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Debunking the "WoW is better for online dating than dating sites" story {WoW}

Mar 26th 2012 11:55AM This is quite a surprising article, speaking as someone who actually met and eventually married their significant other on WOW over five years ago, our story was displayed on the old WOW site for Valentines Day special, it's too bad they no longer have the stories up there, they were a joy to read. Although it is not a contemporary method of meeting and dating individuals over the internet, it most certainly is not meant for everyone. Long distance relationships require a great deal of trust and understanding from both parties, as well as lots of communication which can add up financially (unless you have SKYPE woot!). Love is a fickle thing, I wasn't looking for love when I met the most wonderful man in the world, but he definitely showed up and saved the day for this little Huntard wearing cloth (sad sad sad noob).

Akamiya of Feathermoon

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a special spot in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 9:59AM Arathi Basin particularly Stromgarde Keep. In May of 2006 while questing with my highly noobish nelf hunter I was kicked from a group for failing miserably and ...wearing cloth (I know, I know). After sitting outside of the Keep for a few moments a little whisper appeared on my screen, it was a paladin from the group I was in. He left after he saw the group tear me a new one and wanted to help. From that moment we became friends. A month later, after talking a lot, and getting to know one another he had a big date to go on and I had a blind date to go on our real lives. The blind date was the worst date ever in recorded history, I promptly logged in when I got home and dismayed slightly noticing my paladin wasn't online yet. Literally a few seconds later he appeared. I tried to sound upbeat as he asked about the date, it quickly faded to going into explicit details about how much of an a*#^@_ the interested party was. Then my most feared moment, I asked him about his date, he said she and the party were fine but he left kinda early. Surprised I asked him why.

"All I could think all night was you..."

I was elated!!! Two months later we met face to face to see if our relationship could move forward despite the distance he lived in Pasadena, California and I was in the middle of the Midwest. I'm happy to report we were married on August, 25, 2010 on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and we are still going strong! Thanks WOW!!!

True story from the Alliance on Feathermoon!
Akamiya and Mcallen

Drama Mamas: Love and marriage and WoW {WoW}

Nov 28th 2011 2:48PM This is a tough one no doubt it!

It is important though to remain objective about the situation, we only have one side of the issue, and that absence makes it very hard to determine who truly is at fault here. Counseling for the pair should be considered a possibility at this point, especially if the husband doesn't have his priorities straight now, can lead to strife sooner rather than later. Alone is also a newlywed, as a married woman who plays WOW, it was hard to find the right time to be together in my own relationship as well. Different work schedules, different times of play, different types of play (casual to raider), these are all many factors in the puzzle.

Alone, if you are truly Alone, I have one question to ask you. What drew you two together in the first place? What I mean by that question is what do you and your husband love about one another that has nothing to do with gaming or interests in general? If this is a tough question to answer, then counseling should be a foremost priority.

As with any relationship, it is important to have a sense of individuality, otherwise you may smother your partner to the point of pushing them away. Not saying this is happening per say, just playing devil's advocate here. What are your own interests outside of WOW, do you both get together for dinner, or make time for each other outside of RL and In-game?

If there was a way to treat you now, I think one of the first steps is just what the mamas told you. Take him to the side, and in a rational calm manner engage him in conversation about everything that's been happening. One word of caution, if his demeanor is as you described, he might have venomous things to say. Remain calm and objective! Take mental notes, then when you two participate in therapy you can bring those points up and state how they hurt you, anger you, or make you sad and why they do. Again Alone, if you are unsure of how to proceed in the relationship, then counseling might be a good recommendation at this point in time, just because the relationship has been shown to be unstable and unequal.

Good luck hun!!!
Akamiya of Feathermoon

The Queue: Failure {WoW}

Sep 20th 2010 5:21PM curious druid,

this may be a silly but necessary pertains to druid forms.

as a nooby druid i marvel at the wonderful revamped forms of my kitty, bear, and eventually birdy forms; however i have to say i'm often disappointed at my aquatic form? it was my understanding or assumption that blizz was going to give each druid race a new underwater form since they have put all this effort in for night elves, tauren, and now worgen and trolls.

can't night elves get sleeker seal forms, tauren walrus, trolls something similar, and worgen a furry maned seal form?? come on blizz if ur gonna revamp something, go completely should be used to that with this whole cataclysm idea ^_~

so have u guys at wowinsider heard or seen anything in beta to suggest the later?

hoshika of feathermoon

Breakfast Topic: When your gaming gets emotionally charged {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 1:03PM @sars1772 - Mcallen moved all the way from the East Coast to live with me in the Midwest, he misses the weather, sights, and opportunities that were available in Cali but says he'd never givem up since he found me...such a romantic! ^_^ Hoping to move back to Cali one day once we find our career jobs!

