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Breakfast Topic: Yeah, what Eyonix said {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2007 1:26PM @ 13 "And BTW ~ Having more time to play a game doesn't make you a better player"

I have to say, like just about anything else in life, devoting more time to it usually does make you better at it. When you spend several hours a day learning about and actively involved in some of the most challenging content, you're bound to get better. If you don't, then you're probably not going to make it through T5 and T6 content. That's not to say there aren't some really talented players who only play a few hours a week, but most players in T6 really do understand more of the game's mechanics than the average "casual" player.

As for getting an item level 110 ring (Karazhan loot starts at item level 115), and a nice DPS plate helm, it's not going to gear anyone up significantly. Be happy that the random PuG you just picked up or recruited into your guild has slightly better gear.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite raid boss encounter {WoW}

Oct 7th 2007 4:23PM Hard to pick one favorite, but for sheer adrenaline rush (staying alive requires you be very aware of what's going on around you), I'd have to say Archimonde.

For sheer balls-out DPS fun, Shade of Akama is a 30-60 second rush of pure fun.

For the satisfaction of great team execution, it's hard to beat Kael'Thas.