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Patch 2.3 and you: Elemental Shaman edition {WoW}

Sep 30th 2007 1:25PM 16 - Actually my math was correct.

The 1557 is the new damage caused by LBs only (it does not take into account LO).

The 5% is the increase in damage gained from LO (10%-5%). If you apply the 5% increase in damage to the new LB damage (1557), you get:

1557*1.05 = 1635

You can look at this anyway you wish, but it ends up being a dps nerf.

It's probably great for pvpers tho, since you would rather the extra burst damage over a higher sustained damage.

Patch 2.3 and you: Elemental Shaman edition {WoW}

Sep 28th 2007 7:57PM To me this looks like a MAJOR nerf to PVE Elem shammies, a break even for PVP Elem shammies, and a HUGE boost to PVE/PVP Resto shammies.

Unfortunately, the game does not allow Elemental Shammies to actually gear up in the 70 man raids. Sure, Tier sets are fine (even tho the t4 and t5 set bonuses are very questionable), however, an Elemental PVE shammy will end up wearing cloth most of his/her life.

To me the math seems simple:

I currently have +1000 spell damage -> hit LB for 1700.

With the LB nerf:
0.5s/3.5s * 1000 spell damage = 143 spell damage per LB lost (means I know hit for 1557).

Lightning Overload buff:
New: 20% x 0.5 = 10%
Old: 5%
Difference: 10-5 = 5%

Now combining the two:
1557*1.05 = 1635

NOW: 1700 damage
FUTURE: 1635 damage

hmmmm...i guess it is a typical Elem shammy buff....cuz it's pointed downwards.....

i hope we get nerfed one day...then i might wake up and actually win a mail piece of caster gear in a raid dungeon.

we r going to see a lot of hybrid classes form because of this.....20/0/41