@rastrick - You know the saying, 'don't look for love, love will find you!' I think that's what took place. When we met face to face for the very first time in the Garden of the Gods, CO. A huge thunderstorm swept over the mountain range just when we embrassed, hugged, and kissed within 10 seconds! LOL! If that wasn't a sign I don't know what is! ^_^

@i2construct - We've had our share of bad times in game, my fiance has been unable to play WOW as of late due to all the changes in Paladins. So we are experimenting, he's trying out hunters and I'm giving druids a try, so far I like it! Ironically most of our real bad times have resulted outside of the game. People often ask us what would we do if we no longer had this game as a fixture in our lives. I simply say, we love each other we'll find something else that drives us. Maybe BLIZZARD will make a Starcraft MMORPG that we can join in the coming years when WOW has run its last mile. ^_^

@pinteresque - I know what you mean, I choose Feathermoon for the name (like pretty names what can I say) while Mc choose it because he lived on the West Coast at the time. Funny I grew up mostly on the East Coast till we moved to the Midwest, I guess opposites attract! He looks just like a dwarf in real life, but taller and gruffer, the only thing I look close to in my elf is the long hair and love of nature LOL! Our apartment is full of critters! ^_^

Thank you all for your comments, You made another happy moment in my enjoyment of this wonderful game called WOW! ^_~

Breakfast Topic: When your gaming gets emotionally charged {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 11:24AM The most emotional moment I have ever experienced in WOW was the moment I met him. I was actually thinking about quitting the game after getting to level 41 all by myself with very little social interaction. I was lonely and felt very alienated due to the fact my internet connection was so poor. Then I was invited in a group to help them with quests in Stromgarde, in the Arathi Highlands. Eager and praying an internet DC wouldn't occur I went with them.

It wasn't long before I ran into difficulties. A warrior in the group mocked my hunter for wearing the mageweave clothing set (I was such a noob had no clue I could've worn leather, let alone mail armor since I was lvl 41). The mage mocked my use of a bow and said guns worked better, I simply remarked that I liked the bow better with my night elf. For some reason an elf with a gun did't seem to strike a chord with me. The only member of the group that didn't say a word was a dwarf paladin, named Mcallen, who instead of saying stuff in group chat, quietly whispered 'your very new to this aren't u?'.

It wasn't long before we were striking up a conversation and all the ogres started charging the lower lvl players in the group. The mage didn't know how to aoe damage and the tank just ran around in circles while the ogres continued to beat down on the paladin. I sent my wolf in to help him wittle down the ogres health until finally they were gone. Frustrated we didn't complete the guests, the group disbanded, leaving me alone and very lost inside Stromgarde.

Just when I was about to die the second time trying to retrieve my body from that wretched place a bright glowing sphere enveloped me and I saw the paladin charging into the mob that was fervently attacking my wolf Tsubasa. After a scary few moments, and several bandages later, he led me out of that hell and onto the road. I couldn't thank him enough and apologized for being such a noob and that I was quitting. He asked me to stay and follow him.

We flew all the way back to Darnassus where I trained for the very first time, learned about my talent points, bought my very first tiger mount which I promptly fell in love with, and the paladin upgraded all my armor to mail making me look quite formiddable. He asked me to stay and come back on tomorrow night so we could talk some more and hang out. I was so touched by this act of kindness that what became one night quickly became everyday. Soon we were talking whenever we had time over the Internet on AIM or Skype. After a month or two the friendship quickly blossomed into a long distance romance.

Six months later after meeting Mcallen a.k.a Timothy for the first time, visiting his home in La Verne, California, and staying with me for a month he proposed to me at his parents home in Colorado Springs. We are now getting married this year on the island of Kauai, Hawaii on the very day we met in person for the first time. If I had quit that night, I would've missed out on meeting the wonderful human being I am marrying in just a few months. So you could say I am jumping for joy and the happiest I have ever been in my entire life!

Chrissie C. a.k.a Akamiya of Feathermoon

Breakfast Topic: Using "IRL," IRL {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 11:38AM I did that last night for the first time without even thinking and my fiance of course without missing a beat says, "get a milk pot, two cases of mana (inside joke about soda), and don't forget to get food for your pets! watch out for aggro in the self-checkout lanes" hehe ^_^

Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 12:57PM i wants to win for my fiancee as a wedding present! ^_^

Akamiya and Mcallen of Feathermoon

Patch 3.3.3a is now live {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 2:12PM i had this same issue but tried loading it as 'adminstrator' on my computer and all of a suddent it worked for me. didn't have to delete any folders or anything else.

maybe it'll help... good luck all! can't play till tonight anyway pooh!!!

Akamiya of Feathermoon

WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 1:28PM What a cutie! Would be a beautiful addition to any collectors collection! ^_^

Akamiya of Feathermoon