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5 stupid-awesome uses for a Potion of Illusion {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 2:20PM Five of us did this on the SW bridge. One person turned into an herb and the rest of us followed. We used it as a "Caption This" contest.

Then, we went to a BG and turned into one of our dwarf priests. After that, we called one of our horde friends, a tauren warrior, out onto the Tol'B bridge and all turned into copies of him. As Horde currently owned Tol'B at the time, quite a few horde were going into the BG to do the dailies. I didn't think you could fall off the bridge there, but several people did just that as they ran by and then swung around for another look.

One person in my guild loves to quaff a potion to look just like me. It's pretty funny in raids or if she's headed to another city than me. People will ask her something thinking it's me. Thankfully, she's an officer and can help them.

Does Garrosh Hellscream deserve to die? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 3:40PM There is a great story of a possible "why" one would like Garrosh offed. A guild member linked it in our web site chat but I can't find the link. Essentially, during the siege of Theramore, Garrosh makes a phenomenal blunder. In order to protect the horde, he has to accept an alliance proposed when he became warchief. It is an exceptionally well-written short story and would provide a possible scenario for why he should be either removed or eliminated.

I've never liked him but what's happening here is Blizzard getting us invested in the story, what may or may not play out. We are all excited, angry, frustrated, aghast, horrified, intrigued and add any other adjective you would like over this announcement.

Bravo Blizzard. I applaud you for a very creative way to drum up interest in the upcoming expansion. I want to know what happens. I will be there.

The OverAchiever: 3 things that should be achievements but aren't {WoW}

Mar 16th 2012 4:08PM Loved the Healthstones one.

How about an achievement for simply using it 250 times. I can't tell you the number of times I get one and then, 4 hours later, after PvP, a raid and a couple of Heroics go, "oh yeah. I got a healthstone at the beginning of the night..."

Guilds recruiting this week {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 3:43PM /wave Hi Wolfpack!

Spectacular Death - Alliance-Llane

They kill us and we kill them in PvP. Hope to see some of you at the 3rd Annual End of Winter Bash.

The Queue: Somebody buy me an iPad {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 11:57AM I've read through all the information on the SoR, but cannot find an end date for the promotion. I thought I read where this was a 90 day trial. Has an end for the promotion been announced? I have a friend interested but her work schedule won't calm down until after April 17th. Will that be too late?

The Queue: Somebody buy me an iPad {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 11:50AM The ways you mention are ways people in my guild use bank alts. I have a personal alt that I use for storage and for AH sales. If I'm soloing, say Shadow Labs for Murmur's pole arm, I don't want my main to have to sort through all the drops. I send them to the bank alt for sales. If what I put up undercuts a guild member, well, I'm sorry, but the AH can be cutthroat on certain commodities.

Many people turn the bank alt into another guild simply for storage. Before my guild got the 8th bank tab, we used two guilds for storing items we didn't have room for. When we're doing a guild event or gunning for the last few achievements we don't have that require a lot of materials, we use these ancillary guilds as storage. People donate cloth which gets stored off-site. When MoP comes out, whatever are the high end mats will be stored off-site until they are no longer rare to prevent the temptation to take from the bank and sell in the AH.

I think a bank alt is what you want it to be. If you need additional storage, it's a level 1 guild. If you need it to be your AH mule, that's what it is.

How do you keep your guild busy during the pre-expansion lull? {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 1:53PM I don't have enough time for everything I want the guild to accomplish and do. We are working our way slowly through content and doing our regular Classic, BC and Wrath raids. We have a guild member designed "Ironlite" challenge going on. We're attacking the Whale Shark for those who've never had the terror of seeing him charge. We have our 3rd Annual End of Winter Bash, which is server wide and PvP. We're working on the last remaining profession achievements. There's so much to do.

I like the flamingo idea. We may have to do something with that.

The Queue: NO {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 12:31PM This Ironman challenge has excited one of the guys in my guild who has modified it just a bit. All toons must be in the guild. It's causing some problems because a number of people want to do it but don't have available character slots, like me. (*cough, cough. Blizzard? Are you taking notes here? Moar slots please!!!!! Readies sharp poking stick.)

All deaths must be announced; level, cause AND screenshot. We're going to make a gallery of Ironlite deaths.

After dying, you can continue to play that character, but you're out of the competition.

Heirlooms, enchants, potions, etc are all allowed. Talents, specializations and glyphs are allowed. Essentially do everything normally, but don’t die!

Multiboxing and having help from a higher level character is discouraged. After all, this is to see just how far you can go without dying.

Completed level appropriate (XP generating) 5-man dungeons and Raids score virtual bonus points (are you brave enough?)

Winning a Battleground (are you seriously delusional!?) will garner you extreme bragging rights.

Picking flowers and mining rocks are acceptable to gain XP – but watch out for thorns and sharp picks…

And lastly, there will be Wakes held for fallen Ironlite contestants at an appropriate venue of the deceased’s choosing.

So far, 3 people in the guild have signed up. We're working on a how best to present this so we can have weekly updates.

As to Grovino's original question, the comments are that some think a warrior/paladin/dk/hunter stand the best shots at survivability. Others are going for the challenge of keeping a clothie alive. Some are just going to level a toon as far as they can go and when it dies, come back as a different race class just to see.

WoW Moviewatch: Lament of Captain Placeholder {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 10:57PM This was my first exposure to Cranius and Legs' work. It's always been my favorite. I never had the Placeholder experience, but I keep hoping that somewhere, Blizzard will put him back if for no other reason than to just be there.

Tipster unearths treasure chest of classic WoW raiding memories {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 2:48PM This video is incredible.

/salute Order of Watchers.