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Give Bloodlust to Rogues {WoW}

May 6th 2009 11:27AM what will have shaman after rogue gets BL? And why we are talking about bloodlust here? and not some other buffs? how about BOM for rogues or kings? or battle shout? I wonder would will i give to my pvp partner in arena beside bloodlust? because pvp shaman doesn't drop totems like WF/ need ground/tremor/stoneclaw/earthbind instead

We won't see many more class changes in Wrath of the Lich King, says Ghostcrawler {WoW}

May 4th 2009 2:18PM Well i don't really know why people QQing about pve issues. Mostly all changes affect pvp, some pve like tanks/heals. But w/e, the most hit gets pvp. I played Enh sham since preBC way b4 shams could DW, i was rocking Ragnaros 2h. And till now i still play Enh sham. I have Glad 1-4 seasons. And those Glad Titles were earned with sweat and blood. Not like Rogues/Druids/Locks in BC...Except season 5. And ill tell you...i played every class in pvp...and so far only Enh/Elem specs had no OP moment in pvp. Season 5 was completely awful for Enh/Elem (highest i got to 2240 with Destro Lock). Not a single Enh/Elem sham in the world got Glad in season 5. And those who says "you are just noob" i always link them all my 1-4 season Glads and say "i dunno wth r u talking about but i earned my glory with skill" so my question is am i and all enh/elem shams too nub of missing out glad in season 5? I mean least one had to get glad. All can't be nub at one time.
Even tho i still hope that there will be time for elem/enh when we wont need much brain to pwn in arena. May be not in this xpac but next.

Totem Talk: When things go off the rails {WoW}

Mar 19th 2009 4:27PM Ok i read all that and still weapons set is [Calamity's Grasp] with WF and [Deadly Gladiator's Left Render](2.6s speed) with FT. I run like that in PVE/PVP. Am i doing something wrong? Should i use weapons/buffs different in pvp and pve before patch 3.1 and which weapons speed/buffs i should use in 3.1?
P.S. I have 25 KT spell weapon and dagger. So help me please. Again pve and pvp aspects before 3.1 and after 3.1. Thank you in advance (may be that's why i didn't hit 2.3k in 2v2?)

Patch 3.1 PTR build 9658 Shaman changes {WoW}

Mar 7th 2009 4:30PM Why Blizzard has to be that way always? Why not OH FB but MH!?...i am defiantly not gonna use FB on MH...i don't care about that cc. Because range classes are not the problem for Enh. shaman. Rogues and Dk's are problems and they are melee classes so chances to be at 15yards from them very slim...
I don't complain much i am at 2310 2v2 with Demo Lock, but it took some HARD skill to get up there. I know there will be time when Elem or Enh spec will be OP at least for a few months so i can just take revenge for the whole BC arena time and just say "go to hell nub, my time has come!"

Confirmed: Enhancement Shaman buffs for 2.3 {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 4:47PM u guys noobs, i have enh shaman, legacy is good for pvp b/c in pvp u wont use DW due too our pvp gear has no +hit rating and ur attacks gonna miss/parry/dodge every 2-3 hit..i have legacy, its a great pvp weapon.

Totem Talk: Shamans are awesome. {WoW}

Nov 12th 2007 10:03PM Re@17 lol what topic i almost droped a tear.
Re@20 The thing about earthbind/stoneclaw nice strat i use it too.

I really hate ppl winning about our class. I've played Sham since day 1st of a WOW, when WOW was upcoming i knew im gonna play a sham because i loved shams in WC3 their BL buff for units. So thats why it was my choice, i also play rogue/warrior/druid/priest and know how to play other classes but not that well. But my shaman is my main and i can play any spec perfectly, my fav and main spec is enh.

I agree with some ppl about weakness of shaman class. You can say many cool things about our class but yet we are weakest class in the game. Here i'm gonna talk about enh spec, because its my fav spec. In PVP if u r unskilled player than ur shaman is dead vs any class.

Myself my i win 1v1 any class sometimes lose to BM hunters and in 60% to rogues. Any other class getting crushed under me and even MS war in the same gear wont do any crap vs me. Those ppl who QQ about fears from locks and stuff just dont know how to play their shaman. In arena 3v3 or 5v5 its a different story. There u get hit my multiply enemies and i sure any class have difficulties to manage that.

About mana efficiency is a total BS, because u got mana-shield and shamanistic rage with 2min CD. I never goout of OOM in raids, like never! In PVP yes, but all classes do. And now with upcoming patch when mana-shield wont cost mana and we get that buff after landing a melee attack our next shock spell is 60% less mana i really dont c how can we go OOM even in PVP.

I define Enh shaman as class with no CC and no defence and its an absolute offense class, ur main mission is to get the closest as u can to the target and deliver the biggest DPS output in the shortest amount of time. Someone wanna argue with me about it?

Now about our lack of cc and counterattack of cc. Ground Totem is 15s CD, if u wine and wanna less get talents 13s and ya it is a BIG difference in PVP. 2n our Earth Shock is the shortest CD in the game 6s, i mean just 6s. Now look i give example for a mage, he casts frostbolt u drop ground totem, he casts 2nd frost bolt u use ES (which prevent him for casting for 2s) with 2 moves u already can get few good swings on that mage so whats the mage's next move is to RUN by that time ur CD for ground totem is up and for the next his spells u drop it and then u got CD for ur ES and so on. +earthbind+searing totem+mana-shield and if u r tauren +war stomp. I can explain here how to kill ever class because its too much typing. And i dont feel like it. But one thing ill point out if shamans will get CC i garantee they will be OP class and all other classes gonna wine how bad they r and how good is a shaman and blah and blah. Wanna say im wrong!? Oh no all classes gonna wine how shaman is OP, so i say we dont need CC. Just little work in our talents. Some little deagrro and we good to go.

