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What do you think of HKO Insider? {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 3:37PM I read the initial Hello Kitty article and was amused, it was typical April Fool's Day material. However, the numerous articles to follow didn't really add anything to the joke, imo. After half a dozen articles were posted it just felt overdone.

I just went and counted, there's been over 20 HKO articles posted. Stop beating the horse, it's dead.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Aftermath {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 4:19PM Using a two-hand weapon as a Prot Warrior is a bad idea.

Forum post of the Day: The Death of PvP Guilds {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 3:30PM Grats on making an article on a nearly one-year old necro post.

I also don't understand why post of the day has to be a blue-commented post, seems silly. Most of interesting threads I read on the WoW forums, which isn't many, aren't the ones that blues post in.

About the actual topic, there was a change in 2.4 to do more strict matching of premade groups who queue as a group. This should help alleviate steamrolls of PUG groups by premades but lengthens the queues for premades, which sucks, IMO.

I think many PvP guilds and players will likely start to work around this by using mods like the Perform AV mod so that technically you are queue'ing individually but will have high probability of getting most of your group members into the same BG. I expect the Perform AV mod will be adapted for all BGs because of this change.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Protection {WoW}

Sep 28th 2007 2:54PM @27 quoting you

"Would someone please (politely) explain to me if there is something I’m missing here? How else could threat for a warrior be scaleable?"

First off, weapon damage does scale and white damage contributes a significant portion of your total threat while tanking. Both Heroic Strike and Devastate are based off weapon damage and therefore scale as well. Getting a good, high-dps tanking weapon should be a priority for a warrior tank.

Revenge scales from AP and can crit. Shield Slam has very good scaling with Shield Block Value (SBV).

Also +hit has a huge impact on threat. The base 5% to miss same level mobs - higher percentage for higher-level mobs and bosses - applies not only white damage but to all your special abilities like Shield Slam, Revenge, Sunder, Devastate, etc.

I think the crucial thing that many tanks fail to understand is that you should not have "a tanking set". You should have a variety of tanking pieces for all slots, as much as you can acquire. There are many items in WoW that aren't just binary - better or worse - there are many side-grades worth acquiring. Items that would be better for threat but not for mitigation or vice versa.

I have three maxed sets that I keep in ItemRack for most tanking purposes (not counting resist sets). I have a max mitigation set that I use for the majority of bosses, at least hard bosses for my progression level. This set mostly maximizes my effective health. I have a set that is maximized for avoidance while still maintaining good effective health which I mostly just use for Prince these days. The third set is the one most relevant to this post - I have a set maximized for threat generation.

My threat set has 3.5% +hit, I try to use most/all of my tanking pieces that have a considerable amount of Shield Block Value (SBV) even if I have better all-around tanking items for those slots. For slots that I don't have high SBV items I generally use PvP pieces to get extra crit, ap and some resilience. The resilience is nice because I often fall a little short of 490 def in my threat set and the resilience keeps me uncritable. Be sure to get the autoblocker trinket from heroic badges it's great for threat while tanking.

I use my threat set on all trash unless there is some trash on progression raids that simply beats me up too badly. I use my threat set for the entirety of five-mans and heroics these days as I have enough mitigation to handle even heroic bosses in my threat set.

Too many tanks view itemization as simply having one tanking set of the best gear. This mentality will set you up for failure and cause a great deal of frustration. Tanking different types of content requires different stats - you must gear up appropriately. Using a mod like ItemRack makes it much easier, you don't have time in a PUG to sit there picking our pieces individually out of your bags each time. There is a reason Blizzard will be incorporating ItemRack type functionality into the game - it is very useful, almost required in order to be able to play at your best.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Protection {WoW}

Sep 28th 2007 12:45PM A few random points from my perspective as a Warrior who is a guild MT and swaps between Prot and PvP spec 2-3 times a week.

1. Prot is viable for solo'ing in TBC much more than it ever was. Stack Shield Block Value (SBV), crit and STR (for AP, Vitality makes STR > AP). This method works quite well, although slower than Arms/Fury specs it affords amazing survivability. The other viable option is DW Devastate spamming but the need for Sunder to increase damage make it a bit awkward you either waste GCDs on Sunder first or and get a few nice Devastates in before the mob dies or do crappy Devastates for a while and the mob dies. The Devastate change will boost the effectiveness of DW Devastate spam solo'ing considerably.

2. Threat should not be an issue for Prot Warriors. If you are dealing with trash where DPS doesn't hold back as much you should be using gear that is more optimized for threat generation, not your best mitigation gear. Make sure you have at least 2-3% +hit and stack up on Shield Block Value with a little crit and str/ap mixed in. If you are using your full on tanking gear, especially if you have a lot of avoidance in your gear you're going to be rage starved and have a miserable time holding aggro. Save the all-out tank gear for bosses where it counts.

I can't say what class/spec has it the worst for solo'ing but I don't think it is Protection Warriors. We aren't great but I have a 70 Druid too who I leveled Feral but am gearing up to be a Resto a Druid. I tried solo'ing as Resto Druid and it was unbelievable. Granted my Warrior's gear is far better and I know how to play the Warrior class more than a Druid, especially a Resto Druid since I leveled Feral but I'd rather gouge my eyes out than solo as Resto on my Druid. Prot Warriors solo capabilities are far better than that of a full (not Dreamstate spec) Resto Druid.