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WoW Moviewatch: Polar bear mount {WoW}

Oct 13th 2007 12:12PM Nice but should not get peoples hopes up, thats obviously a skinning job done over another mount(probably a kodo, going by size). The angles give it away. No saddle either. Blizzard mounts just don't come that rough, and un-polished.

Phat Loot Phriday: X'caliboar {WoW}

Oct 13th 2007 12:03PM Razorfen Downs, ah yes. The "squealing", my oh my, what a wonderful sound you have discovered, LOL.

Nice loot, but the noise of that place is just to much to bare IMO.

Blizzard "stealing" XP with leveling changes {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 12:11AM Well, if you make sure your at the start of a level, rather then well into one when the patch comes you will not loose so much.

Its not a issue unless your a snail at leveling is it?

so bust out the caffeine and the snacks, find a good leveling guide if you need help and get to work.

Honestly I can't even fathom a legit reason to complain about blizz making it easier on everyone to level.

Voice-chat and women who play WoW {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 11:32PM % of top level players as you state it smurk doesn't count.

Its a biased argument that always favors the larger population numbers.

Because more males play wow, their will be more above average skill players in that demographic, that does not make that group superior at it.

Also a random sample girls to guys is like wise irrelevant. You would need to ensure you had a proper and represented sample base that took into account game interest, time played, and a host of other factors.

I hope you do see the flaw in your argument.

it would be hard to truly gage the numbers, simply due to the fact of honoring peoples privacy.

but honestly, they are just as good if not better at the game.

Back on topic with the article, I think the reason this misconception still exists is due to harassment or the fear of it partially.

My wife also would like me to add that "women" gamers, I have been slapped and corrected for using female LOL, sorry ladies. Women do not feel the need to brag or show off as much as males do.

Combined these two factors, as well as others can make one think they just do not do as well, because they are not seen to be represented at the top.

Voice-chat and women who play WoW {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 8:51PM I have to disagree with " 2) Women are worse and games than men, accept it. There are exceptions, but in general they suck."

This is almost as good as the whole "we never went to the moon, conspiracy" for a laugh IMO. it is so far from the truth, and badly written at that.

I happen to know for a fact some of the best gamers to ever play or have played WOW are in fact female.

You no doubt would be surprised by how well they do, and how many of the top arena groups have female members. they just do not advertise the fact .

They get along better, and do more for their respective groups and guilds then 80% of the male player base out there.

They as a rule, as a group, know how to play their respective characters, and can be counted on to do so.

IMO they represent themselves far better for their numbers then any other group you want to single out that plays WOW.

"1) You hope people hit on your wife in WoW, because you know in reality this never happens." LOL, you hit on my wife, please. I want to watch as she stomps a mud hole the size of lake Michigan in your behind, LOL.

Forum Post of the Day: Dalaran and faction animosity {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 8:11PM Interesting pole topic.

I do not hate them, as I have friends on both sides I play with.

But it does feel damn good to gank a gnome doesn't it?

Just watch the small bones if your undead and plan to eat one, they are a choking hazard sometimes if not properly squished, LOL.

Pricy mounts support goldsellers {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 8:06PM I would have to agree that as long as the price in gold remains so high, it will help if not be the market item that keeps the gold farms and such going.

I have had both a Paladin and a Warlock past level 60 and have done the Mount quests. I do not think it a bad idea to implement something similar for the epic flying mounts, seeing as one has to grind the rep anyway. The caveat being that it not require instanced runs, a raid group, or trade skills to accomplish. Given that, it should work just as well as the current cost does. because 5000g or so is not going to stop, let alone be a speed bump to any power gamer.

What really fuels the gold farming economy is the flight skill cost combined with the mount cost. A change to either would make a big dent IMO.

IMO, personally I have found the elite flying mount to be a big waste of gold for how much one really uses it.

Its not that useful when traveling with a group, going to dungeons for raids (your either already there ahead of time or can get a summons most of the time), or 80% of what I do when I play. It does help getting to a few odd out of the way places faster. But I guess its main appeal is how cool it is to sit on it while afk in shattrath and impress the noobs.

Are cross-realm dungeons necessary? {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 7:39PM Well, I see it as both good and bad.

It will speed up finding a pug for a run, thats good. But, I think it may also open up a whole can of worms no one wants to see opened.

what I am worried about is how players will treat each other in these groups. There is allot of opportunity to simply take or do what you will and treat people badly with little to no consequences for the offender. And were there is opportunity, well such behavior will no doubt thrive.

To a large degree this behavior comes back to bite you on your virtual behind, as those you screw over on your own server will no doubt tell others and before long your group less/guild less or forced to group/guild with your own kind and your reputation is trash. Sure one can move severs, but the cost of that is a pretty good deterrent in most cases.

we will not have that kind of element to curb that behavior in cross realm groups. So what would simply stop someone from abusing the group and the system as they felt like it?

The griefers out there must be hopping with glee at the opportunity this will provide for them.

For those who think there are not a good number of griefers playing WOW, go level a toon on a PVP server, LOL.

to be honest I can not conceive of a easy way to police things such that it will work as good as BG's do. It will solely rely on the good will of your fellow gamers.

I am either a pessimist or a realist, but thats how I see this.