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Why would you want someone else to play a game for you? {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 8:25AM I recently decided to level a new class that i hadn't played before and experience the "old-WoW".
In going from 1-60, i got 0 instance runs.
I used the LFG tool, and also spoke in LFG/trade/general channels.

With so so many people having a lvl 70, and access to most of the desirable content taking so long to achieve (heroics need rep, Kara needs attunement); there are fewer people willing to replay the old-wow, or do mediocre instances.

Dont get me wrong, alot of kids were doing DM, but at lvl 9-10 with a lvl 70 or two running them for twink gear. SM had simialar interest in the powerlevel communty, though only if one had a minimum 2 lvl 70s with them.

Getting attuned to MC required 1 quest in BRD.
Getting attuned to BWL required flying around for 10 mins and killing 1 boss in 1 UBRS.
Getting attuned to Onyxia required a bit more, flying BRD twice, winterspring and UBRS; but for a level 60, all but UBRS could be considered quite easy.
Getting attuned to Naxx was not the most simple thing for everyone, BUT attunement could be bought if you weren't the sort of person who had time to play alot.

If you look at the likes of Karahzan, where you need to do a minimim of 5 instances plus flying around in 3 continents to get attuned, this is not something that the average "casual gamer" can do easily. Especially if they don't have a "desired" class.

The realism is that on most recommended/low/medium populated servers, the number of level 70s far our weigh the 20-60s.

The rewards of levelling, to play instances or to play with people are gone. There aren't the people and instance runs in old-wow have been replaced with "we have 1 lvl70 mage to AoE kk tnx". All there is that is left is the grind. The same old quests in the same old order.

Given that many people have lives external to WoW (i have University, my job, my family, and y'know sleep), i only get on for about 3 * 3hour sessions.

Even if i was to follow one of the popular Levelling Guides which claims to make you from 1-70 in 7 days, it would take me 19 weeks to lvl to 70, or in 5 months.

Given that option, or the ability to pay someone a one off fee to lvl my character to lvl 70 while i spend some quality time with my kids; the option for me is simple.

If you like doing quests and lvling characters, then bny all means go for it. I like instances and learning classes, but thats not really possible given the current state of WoW.

Most people on servers are 70s. Most people are kara attuned and do raids at the times when the server is busy. So, if i'm not a lvl 70, when is it i'm meant to play with game with people? Surely the poster can see that for many of us, power-levelling is the only alternative.