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BlizzCon 2008: Costume Contest {WoW}

Oct 11th 2008 3:23AM Ah! I took a picture of her today at the Con but didn't realize she had that turtle!

Totally awesome.

Dell slots in 24-inch widescreen S2409W LCD monitor {Engadget}

Jul 30th 2008 7:00PM So.. I have an Acer P241W. 24", 1900x1200, 16:10 ratio. Would it be correct to say that watching blu-ray movies and gaming on the 24" Dell be sharper with the "native" resolution of 1900x1080? The stretching (squishing?) on blu-ray movies on my Acer is noticeable but very, very subtle. You've got to make an effort to notice.

For the sake of watching movies/playing games at the correct aspect ratio, would considering the Dell be a decent idea? Mine is TN and honestly I'm fine with that. 3ms slower than my Acer? That's honestly not a concern either. Just wondering about that sharper res if it were native?

Rock Band adding seven countries to ticket in July {Joystiq}

Jul 14th 2008 10:33PM Yes, they are. Tiptup, check your facts before you mouth off.

Game champion commits suicide over gambling debts {Joystiq}

Jan 8th 2007 4:39PM This is really regrettable. Yes, $13,000 is a lot to accrue but it's not impossible to get out of. He could have considered many other alternatives, even if it meant dropping out of the gaming/gambling scene.

We wait for Wii/PS3 at Toys R Us (Boston Edition: Part 1) {Joystiq}

Oct 29th 2006 12:18PM I drove by the TRU in Tustin, California last night at 9pm or so and there were already at least 10 people in chairs. Since the weather out here was much more forgiving, everyone was ready to spend the night there. I miss out again (doh!) but I wish everyone who camped out the best when they get their pre orders :)

Phantasy Star Universe open beta coming "very soon" {Joystiq}

Oct 11th 2006 2:11AM 11: And it's not the same for PCs?

10 franchises that need to return {Joystiq}

Apr 21st 2006 5:09PM Shadowrun. As the actual action-RPG.

I'm only familiar with the SNES version, but I heard the Genesis version was quite good too.