One thing, may be its too much of me wanting..but i personally dont like that PVP gear doesnt have +hit rating because i wanna use DW in pvp not 2h, but oh well. And that Nature's Guidance is in Resto Tree, if that talent would've been in ENh tree i would be so happy and wont need any buffs at all!!! Because i dont wanna waste 11 points in resto when i get get 5/5 tougness +10% extra armor, then 1s cast wolf form, +block for shield and +dmg for lightning shield than all rogues are DEAD! lol but i have to go in to resto tree to get that +hit rating to be able deliver good dps in PVE.

Another class issue post gets a blue response {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 8:39PM I play raid as enh sham, when ppl ask me to join their 5 man or raid. As soon i say im enh spec here it comes "umm,:(, eww, noob, wth, why, whats wrong with u", but when they play with me in grp and see how i manage my totems, my threat and im #1 DPS, im always on their f/l. I really don't see why people complain about mana pool in pve? What the heck!? I never go out of mana!!! Only on long fights AND you have mana pots for it! Every caster use it, DUH! And what about your Shamanistic Range witch has CD only 2 little minutes, I honestly telling you I never sit and drink unless whole group stops to drink. Don't forget your water shield! So I totally disagree about OOM as enh sham and for the God sakes use mana totem its not hard to drop it. Then those little stupid complains about totems, we need something to control it..guys stop it. The only totem has to be controlled is Searing Totem ( to prevent of CC breaking)
Only people complain about mana officiency and totems control are people who doesn't know how to play an enh sham. Those problem never happen to me.
I would only like to see some threat reduction for enh sham and ONLY in talent points not for free.
My solution to all of you who complains about the stuff i've talk about is go log on, check your gear balance, your exact spec for enh and LEARN it more how to play GOOD. MSG me on Mug'thol Urugvay lvl70 for any questions.
P.S. My comments were addressed only for PVE issues not PVP.

Shamanistic suggestions {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 8:08PM Ok first of all i'm sorry for my not perfect English.
Alright, i read everyone's comment. And, yes i did read all of them because i love my shaman. I rolled him just 2 months before BC came out, so i don't know all those glory days of a shaman (like all people say). But whatever, i lvled as full resto shaman 1-50, then elem 50-58 and then enh 58-70. I stayed enh. I know you all can say i'm noob by lvling as resto, yes i was noob. But i really felt that GOOD taste of DPS as enh. Now, ill begin about threat reduce. Yes, we do need threat reduce ya we do have Air Totem for it, but being enh u most likely will be grouped with MT in raids so Air Totem no use. Being playing Enh sham for more than 1 year i really learned how to control my threat even without Blessing of Salvation. But still i pull once in a while aggro and it might cause death (but trust me im always 1-2 place in DPS in raids and least person to die because of aggro in whole group 10 or 25). People were saying to buff totems, as i understood buffing their HP? Yes i agree Blizz can buff them a little but not a lot, because our "purge" many shamans here won't agree with me, but it's a little OP in PVP... About CC, thats the reason guys why we dont have CC, elem/enh sham is basically only alone class with no defence and CC form...Why? Because our job is deliver the max dmg at least amount of time. We deal biggest burst dmg among all classes and by adding to us CC probably might make us OP too. You can now say but how we deal with rogues? BM hunters? Fire mages? or some ppl say "being enh i cant kill war" i can kill any MS war in equal gear its just never happen that MS war kills me. Vs rogue use shield+axe/mace, ya it still hard i know but its better than without shield. VS hunters i dont really have an answer i still have problems with it (kitting beat my ass). With mages their instand hits kills me i have no use of ES vs them. Other classes i have no problems, stuff like boomkin/feral druids fail, ice mages is a whole joke for me, ret pallies (might be hard sometimes beacause of bubble, but u should use rank 1 ES to int their heals) Warlocks drop tremor/ground and ES (very easy fight) Same with Shadow Priest. Well after all that i've said yes i agree we lack some of defence or CC form. I mean may be we shoild get some additional totem something like wich throws enemy in air or like pushes enemy back aways from u for like 40 ayrds away or i dunno. Something with CD with 2-3s. (Btw roll Tauren, because stomp is a life saver)
But now ill touch the topic which has never being brought up before...what about our gear balancing for enh spec? Have you ever looked at mail gear? It it almost never has +hit rating to be able to DW good. I always have to mix with leather rogue's gear, and tobe able to i have to roll on it whicn can be happen because it's rogue priority to roll on it unless he/she doesnt need it. Getting my point? So, ya i mix my leather/mail gear to get somewhere between 140-180 +hti rating to DW in pve.
But what about PVP? I honestly really want to DW in pvp and throw my 2h in garbage!!! I can't, our pvp gear has no +hit rating, we either can put +8rating gems, but then we have to give up some of our stats and I don't wanna do that. I mean ya we can wear rogue gear, but leather...ya we die first for SURE.
So only one solution is 2h and pray for WF proc. I
really want to c mail gear have +hit rating often.
And even when it has +hit rating then stats very low. I don't understand what the whole point of that, why it they can't put more +hit on mail gear.
P.S. My comment was addresed specially to enh spec shams, and not to elem/resto.