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Breakfast Topic: Can you have too many alts? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 9:19AM Let's see--10 toons (1 of each class at lvl 67+). I have 1 bank alt (Rep bank alt--got tired of trying to fit a ton of junk into our 4-tab guild bank--and it's bad when it's a bank for 2 people and it's maxed out), a bonus Horde DK, a lowbie warrior I play with my husband, a 3-boxing hunter team, and a 5-boxing hunter team. All those guys are on one realm, and then there's an Alli DK on another realm, and a lowbie Alli druid on yet another realm that I play with the people I first started playing WoW with years ago (Druid I think is still like 36).

So the math says 10+1+1+1+3+5+1+1=23

Talking to a friend last night, he said he had to delete a toon to roll his DK...I was pretty amazed that he had that many alts. Especially since he hasn't played since BC, and he was raiding quite regularly--no clue how he had the time, lol.

Sam Raimi to direct WoW movie {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 9:13AM Maybe *now* Thrall will get a gear upgrade! I'm tired of my leader looking like he only leveled in the Barrens =\

Officers' Quarters: On the brink {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 12:52PM Here's my thoughts on the matter...

1. Several were BiS prior to recruitment of people who needed gear from Naxx.

This can be a big problem--I was BiS when my previous guild started recruiting people in greens and who had recently hit 80 in order to push ourselves through 25 man content (Naxx was all there was at the time). As a healer, it was a minor annoyance, but as a player, I was a lot more frustrated that my guild management didn't say "Heroics first, then Naxx" or even say "10-man Naxx first." Instead they were hard-headed and pushed into the 25-man runs--we couldn't down several of the bosses--the DPS wasn't strong enough, heck, we hadn't even evaluated people's play styles to see if they were even ready to raid.

Make sure the BiS people are agreeable to assist under geared people. If they are fixated on their next epic, then they will probably not be interested in building a raid team from the ground up. Make sure they realize the amount of time needed to achieve a solid team--it's a lot of heroics, a lot of patience, and usually a lot of gear recommendations. I never had an issue healing a heroic--I have 1 of everything, so I'm interested in learning, and teaching, to assist guildies in being the best they can be (which is what you hope for in a raid guild). If people aren't willing to set aside their wants/desires for shiny epics, you will be facing a long road.

2. Can't field raids 3 nights a week.

I raided 4 nights a week in BC, for progression content. In all honesty, I probably raided 5-6 nights week--we farmed Kara for badges, ran ZA for minor upgrades and the timer loot, and then did progression Mon-Thurs. I was blessed with a raid team who wanted to down bosses, and who were willing to strive to achieve the best performance. I've noticed raid expectations (both of raiders willing to take the wipes, and RLs willing to teach the fights) in Wrath are a bit off the wall. It's not asking too much to have people watch videos of the fights, but expecting a PUG (or even a new raid) to go off without a hitch is asking for too much. People now classify bosses on "farm" status after one downing--With 4 Vashj kills in BC, I still didn't consider it on farm--people in Wrath are too quick to jump the gun and rate/rank everyone based on gear and not skill.

Make sure your guildies understand what is expected of them each raid night. Make sure they understand they are supposed to come supplied/repaired/energized. Offer a bonus if you down a boss within a specific number of attempts. Make it FUN!

If people still seem to be disinterested, poll your raiding population--find out if other nights are better, let them (privately) vent to guild management about their issues with making the raids. Don't single people out with their feedback--the best thing that guild management can do is act on what they are told.

3. "...There is little guild cohesion and people view the original members of the guild as an exclusive clique..."

Does the main foundation of the guild always "hang out" together? Do they sit in an access controlled channel in vent? Why are people having that perception?

I always had an open door policy--the only time I sat in my private channel was if I was working (I WFH, but regularly sat in WoW and in vent)--people could drop in and chat with me--just because I managed the finances, the people, and every other aspect of the guild, didn't mean I wasn't on good terms with about 98% of the members. Make sure the original members are spending time with other members, helping other members out. It sucks if someone in your guild wants to do the Heroic daily and the original members only run it together every day. Make sure it doesn't appear that you are playing favorites. Especially if it can help out another guild member.

Some people will always be whiny and demanding--if you can determine that you are doing practically everything possible to make someone happy and they still complain, then it might be time for the "group dynamic and you not matching" discussion--it's not a fun discussion, but you never know, your guild might thank you for it!

