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Brewfest hangover starts early for Blizzard {WoW}

Oct 4th 2007 10:16AM "These Brewfest bugs are what happens when new content isn't given enough time in the testing phase."

Ah, no, these bugs happen in Live when the same bugs reported in PTR aren't fixed. You could have given 2.2.2 6 months on PTR and if they don't fix the reported bugs, then the same problems on Live would have happened.

Sorry, but I do testing as part of my job, and basic crap like this should not have 'slipped through'. D/Cing due to too many people in a small area, D/Cing due to spammed emotes, these are nothing new. These problems have been around since Alpha, these are not problems that would not have fixed by having 2.2.2 on the PTR longer. Shoddy QA work is what this was.