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Joyswag: All games from Direct2Drive 'Spring Sale' [update] {Joystiq}

May 6th 2010 8:24PM Legion is the greatest.

Announcing the third annual BlizzCon Meetup {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 3:41PM Oh hell ya. I am totally going this year. Last year I was stuck in the VIP line for over an hour getting my ticket. I call Dibs on getting The T drunk and taking him back to my hotel room which should be easy because it's his room as well :P

TurpsterVision: FigurePrints review {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2009 6:34PM Back off my man!

WoW Insider Show live this afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern {WoW}

Apr 18th 2009 1:13PM Not Duncor. I though we got rid of him.

Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 11:03PM My rogue would never be silly enough to fight a pally but maybe her boobs will give her the advantage.

Death Grip wormhole is a bad, bad thing {WoW}

Feb 9th 2009 8:39PM So that is what happened to me. I was doing the quest "Break the Blockade" and a Horde DK landed on the zeppelin and the next thing I knew I was flying away. After a few minutes I died like I walked of the edge of Outland. I'll have to report it next time.

Joyswag regift giveaway: Fable 2 Limited Edition {Joystiq}

Jan 2nd 2009 4:25AM For what it is I'm sure it's fun

TurpsterVision - Weapon of Choice {Massively}

Dec 21st 2008 2:20AM You Stole My Hair Cut!

WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon {WoW}

Dec 13th 2008 7:29PM Everyone know the real reason you left is because of your undying man love for me and that you just could not stand to be near me anymore because it hurt so much.