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Cataclysm hotfixes for Dec. 15 {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 11:48AM 'Obisidum Ore now spawns slightly less frequently in Mount Hyjal'

It spawned in Mount Hyjal in the first place? News to me...

Seriously though, why would they do this?

Insider Trader: Jewelcrafting in the first week of Cataclysm {WoW}

Dec 13th 2010 5:52PM Problem is most of us are cutting greens to level, and the blues are what you're gonna want for heroics/raids, at least till the epics are out.

Cataclysm Beta: Entering Deepholm {WoW}

Jul 15th 2010 5:25PM Dunno if its a bug in the dialog or what, but the guy on the back of the bird says that Deepholm will collapse in to Azeroth.

Also, I thought where deathwing broke through (as was reported elsewhere) was somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms? Never has it been said that the Maelstrom led to Deepholme.


Shifting Perspectives: The forest and the trees {WoW}

Apr 13th 2010 6:30PM This is the best written article this site has had in a long time.


Marry Me.


Star Trek Online head start begins {Massively}

Jan 29th 2010 1:18PM Jesus Christ people, the head start has been open for EIGHTEEN WHOLE MINUTES. Have NONE of you been around for ANY MMO LAUNCH EVER?

Chill out.

More Age of Conan subscription incentives coming {Massively}

Oct 29th 2009 6:31PM Uh, WoW doesn't have player housing. Never has. L2comprehend before you comment.

BlizzCon 2009: A look at the BlizzCon store {WoW}

Aug 25th 2009 6:39PM Can we see more pictures of the pins please? I'm not sure there were enough!

Patch 3.2 PTR patch notes {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 3:24PM Holy crap, you're right. My apologies. Wow...Molten Core here we come!

Patch 3.2 PTR patch notes {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 3:10PM These changes will only affect experience gain in battlegrounds (since they are adding experience gain to battlegrounds). No Vanilla or BC raiding without experience, sorry folks.