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Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One broadcasts opening cinematic {Joystiq}

Oct 19th 2011 10:03AM @BtheCarp I had the opposite problem. My daughter started it on her account first so it was already installed. I started it on my account and it started playing and cut off in the middle of talking.

I'm mixed on this game so far. I'm a little disappointed in that it just kinda threw you into it. I tried a couple online games and they were starting in the middle of one of those 'help the critter across the screen' and I had no idea what was going on probably much to the frustration of the people I started with.

I switched over to single player and it started on apparently a higher level. I hit the first 'gun upgrade' thing and it played every gun upgrade film non-stop until it apparently showed me all of them. It was funny at first but after the fifth one it wouldn't let me stop and kept going and going. I finally realized I'd somehow picked a higher starting level and switched to what appeared to be the first one as it had more pop up help and what not.

Sony removes 2500 'names and partial addresses' from exposed Sony website [Update: Not PSN related!] {Joystiq}

May 7th 2011 10:33AM @pasta SteamXBL pastapappie you do know that the whole reason companies do sweepstakes and register for things is to get your name and information to keep forever to spam you for other stuff they want you to buy?

they'd never throw that away.

Vapor iPhone case review and giveaway {}

Aug 26th 2010 11:17AM The blue looks great for me.

LittleBigPlanet 2 grabs onto Nov. 16 release date; Collector's Edition and pre-order bonuses detailed {Joystiq}

Jul 23rd 2010 12:51PM @linebeginstoblur

preorder button pushed.

My kids squealed at seeing the Sackboy doll. I gotta find another one or there is going to be a huge fight when that arrives.

Tron. Heh. Sweet.

Clearwire ships Spot 4G and Spot 4G+ WiMAX portable hotspots {Engadget}

Jul 7th 2010 10:51PM @darthgault I just got my spot. I'm getting a whopping 0.46Mb/s

Going to go near RTP but in Wake Forest where I was supposed to have 'good' signal I have three bars & slow as hell net.

Latency is awful too. >500ms.

TWC rebadges Sprint Overdrive, offers it as IntelliGo mobile 3G / 4G hotspot {Engadget}

Jul 7th 2010 7:38PM The clear version while cute & an awesome idea the performance is horrible and not what advertised.

I've run mutliple speed tests since it came in the mail and my best Download Mbps is 0.80kbs. My average running Speedtest from a browser or an iPad is 0.45 MBps down, 56.2 KB/s up.

That's a huge far cry from 6MB Down, and medicore for 1MB/up it advertises.

This is at the house. Tomorrow I'll take it where I wanted to use it while mobile the most and if things don't improve it's not near worth the $60 a month or so I'm being charged for it. The home modem is definitely going back regardless. The latency is an order of magnitude faster than my DSL connection, too much for my taste. Browsing shouldn't paint like i'm on dialup again.

Reader reports: iPhone 4 shipping notifications {}

Jun 20th 2010 12:21PM in transit to HK.

iTunes 9.2 now available in Software Update {}

Jun 16th 2010 5:44PM Am I the only one who when going to the download page is not presented with a way to download it? Just empty white space under the "Download iTUnes Now' column.

iPhone 4's retina display claim put under the math microscope {Engadget}

Jun 10th 2010 4:13PM He should have said that you could no longer tell that images were faked because you can't see the pixels.

iPhone 4: are you getting one? {Engadget}

Jun 7th 2010 6:38PM Time to retire the first generation iPhone 8GB I paid $599 for.