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15 Minutes of Fame: Retiring player goes out with a BOOM {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 1:51PM We actually had an event (on Argent Dawn, where I play as well) just two weeks ago with several hundred folks bum rushing Orgrimmar and taking out Saurfang. It's not always a world PvP hothouse, but we totally have our moments!

And we miss you, Rob!

Ask WoW Insider: My Girlfriend won't let me level {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 10:14AM Yeah, the control issues skeez me out a little. Flip the genders, I mean. If this was a dude doing this to a girl, it would not be okay.

I mean, it's a game. It's mean to be fun. Why is she dictating that for you?

WotLK Bestiary Update: Taunka {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 9:30AM I'm almost positive they aren't adding more playable races to the game, but certainly there's going to be factions to grind with just like there were the Sproggarlings and Ogres and Broken and Netherwing. It's pretty logical that in the frozen north, you're going to have big hairy things.

And they really ramped up the pages for TBC right before the beta was set up, just like what we're seeing now for WotLK. I can't help but be a weebit excited!

MT, MrT, MagT, MST, Magisters' Terrace {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 9:25AM I can't believe how many people get cranky when someone finds something funny that they may not. Sheesh.

MrT forever!

Patch 2.4: The unofficial patch notes {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 9:22AM Icon of the Silver Cresent and a couple other trinkets had a noise added to them.

And I swear to high heaven, my fireballs are moving slower.

Patch 2.4: The unofficial patch notes {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 9:19AM Agreeing with Sherp here. There's a reason I never put a table down in AV.

Kael'thas in two places at once {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 9:07AM I just had Mt. Dew come out of my nose, and I blame you good sir.

However, this is a new strat we never considered for Kael. Put him in a box with radioactive material and forget about him!

Report Card: How do the new phase 1 dailies measure up? {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 11:46AM My server got to phase two in a day, but as of me passing out last night we'd only unlocked 4% of phase two. I think it's definately going to be a 'bigger as it goes along' deal.

Sunwell Phase 2 daily quest walkthroughs {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 9:48AM Since the PTR was a timed opening of events, not based on percentages I mean, I don't honestly know. I know that the mana battery are counted -just- to the portal opening as it has a different percentage listing than the armory on the Island, so it's possible only the new stuff counts to the armory.

Just not sure.

Sunwell Phase 2 daily quest walkthroughs {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 9:27AM From what it sounds like (I was in raid, but some of the guildies were around), the second it gets to 100% the other NPCs spawn and everything sort of 'loads in'. The Island wasn't closed, and there's some enviromental changes that take over.

Then everyone gets on the bombing quest, and things get more laggy. /sigh