4. "....There are also some key problem members or just bad players..."

RED ALERT! A raiding guild doesn't need the drama or the people who don't want to learn how to play their class. I run the "one warning" rule. You'll be asked once, and only once, to drop the drama. If you can't abide by that, I'll give you the option to leave on your own. If you won't, I will forcefully remove you. I had one member go absolutely NUTS in a guild meeting in vent. Our RL chose to remove that player from the raid that evening to reduce the tension, and the officers and I spoke after the raid and determined it would be best for all if we asked him to leave. I spoke with him the next morning and explained that we had a personality conflict with him in the guild and that we were giving him the chance to leave on his own, no explanation required. He chose to jump onto his main and start blasting guild management in /gchat. I had already organized a list of his alts, and I removed his main from the guild and another officer removed all the alts. Aside from the shock of seeing the guild's first /gkick in progress, the guild members who were online were very appreciative that guild management decided to remove the player. Many of them were in the guild meeting the night before and were in shock as to what he did. All feedback we received was supportive of our decision. If you started to clean house, I bet you'd be surprised at how happy it would make your members.

Bad players are another saga. I would recommend trying to team them up with a mentor--another person in the guild who can help them. Determine if they are willing to be helped. If they don't want help, then have the RL inform them that if they don't get better, they will be benched. A person who has a strong desire to raid will step up to the plate and try their best. Someone who just wants to be carried won't do crap. Use that to decide whether or not they need to stay or go.

FWIW, my guild was a top 20 server guild in TBC before we broke apart. It can happen to any guild--just make sure that you aren't poisoning yourself with management flaws and members who are walking all over you.

TurpsterVision: Multiboxing, Recruit a Friend Style {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 12:05PM There have been discussions on Dual about people who are taking 5 man teams into Naxx with other individuals to round out a 10-man raid group. The Dual Boxing website is a great resource for multiboxers--there is a good collection of videos of people who have cleared all the Heroics with their teams. Right now the only 2 instances I haven't been able to clear with my team (I usually 2 box 2 different classes, and my husband runs another pair when we instance) was UP and Oc--only reason we haven't managed Oculus was server stability--every time we went in there to do the run our Battlegroup crashed...repeatedly... UP was a struggle on the gauntlet--but I was winging the run, and haven't watched to see what the Dual Boxing website put up for a video.

Another site to check out is - it's a blog group that Vyndree started for multiboxers. I maintain a page there (though incredibly out of date at this moment), that chronicles my multiboxing. The one write-up I put the most time into is probably the most informative collection of information for a new team. The hunters referenced in the blog are still level 6 (bad me), but I do have a 3-boxing team that hit lvl 9 last week. My husband is running 3 elemental shaman right now and has gotten his team to lvl 22.

Most of my multiboxing right now is centered around my alts in Northrend--which I just don't feel the need to blog about since it's fairly easy to run 2 toons around.

The most fun was dual-boxing Kara about a month ago (1 Prot Pally played by me, 1 Surv Hunter, also played by me, and then a DK and a Shaman played by my husband). There's a screenshot on one of our PCs from that, but it's not currently uploaded.

If you're interested in my PC build and some of the macro explanation, here's a link to my blog post on

Tuesday Morning Post: Midsummer Night's Dream edition {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2009 8:28AM if I've completed all the fires, does this mean I can still go hit all the fires again? That's some REALLY easy gold and I'm really bored with leveling alts...

Rolling restarts and maintenance for June 23rd {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2009 8:17AM Taking bets on Retaliation crashing tonight....somewhere around 9:30p EDT...

I think I will stand outside of Slave Pens when the time strikes just so I don't have to watch myself run around in place and then later die....

Weigh in on the downtime debacle {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 9:28AM I don't think any of the options in the poll suit me.

Was I annoyed that I didn't get to play yesterday? Well..yea--mostly because I halted leveling my pally the night before to see the epic world event that never started Horde side on my server for whatever reason. When I decided to resume leveling at midnight on Monday, my wonderful internet/phone/tv all decided to quit working. Along came Tuesday, and well, yea, still couldn't play.

BUT....I did manage to run out and do errands while I waited for realms to come up. This included a trip to the grocery store to make sure I had lots of yummy food to get me through the first couple days of Wrath play.

