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Officers' Quarters: 2.3 -- An officer's perspective {WoW}

Oct 1st 2007 2:28PM I'm still unsure as to why or how the +damage coefficient came out of the works. I don't know a single non-DPS class that solos in their raiding gear. No prot warriors (that have a clue) solo with a sword and board, no resto shaman bust out their cloth and leather (haha) healing gear to go tromping through Skettis. Likewise, on my priest, I have always soloed in quest blues and drops that would have been sharded otherwise.

I'm now in possesion of a full DPS set from badges/kara for my priest. Soloing obviously is much slower in my healing build than a comparable damage build, but that would be true regardless of gear choice.

What the +damage will help with is single target fights (Leo, Jindo, etc), so that healers don't need to lower their +healing and regen in order to help nuke.

What about all the other notes?

Mage mana efficiency increased? Priest mana efficiency increased? Will this cause you to suggest more priests in the raid, or fewer? Will this change demand for certain items among raid members (As this prioritizes spirit again for Mages and Shadow Priests)

Take out the trash (timers)! {WoW}

Sep 25th 2007 2:15PM Alright. I like trash timers. I like them partly for the reasons listed in the original post: that if you hit them, then you know you're not doing something right. I like them because they provide a good natural break in a 4-5 hours raid. I like them because they provide some more incentive to kill a boss that you might otherwise have wanted to skip (Aran for some guilds is harder than Prince, same with Netherspite).

I also like most trash. I like the Magtheridon trash because it clearly tests your ability to multi-tank, spread out and interrupt. If you can't do that, the trash will stress your raid, if you can, then you will breeze through. If you can't DO the trash in those instances, you shouldn't be attempting the boss. for some trash, this isn't true. The VR trash doesn't really have any test of your ability to do VR, and the SSC trash is much to generalized to be called anything but an overall DPS/Coordination check.

As for the comments about raiding just taking time. I'm tired of it. This is the standard discounting of skill and talent that gets made by ANYONE who isn't part of it as an enterprise. Your explanation for how Nihilum got to Illidan first was that they had more time than the rest of us? that's it? Just more time and the problem will be solved? How about this? Let's suggest that to do ANYTHING that is complex in nature requires an investment in time. That investment is reduced by skill, dedication, experience, and other advantages. So if I started to play wow for 50-60 hours a week, I wouldn't probably not progress as quickly through new content as someone who had all those advantages I previously listed--even though we both have invested time into WoW. If I followed your line of thought, I would say that the only thing that disinguishes tiger Woods from me on the golf course is that he is payed to play golf and can spend more time doing it.