runners were legitimate professions. I made some sweet money running people to towns and through missions because when everything is instanced and your group pulls with you when you enter a new zone its possible to do that. In WoW the only possibilities of that are running dungeons, which I would really like to get into when I hit 70.

I agree that everyone should run through the instance themselves at least once, I am doing that as I level, only getting run through instances i've already done myself and perhaps didnt get the drop i wanted. But you have to remember with 10 million people playing, everyone has different goals, but we are all paying the same monthly fee and however people want to spend their IG gold is completely up to them.

CNN on WoW addiction {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 9:30PM see, thats the kind of story that CNN should be showing, not the deadbeat losers who do spend 16 hours a day playing wow from their parent's basement. The vast majority of players don't have a problem. Admittedly, i've been called a noob and a casual player for playing 3-4 hours a night, and 7-8 a day on the weekends which is a little sad... but I just got the game for christmas 2007, and I have almost 2 weeks of play time (14 days)

Joyswag: 10 invites to the Call of Duty 4 Beta {Joystiq}

Sep 17th 2007 8:40PM Call of Duty 4: oooo, pretty guns