I'm indifferent. Am I annoyed? Sure--but it's a freaking game. If I was logged in yesterday, I might have finished PLing 2 tailors to 300, and potentially have my pally to 70, but the world won't end. I've got 2 toons to take into Northrend--and heck, I can most likely drag my pally over there too. I won't be in Northrend at midnight, mostly because I value something like 10+ hours of sleep =P I'm taking it easy, enjoying the game, and preparing myself for the long nights of raiding ahead.

If anything, I'll thank Blizzard for trying their damnedest to maintain a world that entertains me day after day--even though I have *no* clue how on earth some of the issues that showed up could have even been possibly triggered O.o

WoW Moviewatch: Lost in Dreams {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 12:39PM I really enjoyed this video. The song was also very enjoyable (looping it in the background while I work) :)

Breakfast topic: Why should you be in the Beta? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 12:54PM Because I went to BlizzCon 11 months ago and crossed my fingers that my Beta key would be for Wrath. And instead get told that by flying across the farking country and paying for airfare, car rental, hotel, food, and admission that I've got as good a chance as someone who registered via the Account Management page from the comfort of their home computer.

::Cue BE female voice:: C'mon, who PAYS for this stuff?

Okay, that aside--I'm a former end-game raider with T6 experience. Former GL of said end-game raiding guild. I have 2 (working on 3, 4, and 5) 70s ATM. I'm really excited to see how the new hunter talents pan out for Wrath (hunter pets got absolutely NO survivability in end-game raids), and I have to agree with an earlier poster about wanting to see if warlock viability still exists with face rolls on keyboards :)

Ask WoW Insider: What does an ex-GL do? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 12:41PM Former GL here too...after the guild broke up, I took a small break from WoW...about 3 weeks...dealing with the guild had put a lot of stress on my husband's and my relationship...the time sync in managing the people, the guild website, the DKP, and paying all the guild bills (website hosting fees, ventrilo, etc) wore me out. The fact that when my husband got home from work, we'd make a quick dinner, and then split to our respective ends of the house (I played upstairs, he played downstairs) and spent the rest of the night in vent with officers, raiders, and the rest of the happy bunch while doing dailies or crafting for people until raid time. Then we switched over to raider mode and there went the rest of the evening. Then there was the raid review with the officers, which could sometimes last until 1a. By that point, my husband is exhausted and has to get up in 4 hours for work. The first weekend I wasn't a GM, it was the best weekend of my life. I woke up from sleep feeling refreshed! For the first time in almost a year I got up at the crack of dawn ready to start my day. I didn't spend my night dreaming of boss fights and what went wrong during the last raid!

During my 3 week break from WoW, I didn't read any of the news sites, didn't browse any forums, anything. I kicked back, took up cooking from scratch again (my husband was thrilled!), spent time doing things in my yard and around my house. Did things that I had put on hold or rushed through on the weekends since my weekdays were work and raiding.

I came back and stuck my toes in the water once again. I transferred servers to find a new home where I could be anonymous (not easy to do in T5 and T6 raid gear!) and basically benched my main toon. I resumed work on my alt warlock, and pushed her to 70. She's now working on her shadowcloth gear, her Netherwing rep, and just enjoying the game with a new class. I also resumed work on a paladin I had put on the back burner. I'm having a blast leveling new toons because there's so many classes I still want to try out.

I've had several guilds try to recruit me for T6 content on my main character, but I just couldn't get back into it. I like the fact that I can choose not to log in one night and instead watch a movie or go out shopping. I like not being tied down!

So now my own personal quest is on! I'm going to be working on putting together a group of 10 like-minded adults who *want* to have lives but still check out the 10-man content in Wrath. People who are okay with raiding a couple nights a week for a couple hours. Yea, we might not blow through content, but we'll have a good relationship and an understanding that there's more to life than a game.

When I was a GL, it was a running joke that I worked 40 hours a week, and was on call 24x7--but I also had my "WoW job" that was over 40 hours a week (I logged A LOT of time in game) and had me "on-call" as well. I used to hang out in vent while working, so if someone needed a healer or DPS for an instance, they knew that they could just "yell" in vent and I could most likely sign on to help them out. Now, I answer to no one--it's a nice change.

I've been doing this for almost 3 months, and it's really re-energized my enthusiasm for WoW again. I never thought that I would say that Netherwing Dailies could be fun--but they are now! I'm on no one's timetable but my own.