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Breakfast Topic: What are your resolutions for the expansion? {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 4:06PM I always tell myself, I'm actually going to read the quests to figure out what's going on.

Instead of quickly clicking yes, and then going to kill 5 x.

iOS 4.2 makes iPad a productivity rival for MacBook Air, says CNET {}

Nov 29th 2010 12:40PM Whoa whoa, slow your roll.

He said the Ipad was replacing his Macbook air, which I doubt is his main computer. Due to their respective limitations, I don't think someone saying they'd give up Macbook Air for an Ipad to be that controversial.

TUAW first look and giveaway: Courier simplifies Mac media sharing {}

Sep 8th 2010 6:04PM I would like to send photos to the flickr that's on the internet.

iMac line refreshed by Apple {}

Jul 27th 2010 10:14AM Right, there are options now to have both a regular hard drive and an SSD.

TUAW review: Camera+ for iPhone {}

Jul 20th 2010 5:14PM I have free programs that I believe do all of these things. The Gorillacam app and the PS Mobile app.

Am I wrong or is the decision on if I want everything in one single app?

Day of Defeat now available for the Mac {}

Jul 14th 2010 11:22AM I was using "codeweaver's crossover" program to play TF2, and it worked a lot smoother than Steam on the mac, which surprised me a lot. I believe my mac book pro is a little less than 2 years old.

I've dumbed down a lot of my settings for tf2 and it is still unplayable on steam.

Although, there would be more bugs that would pop up when there were version changes, while using crossover, otherwise it worked more smoothly.

Amazon's Kindle conveniently falls to $189, Nook looks stunned and bitter {Engadget}

Jun 21st 2010 5:34PM @NHAnimator Animator has a valid comment.

I don't think most people view 3g as the defining characteristic of e-readers. If you're only comparing the ones with 3g, yes, Kindle is cheaper.


I have the Sony Pocket Reader, and it doesn't even have WiFi...and I like it fine. I already have a backlog of books, I don't really need to constantly be connected to the internet. Although I see how being connected via Wi-Fi could be nice.

So yes, a $149 Nook Ereader is cheaper than a Kindle $189 ereader.

Apple Store is down this Sunday morning... and back up {}

Jun 14th 2010 2:06PM I'm here to say, ME FOUR.

Give me a new imac.

Meet Insanely Unlikely South Carolina Senate Candidate Alvin Greene {Urlesque}

Jun 14th 2010 10:35AM Great, he's a veteran. That doesn't change the fact that he has no platform and can barely speak.

Steve hates the New York Times iPad app {}

May 5th 2010 1:29PM So they didn't report on a supposed "catch" of ACORN, while most of it turned out to be politically motivated editing according to law enforcement...

...and instead reported on something that actually happened...IE when someone got arrested?

That sounds like leaving out the questionable material and reporting on things that actually happened...which is kind of the job of the editor. Not running every piece of useless news you find.

And isn't the opposite true? That Fox News paraded the piece around like it was the best piece of investigative journalism the world's ever seen, but then completely ignored the follow up investigations that found their video to be faulty?

Either way, as an intelligent human being, you have to know you can't get your news from a single source and need to use several sources from several places. Because guess what? A single source won't cover everything.