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Breakfast Topic: Repeat visits {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2007 11:02AM Deadmines - Easily 300+ Times - I do 'run throughs' for lowbies/alts/twinks in my guild / every week.
Runner Up: Scarlet Monestary

Black Morass - Enough to be exalted three times over getting everyone attuned for Karazhan. This has to be the worst instance for a Mage (or Hunter) - all you see are whelps!

Arena season 1 set to be purchasable with honor {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2007 10:51AM @29. 30k Honor is no easy feat. It involves at least 1000 honor kills and 70 AV's.

Obviously someone who didn't pvp before the honor change. 30k is cake, and with no honor decay you can casually earn your points.

Easy to obtain items = Happy Blizzard Customer

Arena season 1 set to be purchasable with honor {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2007 10:44AM World of Warcraft has turned into a game of Shine and Epics. Everyone now has the big flashy shoulders and the mega-giant gun that is as large as your character.

Before TBC, I spent 4 months at 70 hours a week 'grinding' my butt off to get the PvP Epic Armor Set -You may say I have no life, but try doing that and working a full time job. Do I regret it now that I know what little good those items are? Nah - it was a great experience!

After the honor system change.. 'grinding' at the same rate, it took me just two days to get the 23k (or so) honor for the Mainhand Weapon - such an incredible nerf considering it would take me another month at least to go from Rank 13 to Rank 14.

And thus the trend continues - giving away awesome armor sets with ease. Although it doesn't really phase me too much anymore - The Major Disappointment is that because of all the flash and design... there really isn't that much great stuff to strive for. When people turn and look at Thunderfury.. they laugh and say "Geeze, that's trash now!" - knowing any gear in the game will be easily upgraded in just a couple months.

Seeing items of great design are now a dime a dozen and up for grabs to anyone.

I love the game mechanics and I love the game itself, I just hope Blizzard wouldnt say so long to instances and items so quickly. Heroic Strat FTW!

So farm that honor kids, earn those Season 1 Epics, cause soon, we will be charging to level 80.