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PS3 Final Fantasy XIII includes 'XIV' bonus item, chance for beta access {Joystiq}

Mar 9th 2010 8:49PM What don't you get about: "...but just a reminder that PS3 will be the only console you’ll be able to play FINAL FANTASY XIV when it launches in 2010."

That's from the blog that this article links to. Therefore...they are only saying its exclusive at the release date. That statement heavily implies that it will be going to other systems later on.

The Beatles: Rock Band does 1.7M as music games continue slide {Joystiq}

Jan 18th 2010 12:59PM Music games continue to slide because the way you play hasn't changed. It is like having 6 years of expansion packs. The gameplay needs to change. More features doesn't cut it. Need like a brand new type of controller or something else than falling blocks that we have to time correctly. With touchscreen technology being so expensive, i would love to see a guitar controller where every portion of the strings is touchscreen and you have to learn how to play for real. Sure make the sound that is outputted on your television be the same as if you played on easy or expert but lets teach kids some real chords. By keeping the "experience" the same (that being playing beginner chords but still hearing the song as it is played like on the radio) I think the music game industry could be revived. Parents would "WANT" to purchase these games for their kids if it meant that they were actually learning how to play.

I think that would have the most potential of all. Because if they can make a touchpad guitar that operates almost exactly like a real electric guitar, I wouldn't doubt that we would start to see some real celebrity guitar players facing off against each other on Youtube. Down with the 5 button crap, lets innovate these games.

WoW Insider interviews 38 Studios' Brett Close about Azeroth Advisor {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 8:43PM Now excuse me if I'm wrong...and everyone is awear of this...but I find it funny that nobody brings up the fact that Curt Schilling is one of the most famous baseball players of our time and still plays.

Boston Redsox anyone? Bloody sock? 2004 and 2007 world series with the redsox?

Anyway...I thought I'd bring that up...

Curt Schilling is an avid gamer.

Damages: Do You Regret What We Did? {AOL TV}

Sep 27th 2007 1:19AM E...haha, I'm going to respect your opinion...but you get upset that he calls someone on his cellphone and says, "do it"? How is anyone going to implicate him from that? It wouldn't happen. And then you go and mention heroes.... That show has a million things wrong with it. The writers screw up the continuity like crazy.

Episode 1...Peter rides in cab with Mohinder...they meet and introduce each other. Then like in episode 4...Peter shows up at Mohinders door because of the book he saw....They both reintroduce each other and act like they've never met.

Don't even get me started with the finale. Hiro jumps in....shouts, "sylar"...then runs from about 20 feet away, and charges while Sylar just stands there. Then the worst thing about the episode is the "exploding man" himself. Everyone knew that someone was going to explode and destroy the city....and where the hell is the haitian? Just chilling around in the bahamas? The haitian would have been the easiest way to stop the exploding man...he could have just sat there. Claire could have just stabbed peter in the side of the head...or heck with it...she probably could have shot him in the side of the head...and the bullet would pop out. Instead Nathan comes up with a cool plan to kill two people instead of one. It just was goofy. Those writers can't even secure actors/actress's on the show. The actor who played Claude left...luckily...and i mean luckily they got him back for this season. THe actress who played Claire's mom who knows what they will do with that. The whole thing is messed up.