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Why is Blizzard still OK with gender inequality in World of Warcraft? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 4:58PM I'm entirely unclear why they even have gender choice in the game. Its pretty trivial to write dialog avoiding problematic pronouns - a number of modern games have done it. Just make slider bars for various appearance bits. Want to be a buxom blood elf named Barbie? Then other players will take you as female. Give yourself lineback shoulders and the name of Conan and you'll be perceived as male. Otherwise, why does gender need to be hard coded as a binary in to the game at all?

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 6:04PM The problem Daumaenis is that pvp gear is also higher ilvl. The best stats for bear are armor, agility, mastery-or-dodge, and stamina in that order. And a lot of leather in the last expansion has haste -- which for a bear is about as useful as resilience, with sole exception that you can reforge it.

Threat stats have relatively minor affect on survival at higher ilvl. With all the passive crit from talents, at ilvl 395+ you have enough agility that you have more than enough crit to keep savage defense up. It is worth having some expertise since it double-dips in reducing both dodge and parry. But you need so little that one or two pieces of gear will cover it (and some pvp gear has expertise).

For example, the best tanking necklace at the moment is from heroic ragnaros. The #2 is the 403 ilvl agility/mastery pvp necklace. Why? Because there are no other agility/mastery necklaces in the game and the higher ilvl from the pvp gear offsets losing one stat. The cloak has a similar itemization problem. As does the glove slot -- the 403 pvp glove and tier glove are basically identical survival and threat wise, what with the pvp glove getting extra agility and more crit but lacking haste. And the reduced rage cost on interrupts is really nice for dungeon tanking -- I highly recommend it even if you normally raid tank in set gear.

Further more, once you have one piece of the set pieces in pvp gear, the 2nd piece provides +70 agility as a 2set bonus which more than offsets losing a secondary stat from that piece. Shoulder(expertise)+glove(crit) or helm(mastery)+shoulder(expertise) are both pretty compelling pairings. Especially given that the feral tier helm is very badly itemized for bears -- pvp helm is much stronger with a large dose of mastery.

So yes, if you wear all pvp gear you are doing it wrong. But for several slots, PVP gear is stronger than non-heroic raid gear.

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 3:19PM Feral tanks have long found pvp gear to be better than non-heroic-raiding tanking gear ever since blizzard stopped itemizing tank gear for bears in burning crusade.

So not all tanks in pvp gear are hard to heal.

And if you see a feral bear not in heroic firelands/DS gear without some resilience, you know they are not geared correctly for pve. Because PvP is the answer for BiS non-heroic-raiding gear for many slots.

And this is why raiding ferals are really looking forward to MoP's change to how pvp gear is done.

Heart of the Aspects video and giveaway {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 11:26AM I like dragons. Especially that one.

The Queue: Layoffs {WoW}

Nov 10th 2011 12:01PM I don't really consider Everquest doing it as a good precedent. I'm pretty certain I could find precedence in a game or movie for letting monks wear full plate, but I'm also certain that'd be about as jarring to me as letting them wear leather armor. Just because someone else did it before, doesn't make it right.

The Queue: Layoffs {WoW}

Nov 10th 2011 11:25AM The real question about monks is why are they wearing leather and not cloth?

(And before you say anything about not adding an armor type for a single spec, consider holy paladin...)

It feels wrong that monks are going to be in armor and not just in cloth.

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a bear druid in patch 4.2 {WoW}

Jul 26th 2011 3:23PM I disagree with you not including pvp gear.

Notably, a lot of the leather arena gear is better than the non-heroic T12 pieces, even with the wasted itemization of resilience. They are 6 ilvl higher and that extra itemization of armor, stamina, and agility just ends up being more valuable than having a 2nd useful secondary stat. Wearing 2 pieces gets you an extra chunk and agility and wearing 4 pieces gets you even more agility and +15% movement speed in bear/cat form while outside; and all of current raid tier is outside. If you don't have access to heroic-T11 helm/shoulders, you should probably be doing arena for the pvp shoulders and helm. Also the reduced cost interrupts from the gloves are a very convenient bonus for any interrupt fights.

Shifting Perspectives: Why the tank Q&A sucked {WoW}

Jun 14th 2011 5:19PM I agree with your analysis.

I've been a feral bear since BC, where I crunched huge amounts of numbers to convince my group that it might conceivably be reasonable to let a bear tank. And then got a number of our first kills with my bear tanking (Gruul, Molgrim, a few of the BT bosses), so I've long been a bear theorycrafter and bear advocate.

I've gone feral full dodge/agi set up on my bear, and intelligently use tolvir potions during raids. I have trouble tanking heroic-5s because I'm rage starved. For some of the 10-man normal boss fights, I'm sitting at like 30% of the vengeance cap. And often not able to use maul much because I'm short on rage. We got the achievement for Chimaeron on our first kill with bear still alive, because dodge bear is damn hard to hit and kill when all possible cooldowns are used well.

But I compare this to my paladin or my DK, and only bear feels resource starved.

Ready Check: Ranged DPS can be harder than you thought {WoW}

Mar 18th 2011 4:58PM Last expansion, my 10-man group was 3 feral tank druids. So I took one for the team and went boomkin. It was interesting. Definitely a learning experience. And a lot of fun. I think every tank should be made to play as a ranged dps for a bit. It teaches you useful things.

Actual hints for folks just swapping to ranged DPS:
* ABC ==> Always Be Casting. Its better to be casting the wrong spell and doing dps than casting no spell and be doing none. If you have to stop and think about what to cast, don't stop. Just cast something and think about what to cast next while its casting.
* Know your spell priorities & rotations. Practice them on target dummies/in-5-mans so you can do them without paying attention. You need to be able to react quickly in raids, and if you are paying attention to reacting its easy to stop dps'ing by accident. And if you aren't paying attention to reacting you'll end up dead.
* Dead DPS does 0 DPS. Don't stand in crap. Use self healing.

Having gotten to go back to being feral this expansion, I find myself dps'ing as kitty about half the time. And melee dps is harder to survive and understand what is going on, but often much easier to do rotation wise. There is a lot less penalty for not pushing buttons as fast as is reasonable. Energy/runes/rage pools up, but until it fills you usually are not GCD capped (except dual-wield-frost DK's - sorry you have to button mash like ranged while being in melee). So melee has a less penalty for doing 1/2 second delays in button presses to move for survival reasons than range. But there is a lot of stuff that is relatively melee unfriendly.

Shifting Perspectives: Balance druids vs. the Twilight Ascendant Council {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 3:14PM My 10-man raid group didn't find this boss hard to learn at all. I think it was 4 pulls from the first time seeing him until he was dead. We've had 2 nights (9 pulls) poking at Cho'gall without a kill, and had spent 2 nights learning V&T, so its not like we are super hardcore raid group.