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Fanswag: Dead Space Launch Week Giveaway [update] {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 14th 2008 9:41PM I would have to say plot... which also means the atmosphere for me :)

BlizzCon 2008: Costume Contest {WoW}

Oct 11th 2008 3:23AM Ah! I took a picture of her today at the Con but didn't realize she had that turtle!

Totally awesome.

Dell slots in 24-inch widescreen S2409W LCD monitor {Engadget}

Jul 30th 2008 7:00PM So.. I have an Acer P241W. 24", 1900x1200, 16:10 ratio. Would it be correct to say that watching blu-ray movies and gaming on the 24" Dell be sharper with the "native" resolution of 1900x1080? The stretching (squishing?) on blu-ray movies on my Acer is noticeable but very, very subtle. You've got to make an effort to notice.

For the sake of watching movies/playing games at the correct aspect ratio, would considering the Dell be a decent idea? Mine is TN and honestly I'm fine with that. 3ms slower than my Acer? That's honestly not a concern either. Just wondering about that sharper res if it were native?

Rock Band adding seven countries to ticket in July {Joystiq}

Jul 14th 2008 10:33PM Yes, they are. Tiptup, check your facts before you mouth off.

News station tackles Xbox Live trash talk {Joystiq Xbox}

Nov 29th 2007 1:42PM I think about social sites like Facebook, where your real name is used (at least it's been that way for me and all my friends on it). You carry yourself when you're actually shown along with you real name.

Not saying it should be this way at all, but what IF your tag was actually your real name or that info was available? Less anonymity yes. But perhaps John Doe wouldn't be such an a**hole if his gamertag wasn't "NWordKilla666" servers get beefed up for Halo 3 stats {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 16th 2007 1:24PM On the contrary, I think Bungie made the right decision. Maybe not quite related, but look back at all the studios that made decent games, only to become dissolved when they were fully purchased by a publisher or parent company... or they just got renamed and later their teams got shifted around into oblivion.

Halo 3 has amazing numbers at any given time (800,000 players online?! etc). I don't think anything has "stopped" if they know that Halo is still bringing in profits, income share and such a large community. On top of that, they've said that they are working on additional maps, etc etc (how else do you keep making money as a studio)? If anything they know the risk they are taking by going independent and that Halo is their breadwinner.

New Bungie Store swag and a blue filter too {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 5th 2007 1:22PM @5 (sp00ks102)

It's like having Peril Sensitive Sunglasses. :)

Levine responds to BioShock widescreen complaints {Joystiq Xbox}

Aug 22nd 2007 1:51PM I played the demo and enjoyed it, found this "issue" on the blogs and bought the game. I'm enjoying every minute of the game, this really is a silly thing to lose sleep/get mad/etc. over.

I know a lot of people who have 4:3 TVs. I myself have a 4:3 19" VGA LCD monitor for 360 play. It letterboxes the game, but everything is sharp, crisp and I'm fine with that.

They should fix this, yes. At the same time, the idea that part of the game is cropped isn't on my mind when I'm taking down Splicers :) I'm.. you know... playing the game...

Forza 2 patch performs general maintenance {Joystiq Xbox}

Jul 24th 2007 6:28PM At first I thought they removed the Kick feature entirely, but it's just so that you can't kick during the game. That scared me for a second.

(from link to full Pitpass post)

"Removed host's ability to boot players during a race. Why? Because this feature, although handy at times, was getting abused by hosts who kicked folks who were in the lead of a race where the stakes were high (i.e., credits were on the table). Don't worry, you can still kick people to your heart's content in the lobby."