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Build Shop: Shaman 15/5/41 {WoW}

Oct 17th 2007 1:48AM

Raid heal or don't. Easy as that. I beat everyone on the healing meters. Don't go without more crit! kinda defeats even bothering to take Ancestral Healing.

As far as Solo grinding, yeah, it takes a bit longer to kill things, but then again, what is another 15 seconds to a kill. Just put on some +spell dam gear and go to work.

Patch 2.3 and you: Elemental Shaman edition {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 11:54AM I see no reason to nerf any of our damage. I run +1210 spell damage and 37.28 crit when raid buffed.

Take a Mage with +900 spell dam and 33% crit and they can easily out dps me as things are now.

I would perfer to have damage I can count on, rather than some questionable proc from LO.

I think a bigger help over nerfing our DPS:

1. Give us a talent with 70% chance not be intrupted while casting LB or CL.

2. Include Nature damage into Curse of Elements!

3. Our "buffs" are tied to a 30 yrd max totem and should be far greater than any casted 30 min buff that moves with you!

4. Increase totem health, fast weapon wielders can litterly kill our totems faster than we can drop them with GCD.

Shaman's really really really do not need any more Nerfs, or you might as well take all but the Restro tree out of the game.